Is Bianca Belair’s Braid Real? Why We Don’t Think So (And That’s Ok)

Is Bianca Belair's Braid Real?

Bianca Belair is one of the top female wrestlers in the world. She is also a former track and field star who has been credited with helping to popularize the use of braids in wrestling.

However, many people have questioned whether Bianca’s signature braid is real. There are several reasons why we believe that it is not real.

Before we get into this article, we’d like to acknowledge that we love Bianca Belair and that the purpose of this article is not to criticize her. We think she is a fantastic wrestler and a role model for young girls.

That said, we do not believe that her braid is natural. Here are our reasons why.

Reasons Why We Believe Bianca’s Braid Is Not Real

Reasons Why We Believe Bianca’s Braid Is Not Real


First, Bianca’s braid is incredibly long. It hangs down her back all the way to the floor. This is not typical for natural braids or black hair, which are usually much shorter.


The braid is incredibly thick. It is so thick that it is often compared to a rope. This is not typical for natural braids on black women, which are usually much thinner.


The braid is perfectly straight. Natural braids and afro hair is usually not this straight, as they often have some wave or curl to them. Not to mention, it’s not fizzy, like 4a, 4b or 4c hair normally is. Nor does it ever look frizzy. Looking at all that Bianca does, her braid would get messy or fuzzy at some point if it were real.

Never-Changing Style

The braid is always styled the same way. It is never seen in a different style or with any variation. This is not typical for natural braids, which are often worn in different styles or with different hair accessories—for example, twisting the hair instead of braiding or wearing it open.

There are times when Bianca wears the braid in a bun, but that isn’t often.

Pictures on Instagram

Fifth, many pictures on her Instagram show her without the braid. Bianca’s hair doesn’t seem long or thick enough to create that braid without the braid. Instead, in these other pictures we think we see her real afro hair.

Bianca’s Hair Without the Braid

African American Female Wrestler Bianca Belair's Hair Without the Braid


Bianca’s hair looks to be between 8 and 10 inches past her shoulders. One thing to note is that Bianca’s hair is wavy and curly, which means that if it’s fully straightened, it will be much longer.

When Bianca doesn’t have the braid, her hair doesn’t look long or thick enough to create the braid. While her black hair is still beautiful, it doesn’t add up to the floor-length braid she is often seen with.

However, even if we take that into account, her hair still doesn’t look long or thick enough to create the braid.

Hair Thickness

The thickness of her hair also doesn’t seem to be enough to create the braid. Bianca’s natural hair is very thick. However, the thickness required to create a braid that has the same thickness from the roots to the ends is much greater than what Bianca’s hair appears to be.

What Bianca Says About the Braid

Bianca has never confirmed or denied whether the braid is natural. However, she has said that the braid is a part of her brand in this video interview:

She says: “The braid is part of my brand. It’s something that sets me apart from everybody else,” she said in an interview with “I feel like a lot of people can have braids, but not everybody can rock the braid like I do.”

How The Braid Came About

Black wrestler Bianca Belair


The braid is something that Bianca came up with herself. She has said that she wanted to find a way to stand out from the other black female wrestlers.

She admitted that her husband, Montez Ford was the first person who suggested she try a braid because it would make her stand out. He was right! Even if you cannot remember Bianca’s name, you can remember her signature trademark long braid.

How To Get A Braid Like Bianca’s

How To Get A Braid Like Bianca's


Bianca’s braid is long, beautiful, and even a part of her brand. If you want to get a braid like Bianca’s, you can do a few things.


First, use extensions. Extensions would be our guess as to how Bianca gets her long and thick braid. This is the most likely explanation for how Bianca gets her braid. By using extensions, she can add both length and thickness to her hair to create the braid.

Extensions are installed by braiding your natural hair close to the scalp and then sewing in the extensions onto the braid. This method is called cornrowing.

It also makes sense that Bianca’s braid is an extension just because of the nature of her job. Bianca is a wrestler. Her career includes a lot of physical activity. She does a lot of jumping, training, and rolling around on the ground.

All of this physical activity can cause a hairpiece to loosen. By using extensions, she can take some of the stress off of her hair and still have the long braid that she wants. Using extensions helps it stay in place and avoid getting damaged.


Try a hairpiece on for size. This is another option for how Bianca could be getting her braid. She can add both length and thickness to her hair by utilizing a hairpiece to create the braid.

A hairpiece is far more straightforward to install and remove than extensions. To install a hairpiece, you would simply put it on your head (probably around a bun created with natural hair) and fasten it in place. In many cases, they are secured with bobby pins or combs.

You would simply remove the bobby pins and remove the hairpiece. It is much simpler and less damaging to your hair.

A hairpiece is an excellent option if you are just looking to add length and thickness to your hair for a special occasion. It is also a great option if you are not looking for a semi-permanent change.


Use clip-ins. Clip-ins are a great option if you are looking for a temporary change or do not want to commit to a semi-permanent change. Clip-ins are pieces of hair that you clip into your own hair. They come in different lengths and colors.

They are also a great option if you want to add length, thickness, or both to your hair. Clip-ins are a great option if you’re going to try out a new style without commitment.

Extensions and Hairpiece Combination

Use a combination of extensions and a hairpiece. By using a combination of extensions and a hairpiece, one can achieve both length and thickness.

This option would be the most costly and time-consuming. It can also be a semi-permanent change if you choose to leave the extensions in.

No matter how Bianca gets her braid, we think it looks amazing on her! It’s an all-purpose hairstyle that can be worn for wrestling, working out, or even just for everyday life.

Is Bianca Belair’s Braid Real? Final Thoughts


What do you think? Is Bianca Belair’s braid real? Bianca is an icon in the wrestling world, and we hope that she continues to inspire young girls everywhere.

Regardless of whether her braid is real or not, she looks great and deserves some props for creating a signature hairstyle for her brand.

The bottom line is that we do not believe Bianca’s braid is real. However, we think it is an excellent part of her “brand,” Aside from all her accomplishments, her braid definitely makes her stand out from the other wrestlers.

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