6 Best Extra Large Swim Cap For Dreadlocks, Braids, Afros & Long Hair 2019

6 Best Extra Large Swim Cap For Dreadlocks, Braids, Afros And Long Hair

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Have you got dreadlocks, long braids, an afro or super long hair? Then you’ll know how easy it is to despair when it comes to finding swim caps that actually fit. Most swim caps are so tight fitting that people with long hair have no chance of getting it all in.

That means you either resort to swimming without a cap, which can damage your hair, or not going swimming at all. We don’t think it’s fair that anyone should have to miss out on their exercise or having fun in the pool, no matter what hairstyle they have.

That’s why we’ve picked out six of the best extra large swimming caps out there. Whether you have an afro, braids, dreadlocks or just super long hair, you’ll find something that suits you here.

The Biggest And Best Dreadlock Swimming Caps

We’ll kick off with the largest of our swim caps (use that link if you’re outside the USA and the below links don’t show suitable caps for you). If you have an afro or slightly shorter hair, no fear, we’ve got a whole bunch of products that suit you. But for now, we’re showcasing the best caps out there for people who have super long dreads or braids, and need some serious protection before they dive in the water.

Jumbo Lock Journey Dreadlock Swim Cap On SaleThis is the Lock Journey swim cap in Jumbo size. This cap is especially designed for people with 24 inches or more of hair. So if you’ve 2 feet of hair or more, this could be the right cap for you. The 100% silicone cap is much larger than usual swimming caps, and even bigger than the XL caps you usually find on the market. So if you’ve been growing your locks for years, or you’ve opted for the longest braided style known to man, then this will probably be one of the very few caps out there able to keep your hair dry and chlorine-free.

Here it’s pictured in black, but you can also pick from purple, blue, or green, if you prefer.

Best Price Purple Dreadlock Swim CapThis is the Swim On Extra Large swim cap, and it’s also super sized. Wanna know just how big it is? Check out what these Amazon reviewers had to say:

“My daughters have large heads and thick hair worn in locs, but these caps dwarfed their heads.”

“I brought this for my mom. Her dreads are 37″ long and this fit her perfectly.”

Suffice to say this swim cap will only be right for you if your hair falls way down your back! You can pick from two colors – blue or wine.

Extra Large Lahtak Swim Cap For DreadlocksIf you fancy a splash of color and you’ve got plenty of hair to bundle up in your cap, Lahtak’s Extra Large Swimming Cap might be your top choice. Pick from Rose Quartz (pictured), Strawberry Red, Lime Yellow or Black.

One reviewer says, “Marge Simpson could put her beehive in this with room to spare!”

Dreadlock And Braids Swim Caps For Medium Length Hair

Medium Length Dreadlock Simming CapThis is an Olympian Athletics swimming cap, designed for long hair. While it won’t be able to take the bulk of thick, long locs, it looks like it performs well with medium-length styles, or long sleek styles without bulk. The product description mentions: There is plenty of space in our swim caps to protect even the “Rapunzels” of the world.

You can pick from pink, blue, or black (pictured).

Swim on Cap Size LargeWe already featured the XL swim cap from Swim On, suitable for those with a whole bunch of hair. But if you’re looking for something a bit smaller, you could opt for this, the Large version.

Choose from colors Black (pictured), Blueberry, or Wine.

Compare This Dreaklock Swimming Cap By SwimTasticWe’ve picked our final cap, the Swimtastic, mostly because of the colors – we love the pink, the purple, and the royal blue, but you can also pick black. This is a perfect swim cap if you need slightly more room than a normal cap but not as much as the other options on this list.

Do You Really Need To Protect Your Dreadlocks When Swimming?

It depends.

We wish we could give a straight answer, but it really depends on the situation. For example, you can swim in the pool or the sea with dreadlocks, and they won’t be harmed, necessarily.


The aftercare is pretty intense. For one thing, you’ll have to wash the whole length of your hair, to make sure you get all the chlorine or the seawater out. Next, you’ll have to squeeze all the excess water out after you’re done washing. And finally, you’ll have to leave it out to let it dry. And people with long dreads know that this whole process is likely to take hours and hours. Not possible if you’re headed to the pool for a workout before heading to the office, or you just washed your hair the day before your kids decide they want to splash about in the pool. Wouldn’t it be easier just to wear a swim cap?!

And if you’ve just gotten your locks put in, going swimming without a swim cap can be disastrous. The water could end up pulling your locks apart. Investing in a swim cap is an absolute must.

How To Put On A Dreadlock Swim Hat

How to go swimming with dreadlocksPutting on a swim hat over your dreadlocks might seem daunting at first, but it’s straightforward and gets easy with practice. Here’s what to do:

  1. Remove all sharp objects from your hair like certain loc decorations, hair pins etc.
  2. Pull your hair up into a bun in the center back of your head.
  3. Hold the cap open using both your hands, palms facing in.
  4. Line the cap up with the nape of your neck.
  5. Pull the cap over your neck, your ears and your hair.
  6. Place the edge of the cap down against your forehead.
  7. Make sure your ears and neck are covered as much as possible, otherwise water may seep in. Adjust if necessary.
  8. Press any excess air out of your cap.
  9. Go swim!

What To Look For In A Dreadlock Swim Cap

When you’re looking for a dreadlock swim cap, there are a few different features to consider:

  • Size
  • Material
  • Color
  • Price

The first thing you’ve got to look at is the size. We’ve included rough guides to size for the products we’ve featured earlier in this post, but if you’re looking at other options, make sure to check just how much hair the cap can hold. A cap that is too small could split, and a cap that is too large could let excess water in and end up getting your hair wet.

In terms of material, most caps are made of silicone or latex. We can’t say that any material is better than another. It varies on the size of the cap, breathability and personal preference.

When it comes to color and price, those choices are totally down to you. Keep a look out for warranty policies, though. A company that offers warranties with their caps may replace a cap free of charge in case of damage.

6 Best Extra Large Swim Cap For Dreadlocks, Braids, Afros And Long Hair

Extra large swim caps are awesome for keeping your hair out of harm’s way when you go swimming. Most of us don’t have all the time in the world to wash, dry and restyle our hair every time we hit the pool or the beach. Small swim caps hardly fit any hair in, but the larger caps we’ve showcased in this post can cover all lengths of hair.

Next Steps:

After swimming, even with a swim cap, it’s important to protect your dreadlocks and ensure any chlorine water that got in it is washed away. The best dreadlock shampoos, conditioners and creams to help with that can be found in this guide:


Now we’ve shown you six of our top picks for extra large swim caps, which is your favorite?