7 Best Hats For Natural Hair 2024, & What To Look For In These Fro Hats

Best Hats For Natural Hair, & What To Look For In These Fro Hats

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Big hair, don’t care!

When you’re natural, everyone wants volume.

More so, when you’re natural, you find yourself doing a lot of different styles.

You might let your hair breathe and rock it as a fro.

You might do a series of protective styles that range from braids to locks.

Regardless of the style you choose to go with, sometimes it’s just easier to throw on a hat and go.

Whether it’s for style or convenience, here are the best hats for natural hair.

Visors Are Great For Most Types Of Natural Hair

If you wear your hair up or just want a hat that will show off your hair’s beauty while protecting you from the sun, a visor may be a good option.

Sun Visor

Sun visors are an option for natural women who prefer to wear their hair out.

During the warmer months, a visor to protect you from the sun is crucial.

While sunscreen is a definite as a black woman, something to block the sun from damaging your skin is also important.

Sun visors are great for this. If you wear your hair natural, visors are also ideal for most hairstyles.

With the open top and adjustability of the band, you can wear your hair down and out or up and fluffed.

Beach visors are a great option for natural hair while also protecting from the sun.

Life often keeps us on our toes, so why not consider a convertible beach visor that is perfect for any day and your trips to the sand.

Not only does it have a sweatband to help you when it’s blazing hip hop and R&B, but you can wear it a variety of ways.

While it has the classic look of a visor, you can also zip on the top if you want hair and skin protection.

Baseball Caps Are Top For Protective Hairstyles

Baseball caps are a go-to hat for many women, not just naturalistas.

While there’s nothing special about a baseball cap, we can’t lie and say that it’s not a favorite.

The classic adjustable baseball cap is a must-have in every natural woman’s closet.

You might be rockin’ a low bun or have your hair down in another protective style.

Backless baseball caps are a twist on the classic cap for natural hair women.

Regardless, the classic closed cap is ideal, but recently, we’ve seen a new take on this older style.

Black women know, it’s hard to let your fro and curls be great when you have to force them into a low bun for a baseball cap.

Luckily, there’s a new backless baseball cap that’s perfect for natural hair.

If you’re thinking of a high bun or ponytail, most hats don’t give you the ability to create it.

With this new style that features a stretchy band, this is what natural hair dreams are made of.

You’ll still let the laidback look of a baseball cap with the design to help you be your best naturalista.

Bucket Hats Are Best For Natural Hair When Worn Down

Bucket hats are a great style for black women.

Let’s throw it back to the 80s and 90s. Bucket hats were in then and they’re in now. If you have natural hair, all you need is a lightweight hat made of soft cotton. While they definitely wouldn’t allow for any updo hairstyles, they’re perfect when you want to keep your hair down. Heat, humidity, and wind can literally be your enemy, but a bucket hat can quickly solve the issue by keeping your hair under control.

Beanies Are A Good Option For Natural Hair In Colder Seasons Like Winter

Satin Lined

Beanies with satin lining help protect the hair from breaking off.

If you want to keep your hair protected from friction and the cold, you’ll need a satin-lined beanie like this one from Beautifully Warm..

When shopping for pillows, most people tell you that silk and satin are ideal because they won’t break your hair off and they’ll protect your edges.

You’ll want to look for this quality in a beanie too.

Satin-lined beanies are great for keeping your hair protected and keeping your head warm.

Messy Bun

Natural women can achieve buns or ponytails with this beanie.

Now I’m sure you’ve had those great hair days when you’ve wanted to flaunt your curls, but it’s too cold and you want to wear a hat at the same time.

You probably didn’t know you needed a messy bun beanie.

Think meanie meets backless baseball cap.

While the beanie will keep your head warm, the open design allows you to fit your hair through at the top.

What To Consider When Buying A Hat For Natural Hair

There are tons of stylish hats for black women with natural hair.

There are a few things to consider when buying a hat for natural hair.

While natural hair is soft, it is also sensitive, so be mindful of its quality.

In order to ensure that the quality of your hat is good, there are three things you should consider when choosing your hat.


Some tend to think that price is the only factor that speaks to the quality of an item.

They’d be wrong. Price is very important, but it’s not the only thing that matters.

When shopping, you could probably find a hat of good quality for under $10, especially if the hat is simpler.

There’s no need to dish anything over a Grant bill for a hat.


The fit is another thing to consider when looking for the perfect hat, but it all depends on your hairstyle.

If your hair is out in its natural form, then you’re most likely going to want a looser hat or something that lets your natural curls breathe.

For those with protective styles like braids, you could go with something that sits a little closer to the head.


If there’s one thing that matters most of all when it comes to choosing a hat for your natural hair, it would definitely be the style.

There are tons of different hats out there, only some of which you might consider stylish enough to wear.

That’s not the only thing you should consider.

The material and any other specs should be taken into consideration.

If you’re stuck wondering which hats you should consider buying for your natural hair, look no further.

What Hairstyle Works Best With Each Hat?

Braids, locs. and twist-outs work well with many hats for black women.

While we’ve touched on it briefly, let’s give you the definitive lowdown on which hairstyle works best with every hat.

If you’re wearing a visor, style your hair anyway you want.

This style works for leaving your fro up or maintaining it below the band.

For baseball caps, you’re mostly looking at a low bun if you’re keeping your natural hair out.

Baseball caps and bucket hats also work well with protective styles like braids and locs.

However, if you get a backless baseball cap, these only work with high buns or you run the risk of looking a little weird.

Lastly, beanies most notably only work if your hair is down.

If you want to stay ahead of the trend, a messy bun beanie works best with a bun or ponytail.

Should Black Women Wear Hats?

Black women with natural hair can wear a number of different style hats.

Of course! Some might think that hats aren’t a “common” thing for black women to wear.

While you’ll find many women who don’t, you’ll also find many women who do.

Protective styles are often the only thing thought of when black women consider ways to protect their hair.

Essentially, anything that will stop your hair from “hanging out” can be protective.

And while all hats aren’t protective, some of them are.

Plus, protecting your hair isn’t the only reason to consider wearing hats.

A lot of hats are cute, so why wouldn’t you want to wear the styles?

“Should black women wear hats” shouldn’t even be a real question because the only right answer should be…yes.

Best Hats For Natural Hair Conclusion

Price, style, and fit are three things for natural women to consider when shopping for hats.

There are some natural women who don’t wear hats because they simply don’t know how it would work with their hair.

Let’s just say that there are hats that all natural women can wear.

There are even hats, like the backless baseball cap that were constructed with black women in mind.

If you’re a naturalista who doesn’t think baseball caps are for you, forget about it!

You can make any one of these hats work for your hair.

If you straighten your hair from time to time, you might need an amazing straightener for natural hair.

And if you’re a sister who likes to swim but doesn’t want your afro hair getting all wet and chlorine filled, check out these extra large swimming hats.

Whether you’re rockin’ these hats with straight hair or your kinky curls, the look is yours.

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