15 Best Wave Grease For Black Hair 2024 – The Perfect Pomade For 360 Waves

Best Wave Grease For Black Hair

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Nothing is worse than having some dry looking waves.

After going through the effort of brushing your hair into submission, it’s important that you take care of it.

While a wave brush is something that you’ll definitely need to create your waves, you’ll need some type of wave grease or pomade to keep them looking fresh.

You might be tempted to pick up any hair moisturizer or styling product on the market, but that would be your mistake.

There are tons of products made specifically for this purpose and others that just serve well for the cause.

Instead of leaving you hanging, we’ve got some high quality wave greases for you to consider trying.

As I Am Double Butter Rich Daily Moisturizer, Our Top Wave Grease

The As I Am Double Butter Rich Daily Moisturizer softens hair and helps make it look shinier.

One of the best products out there for waves is the As I Am Double Butter Rich Daily Moisturizer.

You should check out this product for a few reasons.

One, we can’t all have naturally “perfect” hair.

Sometimes my hair feels extra coarse which can make it hard when it’s time to brush my waves in.

The first thing the As I Am cream is going to do is soften your hair.

Now, I’m also not ashamed to admit that my hair looks dull sometimes too.

The ingredients in this daily moisturizer actually help my hair look shinier.

I mean, what do you expect from cocoa butter, shea butter, and castor oil?

Plus, the product helps lock moisture into the hair so you won’t have to worry about your hair drying up over the next few days either.

And just like shampoo and conditioner, you want your products to leave your hair smelling good.

While not too fragranced, this wave grease does have a faint vanilla smell.

And it goes a long way.

This product is thick and when combined with the tips on “how to apply wave grease” in a later section, it’ll last you a long time.

Murray’s Wave Pomade For Black Hair

Murray's Wave Pomade is a thick, oil-based wave grease that takes a few washes to get out.

If you’re looking for a strong hold, try Murray’s Wave Pomade.

Now, because of the time when this product was created, you can expect a thick product.

Originally developed in the 1920s, this oil-based product has a thick consistency.

First and foremost, you’re going to want to keep this product in room temperature conditions.

If it’s too cold, it will be hard to scoop out of the tin.

Alternatively, you don’t want to let it sit at too high temperatures because that would cause it to go to the other extreme and soften considerably.

There are a few things to be mindful of when using this type of pomade.

Because of its thick consistency, be careful during application.

This Murray’s product will stay where you apply it, so try warming it up in your hands first and then evenly applying over the hair.

You should also be aware that the hold of this product will lessen on extremely hot or humid days.

All in all, this pomade offers a strong hold, pleasant smell and lasts throughout the entire day, but because it is oil-based, you may need to set aside some time to wash the product completely from your hair.

Softsheen Carson Sportin’ Waves

Softsheen Carson Sportin' Waves works best on short, cropped haircuts.

If you’re a beginner to creating waves, this is the product you need to start with.

Softsheen Carson Sportin’ Waves is a staple on the market.

First, you’re going to want to use this product if you have short hair.

For those planning to use the wolfing technique, feel free to use some of the other products on this list.

This product, however, is more suitable for those who have short, cropped haircuts.

When it comes to moisturizing, this product is going to help you out in two ways.

One, it helps provide moisture to the hair while also locking in whatever moisture your hair already has.

Because of this, make sure you lightly spray your hair before applying.

You’ll also notice that this product will help your hair look shiny and glossy, if that’s something you’re looking for.

And while you’ll see that many of the pomades out there either have a shea butter or vanilla scent, for those who aren’t fans of fragrances, this SoftSheen Carson product has no smell.

Just be mindful that this is the product you use when you really don’t want your hair to move.

This product is not water-based, so be mindful that it will take a few washes before all of the product leaves your hair.

WaveBuilder Cocoa & Shea Wave Butter

The WaveBuilder Cocoa and Shea Wave Butter moisturizes the hair and keeps it from looking dull.

A very popular wave grease on the market, you might consider trying the WaveBuilder Cocoa & Shea Wave Butter.

Here are a few reasons why.

One, this formula is non-greasy and won’t be hard to wash out or leave residue behind.

Two, shea butter and natural cocoa butter are two main ingredients in this product.

Because of them, you can expect it to moisturize the hair and promote healthy hair.

Three, not only will this product moisturize the hair as mentioned in the previous point, but it will also help lock in the moisture for more than 24 hours.

Plus, by allowing your hair to retain its moisture, this WaveBuilder pomade will keep it from looking dull.

While you might see some apply their pomades or wave grease on dry hair, this product should definitely be used on wet hair.

If you have coarse hair that is sometimes hard to beat into submission, a combination of water and this product will help soften it and make your waves easier to come by.

Cantu Shea Butter Cream Pomade

Cantu is a popular haircare brand in the Black community.

Cantu is another brand that is known for making products that work well on Black hair.

To get those waves spinning, try the Cantu Shea Butter Cream Pomade.

This product provides a strong hold while keeping the hair soft.

The ingredients are where this product really stands out.

While it contains hemp seed oil and shea butter like many of the other products on this list, the caffeine is known to help increase blood circulation to the scalp which helps promote healthy hair.

The formula also includes coconut oil to lock in the moisture and give the hair a nice, sleek shine.

Lastly, an additional bonus to this product is that it doesn’t contain parabens and is sulfate free.

Jovinno Natural Premium Hair Styling Hair Wax

Jovinno Natural Premium Hair Styling Wax is infused with natural ingredients to help promote hair growth and prevent dandruff.

When debating hair products, there are people who very clearly want a product that is natural and others don’t care.

For those with an interest in natural products, consider trying the Jovinno Natural Premium Hair Styling Wax.

This formula is infused with tons of natural ingredients that will benefit the hair.

If you’d like a product that promotes hair growth, you’ll find that in the rosemary extract.

Not only is rosemary extract associated with hair growth, but it is also said to help prevent dandruff and stop early graying.

The product also contains Omega 3 fatty acids which helps prevent your scalp from getting dry.

Calendula both hydrates the scalp and boosts blood flow, which can lead to more hair growth.

And lastly, the marshmallow seeds not only help brush the waves into their place, but they also help detangle hair as well.

Overall, the benefits of using this Jovinno pomade are that the product is not too greasy while providing great moisture with tons of natural ingredients.

Murray’s Nu Nile Hair Slick Dressing Pomade, Popular Wave Grease For Black Hair

Murray's Nu Nile Hair Slick Dressing Pomade works well on shorter, finer hair.

If you want a wet look to your waves, try Murray’s Nu Nile Hair Slick Dressing Pomade.

Created for most hair types and styles, this product is going to keep your waves in place.

This strong hold pomade is not only going to keep your waves in place all day, but it’s going to add the sheen that you might be looking for in your wave products.

Although it is said that this product can be applied to both damp or dry hair, stay away from the latter.

This pomade is also best used on short to medium length hair and also works well for men who have fine hair.

Blind Barber 60 Proof Wax

The Blind Barber 60 Proof Wax offers medium hold and a natural finish.

The Blind Barber 60 Proof Wax is another great product to consider trying.

There are quite a few benefits to this pomade.

One, if you’re prone to dandruff, this product will help combat that.

Two, this product, similar to the other Blind Barber product on this list, contains thickening agents.

If you deal with generally thin hair, this can help add more volume.

When it comes to the hold, you’ll get a medium hold for your waves, which is great.

This in-between area also makes it easier to shape your waves. 

If you realize that you naturally have a greasy scalp or hair, this hair wax is one to try.

It helps control greasy hair, and you won’t have to worry about ingredients like castor oil that would exacerbate it.

The Blind Barber 60 Proof Wax is also water-soluble making it easier to wash out of the hair compared to its oil-based alternatives.

You won’t have to worry about added chemicals like artificial dyes and parabens, but you can enjoy the sweet vanilla smell that is associated with the Tonka beans added to the formula.

WaveBuilder Natural Wave Pomade

The WaveBuilder Natural Wave Pomade is water-based making it easy to wash out of the hair.

Not to be confused with the previous WaveBuilder product we have on this list, the WaveBuilder Natural Wave Pomade is specifically formulated for those with coarse, kinky hair.

Because of its strong hold, it’ll keep those waves in place.

However, even with the strength of this product, you won’t have to worry about washing the product out of your hair. 

Because it is water-based, all you need is water to remove all the product.

Due to this, one doesn’t have to worry about build up on the scalp.

This wave pomade should be used regularly before brushing sessions to maintain waves.

Cold Label Wolfin Pomade

The Cold Label Wolfin Pomade is a heavy duty pomade that is meant for men who use the wolfing method to create waves.

Wolfing is a very common way that some men go about to get their waves.

If that’s the case, try the Cold Label Wolfin Pomade.

Wolfing is the method where men allow their hair to grow slightly longer before forming their waves.

Not only does this make getting waves slightly easier, but it also makes the waves deeper.

If you’re using the wolfing method, consider trying the Cold Label pomade for a few reasons.

One, it is made from natural raw honey.

This is going to help your hair retain its moisture.

This product also contains castor oil which is known to help with hair growth.

Another thing that sets the wolfing method apart is that your hair needs to be soft in order for the waves to form well.

The formula for this product also includes shea butter and hemp seed oil which is going to help soften the hair.

Luster’s S-Curl 360 Wave Control Pomade

Luster's S-Curl 360 Wave Control Pomade is oil-based and should be applied in small increments.

If you’re a fan of petroleum-like pomades, try the Luster’s S-Curl 360 Wave Control Pomade.

Upon opening it, you might notice that this product looks like a paste, but don’t worry.

Because it is oil-based, it will have all the slickness that you’re most likely looking for.

The consistency of this particular pomade is thick and creamy, making it easy for application.

However, you do need to be mindful about applying this product.

If you apply too much, it will just come out of your hair when brushing.

That’s why you want to be mindful and start with small amounts before spreading it and brushing it in.

Because of the strong hold of this Luster’s oil-based pomade, it’s harder than water-based products to wash out.

Just be sure to shampoo with warm water, and the process shouldn’t be too difficult.

Ocean View Hair Pomade

The Ocean View Hair Pomade can be described as a hard gel that provides hold but is still very movable.

If you want an ocean view of 360 waves, try the Ocean View Hair Pomade.

Whether you’re starting your waves with a low cut or creating them with the wolfing method, this product can work for you.

The unique texture of this product can be described as a hard gel that allows the hair to be shaped however you want. 

Because of this texture, it also makes scooping the product out of the container easier.

The texture also allows for easier application.

There is another thing to be mindful of about this product.

It contains a sourced beeswax that gives it extra strong holding properties.

Even though the ingredients are still water-based which makes washing the product out easier than oil-based products.

With the Ocean View pomade, you’re also dealing with a moveable but strong hold product that also smells great.

Roller Coaster Waves Hair Pomade

Roller Coaster Waves Hair Pomade includes ingredients like avocado oil, vitamin E, and shea butter to help moisturize the hair.

If you’re looking for something in between extremely shiny waves or matte waves, consider the Roller Coaster Waves Hair Pomade.

This formula allows for easy blending and control in order to shape the waves as much as you want.

The first thing this pomade is going to do for you is give you hydration.

While most pomades work to help lock in hydration, this Roller Coaster Waves product helps add to it.

It is able to do this through ingredients like avocado oil, vitamin E, shea butter, argan oil, olive oil, and aloe vera.

The product also has a slightly sweet smell, so you won’t have to worry about unpleasant scents due to the ingredients.

All in all, be slightly aware that this product can get a little greasy if you use too much, but be sure to follow our application tips later in this post.

Suavecito Pomade Firme Hold

The Suavecito Pomade Firme Hold is a water-based pomade that is easy to wash out but will still give waves a strong hold.

There are quite a few good things about pomade that you’ll find in the Suavecito Pomade Firme Hold.

Pomades are good for keeping your hair together for a decent amount of time.

They keep your hair slick for longer and fortunately, they don’t make your hair hard or crunchy like gel.

You don’t want to run your wave brush over your waves and hear crackling.

Even so, a lot of traditional pomades are difficult to wash out, but one doesn’t have to worry about that with the Suavecito pomade.

This product will give you a firm hold that is still easy to manipulate.

For example, because this product is water-based, if you mess up your hair, you don’t have to do too much to get your waves back in order.

All you’d need to do is spray your waves with some water and brush your waves back into place.

Lastly, this product is also great at being even distributed on the hair.

It spreads which makes the process of brushing the pomade into your hair seamless.

Blind Barber 90 Proof Pomade

The Blind Barber 90 Proof Pomade offers supreme hold capabilities with a matte finish.

Some men don’t like the look of an extremely glossy or shiny pomade.

If that’s you, try the Blind Barber 90 Proof Pomade.

Offering both a strong hold and a matte finish, there are a ton of other reasons why men might gravitate towards this product.

No matter the age, there are tons of men who have to deal with thinning hair.

This pomade is going to help with that.

The formula is infused with natural thickening agents that are going to help your hair appear thicker.

It is good to help prevent dry and flaky scalps.

Another great thing about this Blind Barber pomade is that it is water-based meaning it will be easier to wash out of the hair.

And lastly, you won’t have to worry about hating the scent of this pomade as its another pomade that features a soft vanilla scent.

What Is Pomade?

A pomade is a greasy, waxy, or water-based substance that is used to style hair.

Pomades and wave greases are very similar.

Hearing “wave grease” makes its understanding pretty self-explanatory, but many don’t know what a pomade is.

Pomades can be described as “greasy, waxy, or water-based substances that are used to style hair.”

They have certainly come a long way in history.

In fact, pomades aren’t something new.

The name comes from the French “pommade” which means “ointment.”

These ointments can be traced back to the Roman era, so we’re talking about the first century BC.

During this time, European tribes would use soap as pomades.

Traveling 19 centuries into the future, the main ingredient in pomades in the 19th century was bear fat.

When one of the first pomade companies was made in 1873, they initially began selling pomades to darken hair.

Instead of bear fat, they started using the alternative of petroleum jelly, beeswax, and lard.

These are the pomades that you’d most commonly find in the 21st century.

At this time, men were probably using these products for hairstyles like the ducktail and quiff, but now, we’re using them to keep our waves together.

While pomades and wave greases help keep their hair in place, they are also meant to help the hair achieve a slick and shiny look.

What Is The Difference Between Water-Based And Oil-Based Hair Grease?

The major difference between oil-based and water-based pomades is that the latter reacts to water making it easier to wash out.

Pomade or wave grease, whatever you’d like to call it, has come a long way.

The main difference you’d see in these products are whether they are water-based or oil-based.

From the last section, you could probably guess which came first.

Oil-based pomades were originally popular.

These are your petroleum jellies.

One popular example of this is the petroleum jelly that comes from the brand Vaseline.

These oil-based wave greases or pomades were made from real grease or other fatty ingredients.

These ingredients are what would give the hair the extra shine and hold.

Now, you’ll probably see that more people are using water-based wave grease now.

Here’s why.

One, water-based wave greases are easier to wash out of the hair.

You’ll hear many people tell you to be careful of how much oil-based pomade you use in your hair.

This is because oil-based products can clog the pores and lead to heavy product buildup.

With water-based products, one won’t have to worry so much about being able to wash the product out of your hair.

But even so, both of these products differ from gel in that they can help hold a hairstyle in place without hardening.

How To Apply Pomade Or Hair Grease

Pomade should be applied to the hair in small increments.

Now, if you search for how to apply pomade, you’ll probably find a ton of results on the internet that won’t help you.

A “how to apply pomade” search yields high search results for White women while a search for “how to apply wave grease” will definitely get you results for Black women.

What if you’re a man who wants to know how to apply these products for waves?

While YouTube is a great resource, I’m here to tell you how to do it.

First, you’re going to want your hair to be damp.

If you haven’t just gotten out of the shower, wet a towel with hot water.

Making sure it’s not too hot, you’re going to place it on your head to allow the water, heat, and steam to both wet and soften your hair.

You’re then going to start brushing your hair.

For a more in-depth explanation, make sure you check out our post on getting waves.

In short, you’ll want to start at the crown of your head and brush the hair away from and towards your hairline. 

In the front, you’ll be brushing from the crown to your front hairline.

In the back, you’ll be brushing from the crown and down towards your neck.

You want to get this motion started first and then you’ll be ready to apply whichever pomade or wave grease you’re using.

After brushing for a few minutes, take a generous dime sized amount of the product you’re using.

You’re going to spread this evenly about one to two inches around your crown going outwards. 

After applying, you’re going to begin brushing this product into your hair in the same outwards motion.

Afterwards, you’re going to take another dime sized piece and apply it in a circular perimeter about two inches from your crown.

Once again, you’re going to brush it in, beginning from the crown.

You’re going to continue this process until you reach the front of your head.

Once you’ve applied the wave grease to all parts of your hair, you’re going to brush your entire head in this way.

Always remember to brush outwards beginning at the crown.

How Much Hair Grease Is Normal To Use

One should start with a dime sized amount of wave grease before slightly increasing.

The answer to this question isn’t so simple.

First, determine whether you’ll specifically be using a pomade or a wave grease.

Most pomades are still oil-based, so they’re thicker and if I’m honest, a bit slimier.

These types of products are easy to lead to build-up, so you want to use it as sparingly as possible.

Following the tip in the section above, you’ll want to start with about a dime sized amount and continue from there.

Start small and work your way up.

Also, if you’re using a thicker pomade, you might end up using more than you should because it’s hard to spread.

If that’s the case for you, try adding a small amount of water to it.

This will help it apply more evenly.

Alternatively, if you’re using a water-based wave grease, these are easier to wash out and apply.

When determining how much wave grease to use, you also need to remember that you should only be washing your hair around once a week.

Because of this, you definitely want to stay away from applying pomades and wave grease every day.

After multiple days of use, the product is going to sit on your head, and trust me, it won’t be a good look.

If you need to know how much wave grease to apply, start small and try one to two times a week.

As long as you’re protecting your waves with a durag, there should be no problem.

Benefits of Wave Grease

Wave grease offers a superior hold to the hair while also helping lock in moisture and hydration.

Whether you’re calling it wave grease or pomade, there are benefits to using these products.

While you might think wave grease to be similar to hair grease, it isn’t.

Wave greases are more similarly compared to pomades.

The purpose of these products are for the hold.

The biggest benefit to using this type of product is for their hold.

And that’s not all.

Pomades or wave greases also help add shine to the hair to keep it from looking dull.

I mean, if you’re going to have waves, you might as well keep them shining.

This shine is thanks to ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil, and other natural ingredients that you’d find in a lot of wave greases today.

Even though you’d find these ingredients in pomades and wave greases, don’t expect them to actually moisturize your hair.

While that isn’t their purpose, another benefit is that they do help lock in whatever moisture your hair already has. 

And lastly, when you’re comparing pomade to gel for your wave creating purposes, pomades come out on top.

Not only do gel products provide hold, but they harden.

You don’t want that for your waves.

What kind of wave doesn’t move?

In this situation, pomades are better for men creating waves because they offer a flexible hold.

And back in the day, these products were unnecessarily hard to wash out, but now, you don’t have to spend that extra time trying to get rid of all that product.

Best Wave Grease For Black Hair – Conclusion

Wave grease is a crucial tool to use in order to manipulate your hair into waves and keep them that way.

I know you want to get those waves spinning, and you will.

But this isn’t all you need.

While a good wave grease is important, you’ll also need to know how to get waves and the best wave brushes for bringing them to life.

Waves aren’t hard to achieve, but the process is 10 times easier when you have the right tools and resources.

Stay wavy, my friends.

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