25 Braids For Kids Ideas – For Black Children

Braids For Kids Ideas

Having your hair braided is a big part of growing up Black.

There are a few reasons for this.

One, braids are a protective style that is going to keep your hair in place and limit the amount of times you’ll need to comb the hair.

Two, braids are so versatile.

And if you don’t believe me, you will.

When styling little girls’ hair, you’re probably looking for a style that will last at least a week.

And you’ll find those options here, we’re bringing you a number of cute braided hairstyle ideas to try.

Note: If your child lets you know their hair is too tight once complete, we’ve an article on how to soothe their braids too.

Box Braid Bun

Black Girl With Box Braid Bun
Credit: @iamawog

Box braids have been a popular style for decades.

To be honest, they’re not going anywhere.

If your black girl is on the older side and can handle the weight of braids, try this style on her.

If you can’t do box braids yourself, you can definitely go to a stylist to have them complete the look for you.

Once her hair is in braids, you can play around with it and create this box braid bun style.

When creating the bun, you’ll find it’s easiest to create the shape by wrapping the hair in a circular motion at the crown of her head.

It might take some trial and error to find a spot that isn’t too heavy for her, but once you do, the look is essentially finished.

Braided Afro Puff

Now, I’m not even going to lie.

As someone who can’t really cornrow, I probably wouldn’t be able to create this hairstyle without hours and hours of trying.

But if you can cornrow, this is one style to definitely try out.

While you can tell from this picture that this particular little girl is rocking a very intricate braiding pattern, you can essentially have fun with this braided style.

All you really need to focus on is making sure all the braids end at the top of her hair.

This will allow you to create the beautifully textured puff she has sitting at her crown.

Braided Crown Braid

Are you ready to bust out those cornrows?

Okay, let’s go.

This cute look will take a bit of time just because of the braids.

You’ll want the braids to start at the opposite side of her head so they can end on the side where the crown braid will be.

While this young princess has her hair styled in small braids, you can decide how big or small you want these braids to be.

Once these braids end at the front of the head, you’ll want to begin the braid.

If you want the braid to be thicker, feel free to add braiding hair to the mix.

For an extra special touch, similar to this picture, you can add some colored hair to help really bring the style to life.

Once you’ve finished with the crown braid, tie it off at the end and the look is complete.

Braids & Crochet Curls

Braids & Crochet Curls
Credit: @nylah_k

It’s time to get your braid on.

While it’s hard to see what’s going on underneath the curls, you can go ahead with braiding your little girl’s entire head.

You can decide if you want the braids to go straight back or angle off to a side.

Now, the curls can definitely be this little queen’s, but if you want to add to the look, you can definitely crochet hair into her braids.

That way, you can use heat to curl the hair without having to potentially cause damage.

Braided Fun Buns

For this braided style, we’re actually keeping the braiding to a minimum.

Similar to some of the other styles on this list, you’ll need to separate the hair horizontally across the crown.

After, separate the back area into two sections.

For the back left section, you’ll want to braid it up towards the front right.

The back right section should be braided towards the front left.

They can then be combined with the front sections of hair to create the fun buns.

Quick, simple, and cute.

Braid N Twist Bun

I can admit that cornrows aren’t my specialty, but I’m practicing!

This is one look that you’ll need to make sure your braiding is on point for.

As long as you have the braiding against the scalp part down, this look will come with ease.

It starts with making the sections for the hair.

Instead of making straight lines, you want to make them curve to the crown of her head.

This is going to create the twisted design.

After braiding all the hair to the crown and tying them off, you’re actually going to want to twist the hair versus finishing the braid.

Once all the hair is twisted, you can collect the hair into a bun, et voila.

You’re all done.

Braided Bantu Knots

Braided Bantu Knots
Credit: @tressadore

This is definitely one of my favorite looks on this list.

We’re used to seeing bantu knots.

And normally, they’re just hair twisted into a little ball to form the “knot.”

A different take on this is the braided bantu knot.

And it’s not hard.

All you need to do is section off the hair.

Once it’s sectioned, you can braid the hair regularly.

When braiding, you want to make sure you’re able to bring it to a point at the end.

This is going to help the bantu knot hold once you wrap the braid around itself.

Plus, feel free to add small bands around the bottom of each knot to keep them in place as well.

Braided Side Bun

Braided Side Bun On Light Skinned Black Girl
Credit: @doriscott1

This is another style where a lot lies in how you part the black girl’s hair.

This is going to determine what the style looks like.

Depending on what side you’ll place the bun, the parting spaces should lean towards that area.

Similar to the style on this young princess, you can alternate the size of the braids to add a bit more to the style.

While you can keep the bun in the hair’s natural state, you can also add braids or twists depending on your mood.

Braids W/Curly Afro Puffs

For this look, you can combine braids with your girl’s natural hair.

The two braids at the front of the hair are pretty self-explanatory.

Down the vertical center of the hair, you’ll need to create square sections that feed into the puffs on the corresponding side.

You can play around with the size of the sections and also add any hair accessories that look cute.

Superhero Royalty

Superhero Royalty
Credit: @njb7nyc

This look is definitely giving me powerful vibes.

While most of this look is actually made of twists, you can swap them out for braids if your heart desires.

This hairstyle is a combination of braids, twists, and bantu knots, so make sure you have fun with it.

It would definitely look beautiful without the hair accessories, but I think we can all agree that the accessories take it to another level.

Half Braids Half Twists

Wearing your hair half-up and half-down is a common hairstyle no matter the age.

And that’s what we’re doing with this hairstyle.

For the front section of this style, we’re going to have braids that feed into a little top knot at the crown.

For the back section, you can definitely continue with braids, but you can switch it up like this example.

Instead of braids, try twists for a fun braid/twist hairstyle.

Afro Puffs With Braided Accent

Afro Puffs With Braided Accent On African American Girl
Credit: @ruutosbrides

This look is the perfect blend of braids and letting your little girl’s hair be.

If braiding isn’t your strong suit, you don’t have to worry too much as this look doesn’t require too many of them.

The most important part of this look might be making sure the lines are straight.

Then, all you need to focus on is making three braids.

With three of the braids feeding into one of the puffs, you can keep the other side free of braids to complete the look.

Feel free to spice up the look with color scrunchies as shown in the picture.

Criss Cross Braided Space Buns

Criss Cross Braided Space Buns
Credit: @doriscott1

If you want a cute, intricate style, this one is worth trying.

This style requires braiding the first front section of hair before crossing them to the back and adding it to the back section.

You can also play around with the buns by either continuing with braids or switching it up and adding twists or leaving the hair natural.

Braids And Bantu Knots

The combination of braids and bantu knots on this little black girl is always fun.

Starting from the back, you’ll want to section off the hair.

You’ll need sections for the braids that are going to move to the front of the head.

After braiding these areas, all you’ll have to do is create bantu knots in the other sections.

While you can definitely create the classic bantu knot, you can also spice it up by making them braided bantu knots.

Braided Faux Hawk

Braided Faux Hawk
Credit: @milanacleox

A hairstyle like the mohawk definitely requires one to be bold.

However, if shaving the sides of one’s head definitely isn’t in the cards, you can definitely create a faux hawk.

While we have a natural version in our Adorable Natural Hairstyles for Little Girls post, you can still create a similar look with braids.

Easily enough, you’ll want to create braids from the perimeter of the hair and have them going towards the middle.

After having two or more braids meet in the middle, you’re going to tie them off.

After, combine these braids into one braid and have them going down like a pony or a faux hawk.

Braided Bow

Braided Bow
Credit: @novemberlov3

Now, I’m going to keep it real with you.

This is the type of style I’d probably leave up to a professional because as I’ve mentioned, I’m not the best as cornrows, but if you are, this is definitely the style to try.

This style is going to require that you section off the hair, probably four sections in the front and four at the back.

Once the braids meet at the crown, you’re going to braid them into even more braids.

Now, in order to create the braided bow, you’ll need some (or a lot) of bobby pins to keep them in place.

While you don’t have to add the curly pieces coming from the braid, all you’d need to do is crochet a piece to one of the braids near the top, and the look is complete.

Frida Kahlo Braided Updo

I know I’m not the only one who sees this style and instantly thinks of Frida Kahlo.

For this style, we have a zig zag part which is a fun switch-up to the classic straight part.

You’ll also see that instead of braids, this look actually has twists, but shhh, don’t tell.

While you can clearly pull off this look with large twists, you could also create an alternative with braids.

Just create thick braids from each side of the head and wrap them together.

You can definitely spice up the hairstyle with gold beads or butterfly clips like the example.

Braided Side Ponytails

Now this is a look!

And this is what you’ll need to do – get a hairdresser.

Okay, I’m playing, just a little bit.

While I know my braiding skills could not create this look, there are definitely people a lot more skilled than I am.

The best way to start off this hairstyle is by sectioning the hair for the direction it’s going to be braided in.

If you’re feeling fun, be sure to add the colorful string and beads to her hair.

A style like this might take some practice at the beginning, but the final product definitely looks worth it.

Braided Top Knot Bun

Braided Top Knot Bun
Credit: @tressadore

This style definitely reminds me of the time when I was receiving my communion.

Whether it’s for a casual or fancier occasion, this hairstyle is always a winner, and it doesn’t require much braiding.

First, all you need to do is start off with a slicked back hairstyle.

After tying the hair off, create a series of braids.

Once that’s done, you’ll twist the braids into a bun.

Braid and Twist Space Buns

For this look, you’ll obviously need to have braiding down, but also twisting.

Creating a regular braid versus braiding against the scalp isn’t the same thing, so if you’re looking to create the style yourself, make sure you practice ahead of time.

Most of this style comes from your comb.

After splitting the hair vertically down the middle, you’ll want to part the hair into different sections.

Starting at the nape, you’ll want to curve the comb up towards the ears and braid this section ending across the center of her head.

You’ll also want to do this at the front as well.

Once the sections meet each other, you’ll need to tie them off with a hair tie before twisting the ends and forming them into the bun.

Double Sided Crown Braids With Curly Ends

Double Sided Crown Braids With Curly Ends On A Black Girl
Credit: @weakendzoff

Crown braids definitely have a look of royalty to them.

While some people like the one braid around the crown, this look adds to it.

Starting at the center, the braids are going to go around the circumference of the head and end at the back.

These braids will lead into two ponytails at the back.

For the ends, you can choose if you want a similar style to this picture or if you want braided ends.

It’s really up to you.

Double Layered Cornrows and Flat Braids

This hairstyle is going to require some planning.

Here’s where you start.

You’ll want to section the hair into four quadrants.

With each section, you’re going to create about 8 to 9 horizontal sections.

For each row, you’ll start with braiding the hair towards the center.

After you’ve completed this for each section, you’ll then create the larger flat braids that rest on top with the hair that’s left out.

Combine the front right section with the back left section and the front left section with the back right.

And you’re done.

Braided Bangs And Afro Puffs

If you think your little girl is too young for some of these sometimes tight, braided styles, you still have options.

While the look won’t completely feature braids, you can get away with adding some braids to her look.

Take this one, for example.

You can easily create this look by sectioning off her hair vertically down the middle.

Part her hair at the front to section off the area for the “bangs.”

At the back, you can gather her hair into little afro puffs.

For the front, add as many small braids as you’d like.

And if your little girl likes to swing her head around to see barrettes or beads move from side-to-side, feel free to add those to the look as well.

Braids and Beads

This is definitely a classic look that any little girl would love.

As I’ve mentioned numerous times, cornrows aren’t my specialty; however, I could probably pull this off myself.

With the cornrows being minimum, you just have to feed them into the ponytails on each side.

After these are complete, you’ll need to create numerous braids to make the ponytail.

Once that’s done, add beads and bows to finish the look.

Braided Fun Bun Ponytail Combo

Okay, this style is more of an honorable mention.

If you look closely, you’ll see that this style is actually twists instead of braids.

While you could keep the twists, you can still create this style with braids.

Parting the hair horizontally across the crown, you’ll braid the back area into five sections.

You’ll combine these sections into the ponytail.

Afterwards you’ll separate the front area into two sections.

Create two braids on each side and wrap them into fun buns at the top of the crown.

We’re definitely loving how the twists look in this picture, so let us know if you try the twists or braids.

Top Braids Ideas For Black Kids, Final Thoughts

Top Braids Ideas For Black Kids

Practice your braiding because I’m sure there are a few styles from this list you’re looking to try out.

Whether you’re keeping it simple or trying a style that’s a little more intricate, you want your little girl to look and feel confident.

But even I know that sometimes we want to switch up the hairstyles from braids to something else.

And of course, at ThatSister, we still got you!

Be sure to check out our post on natural hairstyles for little girls.

And let us know in the comments if you’re planning on trying any of these styles.

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