What Does Swirl Mean In African American Culture?

What Does Swirl Mean in African American Culture


What does ‘swirl’ mean when talking about relationships?


The word ‘swirl’ is a term used within the Black Community as a label for a relationship between two partners from different ethnicities and/or nationalities.

The most common coupling defined by “swirling” has been used for interracial relationships between someone who is African American and a person that is white. This could be black women and white men couples, or the other way around.

The discussion of interracial dating remains a hot topic and controversial subject, especially when recounting historical events. Consider the fact that there were actual laws on the books that clearly stated that marriage was prohibited between persons, not of the same ethnicity and/or nationality and were legally enforced.

Unfortunately, those negative attitudes still exist, but they don’t remain the norm if millennials have anything to say about it. These days there’s even romance book on swirling!

Swirling aka interracial dating can help you open up your dating pool to find “the one” you have been waiting  for.  Granted it’s not for everybody, but it can be if people are willing to open their minds and their hearts.  If you are seeking to get your swirl on, it is important that, like with any relationship, it’s based on something positive and healthy.

A healthy relationship is not based on some sort of distorted self-hate or need to fulfill a lifelong fetishizing fantasy. A healthy relationship is based on trust, honesty,  mutual respect, with all parties involved feeling good and happy in the relationship.  At the end of the day what matters most is being in a loving relationship where you are happy.  After all, the heart wants what the heart wants, swirl or no swirl.

The Definition Of Swirl In Urban Slang

So there you have it, that’s what swirl means. Swirling can be a beautiful thing, as long as your personalities match up and you find the right person for you.

Have you even been in an interracial relationship? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I’m in an interracial couple relationship. My husband is Asian (Japanese) I wonder if that’s considered swirl too? People in that community like to call it blasian or BWAM / AMBW. It’s sad how people make comments about us on the street. He’s also ethnic so people of today still don’t have open minds. They should, because I found the love of my life by doing so.

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