7 Gift Ideas For Your Black Boyfriend 2024

7 Gift Ideas For Your Black Boyfriend

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You don’t need a special occasion to surprise your boyfriend with a thoughtful gift. Whether he’s an athlete or an artist, a civil rights activist or a musical genius, we’ve got the 7 perfect presents for him.

For The Sophisticated Drinker: A Personalized Flask

Gift ideas for your boyfriend Flask

Solo cups and plastic shot glasses are so high school. Your boyfriend deserves to drink the finest alcohol from the finest flask, so surprise him with this gold-engraved polished wooden box; it’s a tasteful decorative piece that will look perfect on a bookcase in any home office or living room.

Within the wooden box, he’ll find a stainless steel ebony flask with matching steel glasses and a funnel. Surprise him by pre-filling it with his favorite liquor.

For The Technology Lover: The Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo for your black boyfriend

Manually turning on the TV is so twentieth century. This voice-activated system does it all: It plays music, reads news, answers questions, reports traffic, updates sports scores, and can control fans, switches and thermostats.

Amazon is constantly adding features to it, so the Amazon Echo can also do things like order Dominos and contact Uber. This is a must-have for any man who loves the latest gadgets.

Best of all, if you live together, you can benefit from it too. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Order yours from the official Amazon Echo website.

For The Music Aficionado: A Digital DJ Set

iDJ, a potential birthday gift

Let your boyfriend get hands-on with the music he loves with this chic Nurmark iDJ Live. He won’t need a full record collection for this DJ set. Just plug in his iPhone, turn the volume to full blast and watch him work the turntables like DJ Cool Herc. The touch-sensitive plates allow for a natural scratch feel, while the crossfader will let him switch seamlessly between songs.

This set is easy enough for him to pick up on the fly, yet so sophisticated that he could work the DJ booth at your next function. He’ll never experience music the same way again.

For The Future Bestselling Author: An Old-Fashioned Typewriter

This typewriter makes a good present

If your boyfriend loves to write, don’t let him do it on a cheap notepad or a boring Word document. Get him a classic typewriter, like the baby blue German mid-century Privileg. Many famous black writers got their start on typewriters, so from the moment he touches the keys, he’ll be transported back to the Harlem Renaissance. If he’s stubbornly digital, get him an electric typewriter that will automatically upload his writing to his laptop. All he needs now is a muse.

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