14 Best Edge Control Products For Natural Or Relaxed Black Hair 2024

Best Edge Control Products For Natural Or Relaxed Black Hair

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Have your edges been snatched?

More and more people are talking about edges than ever before.

With many more women choosing to wear their natural hair out, some are beginning to take notice of their thinning edges.

That’s not a good look.

Some women feel self-conscious about their edges, and they really shouldn’t!

Slicking your edges isn’t a necessity, but if you like the look, there are methods and products you can use to get the best application.

Whether you’re natural or still regularly apply a relaxer, here are 14 best edge controls you can add to your regimen.

Top Edge Control Products For Natural Hair

Design Essentials Nature Honey And Shea Edge Tamer

Honey and Shea are two haircare ingredients that help with moisture and hold.

A great product for women with natural hair, the Design Essentials Nature Honey and Shea Edge Tamer was specially designed for curly and coily hair textures.

This product includes some great ingredients that allow for no flaking or building and help give the hair extra moisture and hydration.

At the center of this product is honey and shea butter.

The former helps seal in moisture, reduce breakage, and add shine while shea butter helps restore hair health.

The Design Essentials edge tamer also has almond and avocado which both help with hydrating the hair and scalp.

Eden BodyWorks Coconut Edge Glaze With Shea Butter

Coconut oil is a moisturizing ingredient often used in haircare products.

The Eden BodyWorks Coconut Edge Glaze With Shea Butter has two important ingredients that help make it a great product for edges.

One, similarly to the previous product, it contains shea which helps promote healthier hair.

Two, this product also contains coconut oil.

Coconut oil is a popular and essential product in hair health.

It helps moisturize and often the thickness associated with it will help lay the hair down.

Eden BodyWorks edge tamer is a lightweight formula that won’t lead to excessive flakes like many other edge control or gel products.

Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Paste By Curls

Argan oil is an ingredient that promotes hair growth and helps moisturize the hair and scalp.

The Curls Blueberry Curl Control Paste is a sculpting pomade that is made to enhance, define, and hold your girls.

Similarly to the other products on this list, it has an incredible list of ingredients that are going to help your hair stay healthy and hold.

This product contains argan oil, which not only is known to help moisturize the hair, but it is also great for promoting hair growth.

The Curls control paste also contains mango and shea butters which are great ingredients for hydration as well. 

Depending on the type of hold one is going for, they can either use this on wet hair for a soft hold or dry hair for a strong hold.

Dr. Miracles Edge Holding Gel

Dr. Miracle's Edge Holding Gel contains jojoba oil which helps condition hair and add shine.

The Dr. Miracles Edge Holding Gel keeps their product simple but working.

While most other products are going to mention the dozens of ingredients they added to make it better, Dr. Miracles only boasts jojoba oil.

Their formula is said to be super hold while also mixed with the essential oil.

Jojoba oil works well to help hydrate the hair, while also conditioning and adding shine.

If you’re after an edge control without all the bells and whistles, Dr. Miracle’s is a brand to try.

Cantu Extra Hold Gel

Cantu Extra Hold Gel is made with shea butter which is another popular moisturizing ingredient in haircare products.

Cantu is a popular hair company within the Black community and their Extra Hold Gel is an extremely popular product.

Made with shea butter, it helps moisturize the hair while keeping a strong hold on your hair and edges.

Meant to condition and shine the hair, it is made without harsh ingredients like sulfates, parabens, and silicones.

If you want long-lasting, flake-free edges, Cantu is an option for women with natural hair.

Best Edge Control Products For Relaxed Hair

Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Edge Control Smoother

Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Edge Control Smoother is made for dry, damaged hair.

Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Edge Control Smoother has a lot of great claims about their product.

Not only will it smooth edges, but it will also help replenish moisture and add shine.

While all relaxed hair isn’t damaged, it is easier for relaxed hair to be dry, dull, or brittle.

This Carol’s Daughter product was particularly made for this type of hair.

It is also made with aloe, honey, and rosemary, all three ingredients that help moisturize, soften, seal, and hold hair.

Amla Legend Treasured Temple Edge Tamer

Amla Legend Treasured Temple Edge Tamer is a medium hold edge control perfect for relaxed hair.

When your hair is relaxed, your edges don’t require as much hold as it might if your hair was natural.

Because of this, women with relaxed hair can use an edge control like the Amla Legend Treasured Temple Edge Tamer.

The product has a medium hold that will also benefit your hair through its ingredients.

While both non-greasy and flake-free, it’s going to help smooth edges and prevent frizz.

It will also help resist against humidity while giving the hair a natural shine.

Last, but not least, the Amla Edge Tamer is oil infused which will help condition your hair and edges.

Creme Of Nature Perfect Edges

Creme of Nature is a popular brand of hair products for Black women.

You’ll be hard pressed to come across a woman who has never tried Creme of Nature Perfect Edges.

Their line is known to be made with argan oil from Morocco which helps control but also hold down the edges while moisturizing and giving an added shine.

Not only is this product alcohol-free, non-sticky, and non-greasy, but it also works to condition the hair after it has been applied.

While Creme of Nature mentions that this product is perfect for natural or relaxed hairstyles, I find that it works better on relaxed edges.

The Mane Choice Growth Stimulating Edge Control

The Mane Choice Growth Stimulating Edge Control contains biotin as well as Vitamins C, D, and E.

The Mane Choice is another popular brand of products for Black hair which earns its Growth Stimulating Edge Control a place on this list.

This product not only contains biotin, and Vitamins C, D, and E, but it also claims to not only smooth edges but also help grow them at the same time.

There are many benefits that are associated with this product.

One, it has a supreme hold and superior shine.

Two, it helps keep edges straight, so you don’t have to worry about your natural hair texture trying to peek through.

Three, it helps support natural growth and retention.

All in all, The Mane Choice is an edge control that is worth trying.

OSiS + Session Label Crystal Gel

Crystal rock extract is a unique ingredient used in this gel that helps manipulate defined textures.

If you’re relaxed but still looking for a strong gel to manipulate your edges while your new growth comes in, try the OSiS + Session Label Crystal Gel.

Crystal rock extract is said to help manipulate defined textures and help create a strong impact.

Another great thing about this product is that while most gels leave a wet feeling, this product gives your hair a dry feeling.

If your hair is relaxed and you’re looking for a strong hold edge control to help maintain your edges, this is a product to consider.

Edge Control Products Suitable For Both Natural & Relaxed Hair

Hicks Total Transformations Edges Styling Gels

Hicks Total Transformation Edges Styling Gel is a product that works well on natural and relaxed hair.

Hicks Total Transformations Edges Styling Gels is one product that both women with natural or relaxed hair can try.

There are quite a few claims surrounding this product.

One, it helps strengthen hair while also adding a healthy shine.

The ingredients in the product also help soften it while keeping your edges non-sticky so they don’t begin to flake.

An important component to its formula, the Hicks styling gel is made with castor oil, an ingredient that is both great for slicking down hair but also promoting hair growth.

Eco Styling Gel With Olive OIl

Eco Styler is a popular gel within the Black community that is used to lay down edges.

Now, if I could take a guess, I would say that Eco Styling Gel With Olive Oil might be the most popular product used to edge control.

As part of their olive oil line, olive oil is an ingredient that is known to add moisture to hair.

More so, it helps add shine and can even help tame split ends.

This Eco Styling product is weightless and also has a great hold without leaving flakes on your hair.

Mielle Organics Honey & Ginger Edge Gel

Honey, ginger, and aloe are three ingredients that can help promote healthy hair.

Mielle Organics makes well-working and delicious smelling products, and one product on their roster is the Honey & Ginger Edge Gel.

Made for all hair types, it promotes healthy hair and healthy hair growth while remaining non-flaky and non-greasy.

This product contains honey which helps condition the hair and scalp while also helping the hair take form.

The Mielle Organics edge gel also contains aloe and ginger root.

Avlon The Science Of Haire, Keracare Edge Tamer

Avlon's Keracare Edge Tamer smooths down unruly edges.

Whether you have natural hair or relaxed hair with growing edges, unruly roots can be annoying especially when you want them to lay flat.

The KeraCare Edge Tamer is perfect for smoothing down these edges.

One of the most difficult parts of laying edges are the ends that always want to snap back into place.

Not this time. 

This Keracare product by Avlon creates a smooth texture and prevents the ends of your edges from reverting.

How To Protect Your Edges

The best way to protect edges is to leave them alone.

No one was really talking about edges for years before all of a sudden, they were talked about again.

This might’ve started during the natural hair movement where women started realizing how damaging extensions can be to the front of your hair.

Whether you’re still wearing extensions, or rocking wigs, protective styles, or your natural hair, there are a few ways you can protect your edges.

One, leave them alone.

You might constantly want to swoop your edges around for a particular look, but every time you manipulate them, you could be damaging them.

It is important to remember the perimeter of your hair is the most sensitive, so try to limit how often you style them.

Two, don’t go crazy with the protective styles.

While they protect the hair, frequent use can also be damaging to the edges.

Styles like braids and twists can pull at your edges if they start too close to the front of your hairline.

Instead, try other types of protective hairstyles that will be less aggressive on your edges.

Three, you’re going to want to get rid of your cotton hair scarves and pillows.

Cotton is bad for your skin because it absorbs the dirt and oils from your face and allows you to sleep on them night after night.

It’s also bad for your hair as well.

Wrapping your hair with a cotton hair scarf can cause friction in your hair which can lead to thinning edges.

Sleeping on a cotton pillow can do the same, so it’s best to use silk or satin head scarves and pillow cases.

What Ingredients To Look For In Edge Control

Oils like argan, coconut, and olive are great ingredients to look for in edge control.

In the process of creating a DIY edge control, CurlMix discovered some great ingredients that you should look out for in your edge control.

Castor oil, an ingredient that we’ll mention later on is known to help with hair growth, so applying  a product with this ingredient can be beneficial.

Oddly enough, honey is another ingredient that has a lot of hold to it.

While you’ll hear some women styling their entire head with it, save honey for your food.

Alternatively, having some honey mixed into your edge control can help give it added hold.

If your edge control doesn’t have glycerin in it, it’s missing an important ingredient.

A natural ingredient, glycerin works to take moisture from the air and infuse it into your hair.

By doing this, it will stop your edges from getting crunch when you try to lay them down.

How To Grow Back Edges

Castor oil is a hair ingredient that can help promote hair growth and lead to thicker edges.

If your edges are thinner than you’d like, you can use any of the three tips in “how to protect your edges” to start seeing some progress.

Even so, there are two tips you can try that will help promote growth in your edges versus stopping breakage.

First, give yourself a scalp massage.

While this might seem weird, it can actually be beneficial.

When you increase circulation, it allows blood to flow underneath the surface which in turn promotes hair growth.

All you really need to do is massage your scalp in small, tight, gentle circles.

Next, you need to incorporate an oil into your hair regimen.

You can choose products that are going to help hydrate the hair and scalp while catering to damaged hair.

Oils like argan and coconut work exceptionally well.

And while it’s always been a thing, many are starting to take notice of castor oil.

Whether it’s your edges or your eyebrows, many are starting to use the oil to help promote hair growth with positive results.

Best Edge Control Products For Black Women, Conclusion

The right edge control products can help protect the hair without causing any breakage.

Hair is complicated, but it doesn’t have to be if you have all the information.

Taking care of your edges also requires taking care of your hair as a whole.

This may be properly detangling knots from natural hair or knowing the best detangling brush to get the job done.

Everything you do to your hair affects it, so make sure you’re keeping up with ThatSister and all the hair tips to keep your hair healthy and growing.

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