32 Short Hairstyles For Black Women, Regardless Of Face Shape Or Skin Color

Top Short Hairstyles For Black Women

Whether your hair is naturally short or you want to try something different and have a lower hairstyle, there’s one thing for sure: It’s not always easy to decide how to style short hair as a black woman. Chances are you have a few styles you regularly use, but what about when you want to try something different?

This is exactly what we’re going to help you with today! Below you will find a number of short hairstyles for black women, many with pictures and some with instructions on how to do them. Some you’ll be able to do with your natural hair, while others you will need wigs. You’ll also find a mix of celebrity hairstyles, as well as some from non celebrity types. Yes, we like to keep it real girl!

If you find it useful, please share with friends and let us know which ones you try in the comments below. Also, let us know your favorites. Now, let’s get into it. 🙂

Best Short Hairstyles For Black Women With Color

Hair color can be used to great effect, and can really turn a good style into a great one. Here are how some other women have used hair dye to their advantage, see if it could be for you:

Rhianna does big curls with this wig she wears during a promo shoot for her clothing line. The wig itself is brown, and is styled with thick low placed curls in a type of 1950s fashion. If you are okay wearing wigs then this could be an option for you.

This backup dancer at one of BeyoncĂ©’s concert rocks a blonde haircut with no hair wanting to stray far from her head. Likely held down with styling gel, this hairstyle would be easy to manage with the correct product. Don’t put too much product though or risk an excessive ‘wet hair’ look.

African American woman with mini dreadlocks hairstyle

This is another one of my personal favorite styles of hair. These mini dread locks really make a statement. With the maroon hair dye thrown in, this will help your hair stand out in a good way!

Woman with a top short hairstyle cut

If you want to rock crazy, funky curls, this is the style for you! Anyone can rock this; if you’re 3c/4a or 4a, rock this style as a wash n’ go. If your curls are a little less defined, do a twist-out, do a braid-out or use curling rods. The great thing about this look is that curls don’t have to be perfect, so you can do it on an old twist-out. This bold look is artistic but still professional enough to wear to work.

So while Amber Rose is mixed race (her mother being black), her famous short blond hairstyle is very popular with African American females due to her involvement with urban culture. A similar style is easily achieved with a pair of shears and some blonde hair dye. Like many of these short hairstyles for women of color, this one is easy to manage and pretty straightforward to achieve. This style, bar the color, is also similar to what Alek Wek wears.

Natural short hairstyle for black women

For me, this hairstyle from Nicole Ari Parker is the ultimate summer cut. With shorter sides, a stylish swirl on the front and some side hangover, it’s modern, summery and very attention grabbing. Match the color with your skin tone for a great hairstyle regardless of your personal shade.

Now we have a haircut which is largely natural and rustic.

The aim here is not to go for ‘perfection’, but instead have a very natural look with a hint of minimalist style.

Easy to maintain and looks good with or without color.

Best short hairstyle for colored afro hair

This two-toned TWA looks simultaneously edgy and sophisticated. The shortness of the length gives you room to accentuate your cheekbones and eyes with gold and bronze tones (as in the picture), while the bleach-blonde top of the hair will add an extra spark to any outfit. Rock this look with confidence.

Top Short Styles For Natural Hair

If you have natural hair, as in non permed, relaxed or straightened, here are some styles you may want to try. These can be great as a full time style, or some even for transitioning between hairstyles. As you can see there are a lot of top ones around:

Curly short hair on a African American woman

I simply love this cut! Very curly with strands strategically placed at the side, this hairstyle works especially well for dark skinned black women.That said, no matter your complexion this hairstyle can work for you. The curls go up rather than down, allowing the shape of your face to really stand out.

Short tousled hair for black women

This short tousled look is especially great if you’re transitioning from relaxed to natural hair, or if you’re trying to figure out how to make your pressed hair last a few extra days. This style’s controlled messiness is part of the appeal, which removes the pressure of making sure every single strand is in place.

Black short haired woman short back and sides style

The short back and sides hairstyle is very trendy with women right now. You can vary the length you have on top, but the sides should always be close cut and close to the scalp. The top can either be ‘wild’ and unstyled, or you can combine it with one of the other haircuts in this article. This in itself gives you multiple options.

A black girl with short hair
Low maintenance hairstyles

This short, natural afro is fierce and beautiful, and it’s perfect for the woman on the go. Just moisturize in the morning and then let your afro settle naturally into place. Push a thin headband about an inch back from your forehead in order to keep your fro in line and out of your eyes.

This low-maintenance look tames your curls and frames your face.

It’s an upbeat style that can be worn at any length, so whether you have a TWA or longer locks, simply part your hair and stretch your curls – voila!

Wearing your hair out is great for warmer months, so put on a sun hat and rock this style to the beach!

Curly natural afro hair images

Get out your curlers and your flexi rods! This is perfect to give your natural hair the look of being freshly straightened or curled (without a straightener or curling iron). This simple cut will let you go to bed at night and wake up with a fresh style in the morning. If your hair is thin, this is also a great way to fluff it up.

Artistic hairstyle for black girls

This carefully curated afro is a work of art. Although it looks simple, it requires more maintenance than it looks in order to achieve its perfectly round shape, so keep an afro pick in your purse. The key to this look is the sharp line-up along the edges and forehead, which balances out the roundness of the afro. Pair this look with a bold lipstick and a color-blocked wardrobe for a modern art-inspired look.

If you’ve never used flexi rods before, look at a quick tutorial:

1990s Grace Jones style hairstyle James Bond Villain

This supermodel-inspired haircut is perfect for showcasing bold lipsticks, heavy contours and naturally high cheekbones. This edgy look is perfect for feminine women who want to draw attention to their faces, more androgynous women who want to experiment with makeup and more creative looks, or masculine women who don’t want to deal with long hair. Plus, the flat top recalls the ’90s, which will never go out of style. A must for all fans of Grace Jones.

Black girl with short spiky hair

This is a short haircut for those of you that bit more adventurous. It’s loud, it’s proud, and its spiky! You can even add a hint of color in their if you want to make things that bit more bold. Ok, onto the next. 🙂

Black woman with a tempered mohawk

This tempered mohawk is unique but not over the top. Whereas a typical mohawk would require you to shave your head, this elegant “faux-hawk” lets you comb or twist your hair upward toward a peak. Best of all, because it’s only lightly combed, you won’t comb out your curl pattern when creating this look, so it will still showcase your beautiful coils.

Short Hairstyle Ideas When Using Relaxers And Straighteners

As I’m sure you’re aware, there are also many great styles for those who have opted out of having natural hair. Not sure what your next style is going to be? Here are some ideas:

Smiling woman with low cut hair
Straightened short black hair

This is a short hairstyle that will suit all kinds of faces. The side fringe adds some personality to the cut, giving it an interesting look which shades part of your face. You can experiment with or without the fringe, as well as the length of the cut at the back.

This is one of my favorite short hairstyles for black women.

With some standing up strands of hair and some falling, it looks extremely stylish and classy for the modern day African-American woman.

Small, straight but random strands of hair make this a top choice for both casual and more formal occasions.

Straightened short hair on light skinned black woman
Stylish haircut for afro relaxed hair

If you don’t mind straightening your hair, this is a style that may suit you down to the ground. The cut goes just below the chin, although you can have it a bit higher or lower depending on your preference. This is another hairstyle which is lop sided, covering one side of your face more than the other. It is a cut that can help highlight your neck if that’s your goal.

This fun and flirty look will brighten your entire face. The swoops of hair are daring without being too dramatic, and the upturned ends turn it into a whimsical cut. The highlights are just subtle enough to be stylish without calling attention to themselves; a bronze, auburn or light brown will look great with African-American skin tones.

Bangs hairstyle for black women

These neatly tailored bangs make this a very conservative look, perfect for the office or for class. The great part about bangs is that even if the rest of your hair refuses to behave, as long as your bangs are neatly trimmed, you will look put-together. If your face is sharp and angular, slightly curled bangs will soften your features. If your face is round, then straight bangs will add an edge.

Very short but easily styles hairstyle

This is the perfect look for people with thin and/or very short hair because it makes your hair look longer and fuller. The touselled style makes this an easy style to maintain: Simply spritz with liquid moisturizer in the morning, run your hand through your locks, and set it with gel or hairspray. If you’re a gal on the go, this is the look for you!

The best short hairstyles for black women in one place

If you’re like me, sometimes your hair refuses to grow down; it just grows up. If you have thick curls that aren’t long enough to drop, then this is the perfect style in between teeny-weeny afro (TWA) and loose locks. This is also a great wash-and-go look for 3c/4a or 4a hair. After washing, simply run your curl-defining leave-in conditioner through it, dry with cool air, and then rock!

Relaxed short afro hair you can try
Idea for an elegant hairstyle, perfect for 4a and 4b hair

If you’re not afraid to be bold and turn some heads, this is the look for you. It’s simple for relaxed hair: apply styling gel, comb through, and set the hairstyle with a cold blow dryer or with hairspray. See this shorter look on superstar comedian Leslie Jones.

It doesn’t get more elegant than this. This look is perfect for a graduation or black tie affair – or if you simply want to remind your classmates or coworkers that you are the baddest. Despite its full appearance, this look does not require a lot of hair to accomplish.

Simply bump up your existing hair over a special foam piece in order to make your hair look long and thick.

This look is especially great if you’ve pressed your hair a few weeks ago and are trying to stretch your hair.

Naturally curly black hair tips

This edgy style showcases your natural curls. The shaven look is very modern, so keep the sides low while you let the top curls grow wildly. Use curling rods or a twist-out to get extra definition. Short and chic!

Hairstyle that highlights natural features of the face

This short, sleek look packs a lot of punch. The hair is combed away from the face, accentuating your natural features, and leaving room for you to play with your baby hairs. This look works for many different lengths, so you can wear this style even as your hair grows out.

Tops curled bang for women of color

Anyone can pull off an extreme curled bang. This haircut is round all the way around, which brings balance to your features. Pair it with angular earrings and bold make-up to accentuate both the sharper and the softer parts of your face.

Permed curly hair ideas

The curlier the better! The accentuated curls make this style perfect for all hair types. This look is professional, so you can wear it to the office; it’s flirty so you can wear it on a casual date; and it’s fun so you can wear it on a night out on the town. If you don’t usually wear make-up this is a great look because it draws all attention to the hair and eyes.

The best 1920s old school hairstyle for black women

This 1920s pageboy look is elegant, chic and, above all, classic. The graceful inward curl will give you an air of mystery. Wear this cut with a sleek suit in order to make a powerful statement at the office, or accentuate the cut with bronze eyeshadow and long earrings for the perfect evening look.

Best Short Hairstyles For Black Women, Conclusion

So what do you think of these short hairstyles as a black woman? Let us know in the comments below. And if you’re looking for more inspiration, check out these other short hairstyles for women. That article shows a collection of different styles on women of all different races, so may give some out-of-the-box inspiration.

Let us know which your favorite is. 🙂

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