10 Best Lipstick Colors For Women With A Brown Skin Complexion 2024

10 Best Lipstick Colors For Women With A Brown Skin Complexion

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If you’re a woman with dark or light brown skin complexion, you may find it hard to get a lipstick that’s right for your skin tone. However, you don’t have to worry anymore.

There are many colors to choose from, some of the best we’ve listed before, but from there it often comes down to what color you personally like.

Today we’ll show you some of our favorite colors and brands, so you can get a better idea of the right lipstick for you! We’ve also thrown in a few lip balms and lip shimmers for good measure. 😉

1. Want To Go Bold? Then Get Purple Mac, Possibly The Best Lipstick Color For Dark Skin

MAC purple lipstick matches brown skin color

Mac Smoked Purple Lipstick is one of the best colors for a bold look. It looks great on women with a brown skin complexion.

You can also try a smoked purple lipstick. For me this is THE absolute best color lipstick for dark skin, light brown skin shared, and all in between.

You can get more information on how to rock smoked purple lipstick here.

2. Good Old Trusty Red Lipstick, Works Well On All Shades Of Brown

Woman with red lipstick

Red lipsticks look fantastic on dark skin. Whether it is berry red, siren red, bright red, deep red, plum red or any other shade of red, it will definitely look good on you.

We personally like MAC red lipstick, but there are plenty of brands to choose from.

3. Brown Lipstick (Yes, It Really Works)

Maybelline Barely Brown lipstick for dark skin color

Brown lipstick always looks fantastic on women with brown skin color. It greatly complements the skin and is a safe color to go with for a neutral look.

You can see a great example of that in the video below:

4. Magenta Lipstick To Glam Up Dark Skin Tones

Smashbox Magenta lipstick for black women

Magenta makes the lips pop. It is a color worth trying when you want to get that amazing red-carpet look.

Buy yourself one of these Smashbox magenta lipsticks from Amazon. Another top lipstick for dark skin, but works well on lighter brown.

That said, with the right outfit it could work.

5. Bronze – An Alternative To Brown Lipstick

Bronze lipstick looks good on African American females

This is a super pretty color for African American women. It has a subtle yet commanding look, much like a princess from a powerful empire.

Here is a great bronze lipstick on Amazon by L’Oreal Paris.

6. Peach Lip-Stick Looks Great On Darker Skinned Women

Revlon peach lipstick for black girls

Once you get the perfect peach colored lipstick for you, you will never look back. You can start with the darker shades if you have cool undertones.

For those with warm undertones, lighter shades of peach are perfect. Revlon has a great peach lipstick (see previous link), so be sure to check it out.

7. Light Pink Lip Balm

LOreal Paris light pink lip balm

Light pink always looks amazing on brown lips. It makes the lips pop and gives them a pouter look. Give it a try girl. 🙂

You can also try other shades of pink and see which one suits you.

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