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32 Top Short Hairstyles For Black Women, Regardless Of Face Shape Or Skin Color

Top Short Hairstyles For Black Women

Whether your hair is naturally short or you want to try something different and have a lower hairstyle, there’s one thing for sure: It’s not always easy to decide how to style short hair as a black woman. Chances are you have a few styles you regularly use, but what about when you want to try something different?

This is exactly what we’re going to help you with today! Below you will find a number of short hairstyles for black women, many with pictures and some with instructions on how to do them. Some you’ll be able to do with your natural hair, while others you will need wigs. You’ll also find a mix of celebrity hairstyles, as well as some from non celebrity types. Yes, we like to keep it real girl!

If you find it useful, please share with friends and let us know which ones you try in the comments below. Also, let us know your favorites. Now, let’s get into it. 🙂

Best Short Hairstyles For Black Women With Color

Hair color can be used to great effect, and can really turn a good style into a great one. Here are how some other women have used hair dye to their advantage, see if it could be for you:

Rihanna new short brown curly hair cut
Source Rihanna Twitter

Rhianna does big curls with this wig she wears during a promo shoot for her clothing line. The wig itself is brown, and is styled with thick low placed curls in a type of 1950s fashion. If you are okay wearing wigs then this could be an option for you.

African American Beyonce dancer with short blond hair
From Beyonce’s website

This backup dancer at one of Beyoncé’s concert rocks a blonde haircut with no hair wanting to stray far from her head. Likely held down with styling gel, this hairstyle would be easy to manage with the correct product. Don’t put too much product though or risk an excessive ‘wet hair’ look.

African American woman with mini dreadlocks hairstyleThis is another one of my personal favorite styles of hair. These mini dread locks really make a statement. With the maroon hair dye thrown in, this will help your hair stand out in a good way!

Woman with a top short hairstyle cut

If you want to rock crazy, funky curls, this is the style for you! Anyone can rock this; if you’re 3c/4a or 4a, rock this style as a wash n’ go. If your curls are a little less defined, do a twist-out, do a braid-out or use curling rods. The great thing about this look is that curls don’t have to be perfect, so you can do it on an old twist-out. This bold look is artistic but still professional enough to wear to work.

Amber Rose Close Cut Hair Cut Black Women Can Try
Amber Rose Facebook

So while Amber Rose is mixed race (her mother being black), her famous short blond hairstyle is very popular with African American females due to her involvement with urban culture. A similar style is easily achieved with a pair of shears and some blonde hair dye. Like many of these short hairstyles for women of color, this one is easy to manage and pretty straightforward to achieve. This style, bar the color, is also similar to what Alek Wek wears.

Nicole Ari Parker short hair afro american
Source Nicole’s Wikipedia

For me, this hairstyle from Nicole Ari Parker is the ultimate summer cut. With shorter sides, a stylish swirl on the front and some side hangover, it’s modern, summery and very attention grabbing. Match the color with your skin tone for a great hairstyle regardless of your personal shade.

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  1. Amber Rose is mixed with black. She is of Cape Verdean descent. Cape Verdeans are mixed with African American, European (Portuguese) and Spanish.

  2. Amber Rose’s mother is Cape Verdean!! My beloved homeland is off the coast of Senegal and is counted as one of the 54 countries on the continent of Africa. She is a Black woman and identifies as such.

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