Best Sunscreens For Black Skin 2022 – These Won’t Leave Chalky Marks

10 Sun Creams For Black Skin (That Won't Leave You Looking like Casper!)

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As a black person, finding sun protection that doesn’t leave my brown skin looking ashy and dry has always been a challenge.

Zinc Oxide is one of the main ingredients in the strongest sun creams.

While it is excellent for protecting the skin from harmful rays, it can cause a bright blueish white cast on the face of even the lightest of black people.

This unfortunate side effect leaves brown and black skin looking dull, dry, and chalky.

In my journey to find the perfect sunscreen for my variety of skin needs, I tested a myriad of different brands and types to suit all occasions and levels of protection.

Being dark-skinned made my challenges unique.

Some products coated my skin like a bad foundation, while others were gems that changed my perspective of sunscreen forever!

Here, I list and compare my best finds that worked flawlessly with my brown skin tone.

Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence 50+ PA++++ Sunscreen For Black Women

Biore Water Essence Sunscreen for Black Skin

This Biore skin cream is a secret weapon in the Asian skincare community.

The fantastic thing about Asian skincare is its attention to innovation in ingredients and formulation.

Sun protection is a huge deal in Asian skincare, and many brands have found ways to provide reliable sun protection at an affordable price.

Upon first application, this cream feels smooth, light and is completely transparent making it perfect for medium to darker skinned black women who frequently experience white casts from even the thinnest of sunscreens.

Its texture makes it easy to layer under makeup or other moisturizers without leaving you shiny and clogged by the end of a long day.

This product has become a staple in my daily regimen, and I cannot imagine living life without it.

Kiss My Face SPF 30+ Sun Cream For Face + Neck Protection

Kiss My Face Face Factor Sunscreen for African American People

Kiss My Face Face Factor Sunscreen comes from a classic natural skincare brand that has a long list of moisturizers, lotions, and skin creams for a range of uses and protection levels.

My favorite thing about this cream is how easily it blends into the skin.

It feels like a regular lotion and rubs in immediately!

There is no tint or whiteness left post application, and the skin is left soft and smooth once completely absorbed.

It is also a perfect solution for those of us with dry skin.

It is common for black women to experience flaking of the skin, especially in colder times of the year.

Because of its thickness and oil content, this lotion can double as a moisturizer or final step in any skincare regimen.

This will keep flakiness at bay even on days when your skin is feeling the most parched.

This product is sold in many beauty and health stores, or you can check out the brand here.

MyChelle Dermaceuticals Sun Shield Clear Stick SPF 50 – Great For African American Skin

MyChelle Sun Stick Sunscreen, best for Black Skin

The great thing about this sun cream is its not in cream form…it is a stick!

This feature gives the added benefit of portability and ease of use as well as providing strong SPF 50 protection against harsh rays.

Upon initial application, the roll-on leaves a slight white cast due to its zinc oxide content (the key protective ingredient in traditional sunscreens that leaves that infamous white glow) however, with a quick rub in the cream is transparent and absorbed into the skin.

MyChelle has the added benefit of being a conscious brand that is cruelty-free and reef safe making it easy on the environment and your skin!

Best Sun Screen For Brown Skin: Glossier Invisible Shield SPF 35

Best Sun-cream for black people is Glossier Invisible Shield

If there were one daily sunscreen I would recommend to the darkest of my sisters it would be this prize by everyone’s new fave…Glossier!

The Glossier Invisible Shield is a water-based gel that provides easy application and absorption with no greasy or sticky residue.

The formula is clear with a smooth consistency, so transparency and Casper glows are not an issue.

The cool thing about this formula is the combination of antioxidants within the gel.

They neutralize free radicals on your skin and smooth the texture leaving a soft even glow.

Along with the protective measures that come with this gel, the antioxidant cocktail does double duty to fight aging and keep you burn free.

See more from this growing beauty brand here.

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  1. I also recommend the vitamin E face sunscreen from The Bodyshop. Its SPF 30 and really moisturizing so I literally use it as a moisturizer year round, because winter sun can be damaging too. I have oily breakout-prone skin if that helps.

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