What Is The Difference Between Lace Front Wig And Regular Wig?

What Is The Difference Between Lace Front Wig And Regular Wig?

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Not sure the difference between a lace front wig and a regular wig? Well today we’re going to show you how they differ and which you should be buying.

In short, the differences come in terms of the look, feel, price and how you wear it. We go into more details below, so read on for a full comparison of the different wig styles for black women.

Regular Wig Vs Lace Frontal Wig: Look And Feel

Lace Front Wig Vs Regular Wig

A lace frontal wig gives a more natural look while a regular wig looks more like a full head of faux hair. With a regular wig, you have a cap full of synthetic hair. You simply put it on your head, brush a little and you’re ready to go. As long as it’s the right size, you can put it on as soon as you buy it without making any adjustments.

You can’t style a regular wig any way you want. Usually, they are designed to take a specific style and there’s nothing much you can do to alter it. For instance, if the wig mimics a pixie cut, you can only wear it that way without making any changes.

As for lace frontal wigs, they give you a realistic look. It might be hard for people to know that you’re wearing a wig. The lace frontal wig has a lace at the front which makes it look like the wig hair is growing from your scalp.

You can style the front part in any way you want and even leave out some faux baby hair. Most lace frontal wigs are made using human hair or very light natural looking synthetic hair.

This makes wig light and comfortable to wear. It won’t feel like you’re carrying something heavy on your head!

Keeping your lace frontal wig in good shape requires a lot of care and maintenance. If you don’t do that, your wig won’t last long.

Lace Frontal Wig Or Regular: Price And Places To Buy

Lace frontal wig example image

Regular wigs are considerably cheaper compared to lace frontal wigs. You can buy a regular wig in almost every store or online at a great price. That’s why you find many black women buying regular wigs since they can buy several of them or change them as often as they like.

On the other hand, lace frontal wigs are much more expensive. Many regular beauty shops don’t stock lace frontal wigs and if they do, they usually have a limited variety to choose from. You’ll find some though alongside a deep wave wig from Nadula hair.

If you do find one that you like, chances are, the price is extremely high. The good news is, online stores have a great stock of lace frontal wigs. You can buy them online at an affordable price. Always make sure you confirm the authenticity of the product and trust the sender before making an online purchase.

Installation Of A Regular Wig Versus A Lace Frontal Wig

An African American woman showing how to put on a lace front or regular wig

Putting on a regular wig is simple. Braid some cornrows on your hair or put a cap on then simply wear the wit. It’s as simple as that! However, lace wigs require a bit of preparation before being ready to put on. You might need to bleach the frontal lace if the black hair dots are visible.

Next, tweeze the hair on the lace part to make it look like a natural hairline. After you’re done with the tweezing, cut out the extra lace. You’ll only need to do this process once. After that, you can wear your lace frontal wig any time you wish. When it comes to putting it on, there’re many ways to do it.

The most common are using an elastic band, tape or glue. Here’s an awesome video on how to prepare a lace frontal wig for use.

What Is The Difference Between Lace Front Wig And Regular Wig?

Now that you can tell the difference between regular wigs and lace frontal wigs, check out some of the best wigs for black women we’ve found. Which one do you prefer? Let’s hear from you in the comment section below.

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