8 Beauty Struggles Black Women Can Relate To

Beauty Struggles Black Women Can Relate To

Black women are blessed with amazing unique features such as their hair and skin tone. However, there are a few struggles that black women can relate to when it comes to beauty. Whether it is going out for shopping or getting their hair done, there are a few things that get in the way.

Chances are you’ve encountered at least a few of these issues. Here are 8 beauty struggles that all black women can relate to.

1. Finding A Salon That Can Do Afro Hair Right

Black woman annoyed about her hairIt seems that there aren’t enough salons that can handle the complexities of black women’s hair. Finding a salon that will actually do your hair right can be quite a struggle. However, once you get a salonist that knows what to do with your hair, the feeling is magical. It can be a dreadful experience when you move to a new area or your go-to salonist is not available. This means undertaking the whole ‘looking for a salon that can actually do your hair right’ endeavor all over again! It’s enough to make any woman think about trying a short hairstyle.

2. Finding A Nude Bra That Actually Matches Your Brown Skin Tone

Nude braSo, apparently, nude bras come in shades that are way too light for dark skinned women. To find the right nude bra can take ages. You might actually have to stop looking for a nude bra at the nude bra section and venture into the section with darker bras. If you do get a nude bra that works for you, take care of it with all you’ve got. It might be the first and last nude bra you get that actually matches your skin tone.

3. Buying Makeup For Black Women Is Like A Treasure Hunt

Makeup containers and brushesBuying makeup should be easy right? Well, that is not entirely true for women with a dark skin tone. It is literally impossible to get makeup for darker skin. First of all, the models advertising the makeup are usually white so it is difficult to judge how the makeup looks on your skin. Second, finding foundation and concealer that blends in well with your skin tone is absolutely impossible. When you do, you find yourself noting down every detail of that product so that you can identify it easily the next time round. In most cases, black women end up delicately mixing different shades of makeup, like a pro, to get a shade that works for them.

4. That Moment When A Random Person Wants To Touch Your Hair

Black woman touching and looking at her hair“Wow! Your hair looks amazing! Can I touch it? Is it real?” Black women know these kinds of questions all too well. Apparently, black women’s hair just gives most people the urge to touch it. “It looks so unreal!” By now, you have made a couple of phrases to answer people who make these kinds of comments. Not only strangers do that, even close friends get curious. Although, these people normally don’t have any bad intentions, the questions can get really annoying sometimes or most of the time. You just have to find a way to deal with it.

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