How To REALLY Grow Your Hair Faster & Longer As A Black Women

Finally! How To REALLY Grow Your Hair Longer As A Black Women

Black women have beautiful hair with a unique texture. That said, it’s a common myth that they can’t do much to grow their hair if they wanted to. Urm, that’s not true at all! Afro hair can get longer just like any other type, and by taking care of your hair you can grow it faster than if you didn’t.

Of course, how fast and long you can grow it will depend on your own style of hair. But even so, when treated right, most women can do something to get their hair somewhat longer.

With that in mind, here is how to make your afro hair grow faster.

Face Reality About Your Current Hair Situation

Black woman feeling sad

It is time to face the truth. You have to admit that everything you have been doing to your hair has not worked. From the hair products to your hair care routine, it is time to let all of it go.

In order to get long hair, you will have to start everything afresh. Another thing you should be aware of is the fact that how fast and long your hair grows is determined by your genes. There is no way to change that.

However, this does not mean you cannot have long hair. What it means is that the time it takes for your hair to grow might be shorter or longer than that of your friend. Once you understand that, it will be easier for you to concentrate on making your hair long.

Know Your Hair Cycle If You Want To Grow It Faster

Black woman touching her hair

Hair growth has four cycles, anagen, catagen, exogen and telogen. Anagen is the growing phase. This is when the hair grows and the face can last between 2 to 7 years.

The second phase is catagen, the regression phase. In this phase, the hair follicles shrink and detach from the dermal papila. This lasts for about ten days. The third phase is telogen, the resting phase.

Here, the old hair rests while a new hair start the growth phase. This stage lasts for three months. The fourth and final stage is called exogen or the shedding phase. This represents the time when hair loosens up and gets shed.

Understanding these cycles is important. The growing phase is the most important. The maximum length your hair can grow is determined by the the growing phase. On average, hair grows a maximum of half an inch every month.

This means that in an a year, your hair can increase with up to six inches assuming it is properly taken care of. If your hair growing phase only lasts two years, your hair can only reach a maximum height of 12 inches. If the growing phase is longer, then your hair can definitely grow longer.

Identify The Habits That Make Afro Hair Break

Black woman combing her hair

Hair breakage is a great enemy to afro hair growth. When your hair breaks, it cannot reach its maximum length. You will need to identify which of your habits make your hair break.

One of the major habits that cause hair breakage is pulling hair. Most people are culprits of pulling their hair especially when styling. There are also those who love playing with their hair. These include twirling your hair with your finger or pulling the hair when stressed out. This puts stress on the hair and causes it to break. Another habit that is detrimental to hair growth is styling wet hair.

This leads to mechanical breakage of hair. Excessive combing on a daily basis also leads to a lot of hair breakage. The best thing is to wait until the hair gets damp or completely dry. It is important to stop these habits so that you can see a difference in the length of your hair.

Black Women, Set Your Goals To Grow Your Hair Longer

Black woman using a tablet

You need to set your goals and determine what you want to achieve. The best thing is to set a realistic goal. The first thing you need to do is measure the current length of your hair. You can also take a photo of your hair at that point.

You should take progress photos and measure the length of your hair after every two or three months. This way, you will be able to really monitor your progress. This is an important step since you will be able to notice if things are going according to plan.

Remember, the average length that hair grows to in a year is 6 inches. Your goal should be this length or less in one year. There are also several apps that can help you track your hair growth journey.

Washing And Conditioning Afro Hair

Wash your hair

Washing afro hair is necessary to remove all the dirt and oil that has accumulated on your hair. However, you should limit the washing to a maximum of three times a month.

Too much washing leaves the hair weak and fragile which makes it more likely to break. Ensure that you deep condition your hair after every wash. Doing this keeps your hair hydrated thus preventing breakage. You can also use your own DIY homemade conditioner as long as you rinse your hair thoroughly afterwards. You should also have a leave-in conditioner to keep your hair looking good in between washing sessions.

Trim The Split Ends – This’ll Actually Help African American Hair Grow Longer

Black woman trimming her hair edges

Trimming split ends is a must! Split hair ends can split into two or more and drastically reduce the length of your hair. This restrains the growth and beauty of the hair. When they are not trimmed, they continue inflicting more damage to the hair.

The split ends should be trimmed monthly or as soon as the split ends appear. It is advisable to have the trimming done by a professional hair stylist. You can also prevent split ends even before they occur. This can be done by constantly moisturizing your hair and avoiding excessive heat styling.

Keep The Heat Away From Your Hair For Faster Growth

Black woman blowdrying her hair

Heat does a lot of damage to afro hair, and slows down growth. You should try and limit the amount of heat you expose your hair to. This means that you should avoid the instances which you blow dry or flat iron your hair.

If you are able to keep off the heat entirely, that would be a good thing. For instance, when you wash your hair, you should let it dry on its own. To do this, you can simply plait your hair and tie your head with a silk head scarf and let the hair dry on its own overnight. Another alternative is to wrap your hair with a towel and rub it gently until it dries.

Keep Your Hair Moisturized To Encourage Growth

Black woman with hair dye

The key to strong hair is retaining the moisture in it. You should avoid anything that draws out moisture from your hair. One of the common culprits of dry hair is hair dye. Stay away from hair dye if you are trying to make your hair grow. If you would like to relax your hair, then you should do this very limited times.

The chemicals in the relaxers usually dry out hair and make it brittle at the same time. You should also make sure that you moisturize your hair before washing it or styling it. Use natural oils such as jojoba and coconut oil and rub them into your hair. These oils prevent the hair from drying out.

Eat Healthy As Your Hair Will Get The Nutriments

Black woman eating healthy salad

For you to have strong healthy hair, you have to nourish afro hair by eating the right food. Vitamin deficiency is the greatest contributor to slow hair growth. Ensure that your diet is packed with vitamins C, A and E together with proteins, zinc, biotin, omega-3 and iron.

These nutrients will make your hair grow stronger. You can also take the vitamins in form of supplements. It is also important to drink enough water to keep your body and hair hydrated.

Watch The Hair Products You Use On Afro Hair

Hair Prooducts

The greatest hair damage is usually inflicted by the products we use on our hair. Do not use products that contain a lot of alcohol such as gels and mousses.

These products dry out your hair making it easier to break.

The best option is to stick to natural products or buy quality hair products designed for African and African American hair. It is also a great idea to apply live-in conditioner in your hair daily. This keeps the hair well moisturized and keeps it looking fresh and vibrant.

Do Not Expose Your Hair To Harsh Weather Conditions

Black woman with a headscarf on a windy day

Hair is delicate and should be handled with care. It gets dry or damaged when exposed to harsh weather conditions such as wind, extreme sunshine or rain. Always ensure that you cover your hair accordingly depending on the weather. If it is sunny, you can use a sun hat.

During the windy days, the best option is a head scarf. You can even wrap an African head-wrap to make things a little bit different. For the rainy days, make sure you carry an umbrella and shower cap to prevent your hair from getting drenched.

Find Hairstyles That Do Not Stress Your Hair And Encourage Growth

Black woman with long afro hair

The hairstyle that you decide to put on your head is very important. It is what determines whether your hair will grow or break. You should make sure that the hairstyles you go for are the ones that do not stress your hair and hair follicles.

When you get braids or cornrows, tell your hair stylist not to make them tight. In case the style feels tight, you should try and loosen it up since it might even cause headaches.

Avoid over-styling your hair especially using flat irons and blow-driers. The point here is to keep your hair as stress free as possible so that it can grow without any interruptions.

Protect Your Hair When Sleeping For It To Grow Faster

Protect your hair when sleeping

You should protect your hair when going to sleep. Sleep with your hair covered with a head-scarf or sleep with a sleeping cap. You can also plait your hair to reduce the friction between your hair and your pillow.

This friction is what makes the hair break and fall of. Proper hair protection when sleeping is an absolute must and should be something that you do every night.

Form A Hair Care Routine

Black woman plaiting her hair

It is important for you to form your own hair care routine. All you have to do is follow all the steps listed above and come up with a routine that works for you. You should use products that work best on your hair and determine which hairstyles are perfect for you.

Ones you establish a hair care routine, it will be much easier for you to take care of your hair. Remember, everyone’s hair is different therefore, you should find out what works best for you and stick to it!

Be Patient And Consistent, A Top Tip For Longer Hair

Black woman with thumbs up

When growing your hair, consistency is key. Do the things mentioned in this article consistently. This will ensure the continual healthy growth of your hair. By being consistent, you will be able to rehabilitate your damaged hair and gain back length and volume.

Consistency and patience will definitely pay off. Keep in mind that hair grows only 1/2 an inch every month. You have to be very patient in order to see noticeable results.

How To Grow Your Hair Longer As A Black Female – Conclusion

Finally, you can grow your hair to the length that you desire! With this guide, you will get longer hair within the next one or two years. What is the longest hair you have ever had? How do you take care of your hair to ensure it grows and stays healthy? Let us hear what you have to say sister!

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