8 Cutest Hair Accessories For Black Women’s Hair 2024

The 8 Cutest Accessories For Black Hair

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The one thing that can make or break any look is accessories. Bad accessories can ruin a whole outfit, regardless of those Louboutins, honey. It’s exactly the same for your hair. So, if you want to know the 8 most trending accessories this season, look no further. We’ve got you covered.

Tribal Headwrap, A Great Accessory For Natural Hair

African Style Headwrap Hair Accessory For Natural Afro Hair

Now, if you like the idea of a headscarf because it covers your edges on a particularly bad day… Sister, let me introduce you to this gorgeous collection of tribal headwraps, again from Glamorous Chicks Cosmetics.

Regardless as to whether you need it because you’re having a bad hair day, or you know it matches that special outfit you’ve got (we see you!) it’s going to look fabulous either way.

We love how easily it’s transferred from a casual look to sophisticated, aka you can rock one of these with any outfit.

BUMP IT Comb For Black Hair

Bump It Comb Accessory For Natural Afro Hair

Wait, come back! We know it looks a little off-putting but let us explain. Now you’ve seen Willow Smith, Solange Knowles and Uzo Aduba rocking the whole pompadour look, right? How do you think they achieved it? Because we know full well no-one’s hair grows that fast. (We’re looking at you, Willow!)

Consider this your new best friend. Creating volume, elegance and sophistication whilst simultaneously not damaging your hair. This Bump It comb is available for a modest price!

Thick Hair Combs

Thick Hair Combs African Hair Accessories

Now these are what we call cute. Everyone’s see these little bun-makers and if you’re kinky-curly like us then you’d have also experiences ripping your hair out trying to remove it again. Yeah, we’ve been there. But with this nifty accessory designed specifically for our hair type, the extra thick combs slide right on out of there! Can I get an ‘Amen!’

Plus, if we’re being completely honest, we much prefer the ethnic styling design on these ones too.

Golden Cuffs For Black Women

Cute Accessory For Black Women's Hair

If you’re sporting some gorgeous deadlocks you’re going to want the best accessories too, right? Duh! That’s why we’ve included these adorable little cuffs.

Adjustable in size and a rather regal shade of gold, these AliLeader accessories are going to be perfect for dressing up your hair to go to any occasion. Zendaya has been seen flaunting these beauties countless times, though we have a sneaky feeling hers weren’t this affordable!

These are possibly the easiest of all our list to use. The installation works just like a clasp. They open up and lock back on around your dreads. Easy as pie. So the next time you see all these big name celebrities with their hair down and glimmering, you’ll know you got the same look for less.

Pendant Rings For Your Hair

Gold Pendant Hair Accessories

These are pretty similar to the cuffs you saw earlier. But these cute little pendant rings are easily adaptable to all hair types and styles. They’re perfect to add some individuality to any up-do braid or dread. This page offers four choices for your pendant, however there are many, many more out there. The leaves are our personal favourite because we love the chic, boho, hippy vibes it gives off. The beauty of this product is that you’ve got the freedom to express your own style, too, with so many different choices.

Another Good Hair Accessory Are These African Drum Wood Beads

African Wood Beads Hair Accessory

Yes, we know it says beads and yes, we know it gives you a free bracelet, too. But it’s time to think outside of the box a little. These beads are perfect for styling either straight in your hair, or sprucing up your hair band a little, too. Drum wood beads were all the rage in the early 90’s and slowly but surely we’re seeing this awesome trend come back to the spotlight. Are you daring enough to try it?

Traditional Scarf, A ToP Hair Accessory

Head Wrap On A Black Woman

We think scarves and head ties are immeasurably cute anyway. How can they be improved? Well, how about repping your ancestral continent whilst you wear this scarf.

Plus, hello? It’s so bright and beautiful it’s perfect for summer! This scarf from Glamorous Chicks Cosmetics in particular, will match any hair type, but if your hair is Au naturale then we urge you to get this – it was made for you.

Floral Headband For Black Women

Floral Head Band Afro Hair Accessories

Hello festivals! Finally they’ve created an enchanting, pretty headband that won’t rip out our hair! This fabric-based piece offers gorgeous flowers to surround your head like a crown, and we’re totally in love. Perfect for almost any time of year and coming in a variety of colours (they have yellow, aqua, coral, and more!), we’ll happily pay the modest price tag. And maybe we’ll get more than one… you know, purple is our Monday colour…

With so many vastly different styles out there it’s over to you to pick the accessory that’s right for you. Which will it be? The choice is yours!

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