What Color Should I Dye My African American Hair? 6 Great Ideas

Dying Afro Hair, 6 Color Ideas You'll Love!

Bored of the same old hair color? Want to try something different and more stand out? Well you’re not alone!

Many want to dye their hair at some point in their lives, but often aren’t sure how it’ll look or what color to go with. The good news is, there are many colors that look good on Afro hair! Here are 6 colors you may want to try as a black woman.

P.S. If you’re not sure how to, you should also check our guide on how to dye afro hair.

Red Hair Dye Looks Good On Black Women

Red hair color like the singer Rihanna

If you are a black woman, you should definitely try a red Afro. Red complements dark skin quite well. You can choose the shade of red that you are most comfortable with. There are several shades of red to choose from ranging from cherry red, ombre red, wine red and plum red. A great tip before coloring your hair red is to lighten your hair first. This will make sure that you get the hue that you are looking for.

Caramel Hair Color For Black Women

Caramel hair African American woman

A caramel colored Afro is a great look when you are looking for a neutral color. Caramel compliments the skin of a black woman and adds a bit of elegance. It’s a fantastic shade of brown to dye your hair when you are not sure which shade of brown to go with. The best thing to do when dying your hair caramel brown is to make sure that shade is about two shades lighter than your hair. This gives it an almost natural look and makes it easy to take care of.

Light Blonde Hair On A Black Girl

Light blonde on a black girl

Light blonde hair looks great even on African-American women. As a matter of fact, it gives a bold eye-catching look. A light blonde hair dye gives Afro hair a bright and inviting look. To shake things up a bit, you can have the roots of the hair dyed black while the rest of the hair is blonde. This makes the Afro stand out even more and look much more defined. You can also try a honey-blonde dye for a darker blonde look.

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