What Is The Best Blow Dryer For Natural Black Hair 2017? We Compare The Top 7

What Is The Best Blow Dryer For Natural Black Hair We Compare The Top 7

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Hey girl, today we’re going to compare the best blow drying for natural afro hair. First though, let’s look at what you should be looking for in one (or click here to be taken straight to the best products).

Natural afro hair is not difficult to care for, but it’s best if you have the right equipment.

Heat damage: The two dreaded words, especially for those of us who’ve spent years of our life taming, caring for and growing out our natural curls.

Not a lot of people realise this, but hair-drying can be extremely damaging to your hair. That’s why you should take some time to consider which products you’re spending your money on, and find out before purchasing if they’re going to be right for you. Generally, healthy well-conditioned afro hair should be able to withstand a regular use heat of under 450F. If your hair has become brittle, weak and/or porous, it’s safe to assume you’ve been using the wrong appliances for your hair.

Excessive heat damage is not repairable. It will permanently break the disulphide bonds within your hair strands that work with cross-protein links to give your hair its strength. You’re able to visibly see this if your curl pattern has diminished, you’ve been bombarded with split ends. Alternatively, the last 1-3inches of your hair will be considerably straighter than the rest.

However, the good news is that just because you’ve experienced heat damage once doesn’t mean you’ll forever be prone to it. Making a simple change such as purchasing the correct hair-dryer could mean you’re on your way to having better, stronger and healthier hair.

We’ve found some of the best hair dryers for black hair, so you don’t have to:

Berta Professional Hair Dryer

The Berta Blow Dryer For Natural Black Hair Is Cheap

Upon finding this Berta hairdryer the first thing we noticed was that it advertised an AC setting in the main title… first point, check! After some more research we found that as well as this the company boasts its use of negative ions and infrared heat technology resulting in less static, soft hair. With these ionic benefits, and the dryer’s multiple settings, it’s a great purchase for $39.99. It comes with two speed settings and three heat settings, including a cool shot. Usually priced at $89.99, if you want this great product at the sale price you may need to act fast.

This product also comes with a single concentrator nozzle, perfect for blowing out those curls safely. Reviewers on Amazon are raving about it. One reviewer even says she manages to completely straighten her naturally super curly hair in 10 minutes, when it takes 30 with other dryers.

Featured in their feedback are many more satisfied customers not only praising the quality of the dryer but also the aesthetics. Slim and easy to hold, for this absurdly low price the dryer is nothing short of professional quality. The last point we’ll make on this product is that it comes with a one year replacement and two-year warranty should anything go wrong.

InStyler BLU Turbo Ionic Dryer

Is The InStyler BLU Blow The Best Blow Dryer For Natural African Hair?

Our second choice is the InStyler BLU Turbo Dryer. We love it. To start with we haven’t seen any other dryer with this design. The dryer’s ergonomic shape makes it very easy to hold. It has an all white exterior, which curves on the handle to make it pleasurable to use. It also looks fantastic with its blue detailing and clear nozzle accessories. Yes, accessories, plural! This product comes with both a concentrator and diffuser. Two heat settings (not including the cool button), high power motor, infinity airflow dial, high compression turbine fan and turbo ionic switch, are all included.

With a 4.6/5 star rating there’s not a lot people can fault with this great appliance. Reviewers are exceptionally pleased with this advanced piece of drying tech, for both it’s looks and functionality. One feature that was particularly praised is the lightweight feel of the dryer. As anyone with curly hair knows, it can feel like a lifetime while you’re trying to get it dry. Pretty soon your arm starts to ache, but not with this dryer. So if you need to part your hair and blow dry it in sections, this could be the right blow dryer for you.

Now we’re going to try to let you down easy. The price of this dryer is considerably more than the last, more than double even. But would you pay $99.98 to protect your curls with the professional excellence of InStyler? We would!

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