Top 6 Makeup Brands For Black Skin 2022

Best Makeup Brands For Brown Skin

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We all want to look our best, don’t we? And some days, makeup might be part of that package that helps us feel confident and stylish.

Makeup shopping is supposed to be fun. But as a black woman, it can be difficult to know which brands are going to cater to you. Walking in store after store, not finding anything that matches your skin tone, can be demoralizing.

But don’t worry. We’ve got your back.

We’ve looked around so you don’t have to, and now we can present you with our top 6 makeup brands for black skin.

IMAN Cosmetics For Brown SkinAfrican American woman wearing Iman makeup

Supermodel Iman (who’s also an actress and entrepreneur) is known as something of a pioneer in cosmetics for black women and other women of color. The Somali-American model, real name, Zara Mohamed Abdulmajid, is the founder and CEO of IMAN Cosmetics. Since 1994, her company has gained a wider and wider audience of women of color, bringing them cosmetics that suit their skin tones perfectly.

Among IMAN’s offerings you’ll find foundation creams, eyeshadows, lip pencils, and just about everything you’d need for a complete makeup collection.

Let’s take a look at a couple of their products.

IMAN Cosmetics Second To None Stick Foundation

IMAN Cosmetics Second To None Stick Foundation

This Iman stick foundation is in a beautiful dark shade called Earth 7. It’s oil-free, with moisturizing jojoba and nourishing antioxidant vitamins to keep skin healthy. This stick foundation for black women gives a long-lasting matte color for a completely natural looking complexion.

IMAN Cosmetics Luxury Pressed Powder

IMAN Cosmetics Luxury Pressed Powder

This Iman powder is in Earth Medium, but you can also purchase in Clay Medium, and Clay Medium Dark. At just $10.29, this is a great deal to get a luxury powder that matches your skin tone perfectly.

Iman cosmetics is generally a real winner.

Black Opal For African American Women

Black Up Cosmetics - African American Woman Applying Mascara

Sometimes known as ‘the beauty destination for women of color’, Black Opal was created in 1994 to ‘celebrate the nuances of black skin’. They’ve come a long way since their launch – in 2009 they became the Official Cosmetics Sponsor of Miss Black USA Scholarship Pageant. From 2011 to 2016, they partnered with major Hollywood studios on movies like Best Man, Sparkles, Think Like a Man, and Almost Christmas.

We love their ‘find your shade’ feature on their site. You click on a pic of a model who most closely resembles your skin tone. Then you’re presented with a list of the products you can buy in the right shade for you.

Let’s check out a couple of Black Opal products.

Black Opal Total Coverage Spot & Scar Concealer

Black Opal Total Coverage Spot & Scar Concealer

This Black Opal concealer is in Hazelnut, so perfect if you have medium skin. You can, of course, track down the other colors on Black Opal’s website. It’s great for covering acne, dark spots, dark circles under the eyes, and scars, as well as smoothing out pigmentation issues.

Black Opal True Color Pore Perfecting Liquid Foundation

Black Opal True Color Pore Perfecting Liquid Foundation

This Black Opal liquid foundation comes in Truly Topaz, but there are endless other shade choices, such as Beautiful Bronze, Nutmeg, Hazelnut, and Au Chocolat.

And that’s Black Opal for you. Next up, we’ve black|Up.

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