27 Adorable Natural Hairstyles For Little Black Girls

Adorable Natural Hairstyles For Little Girls

When it comes to styling hair, most people aren’t choosing one style that they plan to keep for one day.

Usually, we’re styling our hair for a few days to a week.

If you have young black daughters, that’s probably your plan too.

Sit them down for a styling over the weekend and hope it lasts throughout the week.

Sometimes, the only problem we run into is how to give her a cute, new style often.

If you want to switch up the styles, you’re not the only one.

Here are 26 different styles you can choose from.

Twisted Chignon

Twisted Chignon on black girl
Credit: @iamawog

This look is cute, simple, and elegant for your classiest of little girls.

Start off by creating two sections of hair.

After securing them with a hair tie, create two twists.

What you’ll now do is pin these twists together.

Bring the twist on the right to the left and vice versa.

Feel free to add clips or barrettes to make the style your own.

Flexirod Set

Black girl with Flexirod Set
Credit: @doriscott1

If you love adding curls to your little one’s hair, you’re not the only one.

The only issue you’d really run into is not wanting to apply heat to her hair with a hot tool.

Luckily, there are options.

You can easily get the look with some flexirods.

Just be mindful that flexirods aren’t exactly the most comfortable thing so be aware when you’re styling her hair with them.

Now, you’ll definitely want to start on damp hair, so if she’s just had a wash, that’s perfect.

You can start off by braiding a side of her hair.

Truth be told, you don’t need to do this, but it definitely adds to the look.

While her hair is damp, fashion it into place with the flexirods.

If you let them dry naturally, it may take some time so she should definitely sleep with them to let it dry overnight.

If you’re headed out the door soon, spray some heat protectant over her hair and help speed up the process with a blow dryer.

When you’re taking down the curls, make sure you’re gentle to prevent any unnecessary frizzing.

Naturally Crochet

Naturally Crochet
Credit: @boobabe1202

We had to sneak this look into here.

It’s never too early to think about protective styles.

If you want to give your little girl’s hair a break, this is one way to do it.

All you really need is some hair that matches her color and texture.

And really, it doesn’t have to match as long as you both like the way it looks.

Now, for crochet, all you really need to do is braid her hair into some cornrows.

After, all you need to do is crochet the hair to her actual braids.

Crocheting isn’t very hard so after watching a video or two on it, you’ll probably get the hang of it.

Chunky Twistout

If there’s one hairstyle that Black women love on their natural hair, it’s a twist out.


Because it’s relatively easy compared to most hair styles.

This is definitely a style Black girls are known to rock.

The best twist out is always done on freshly washed hair so after you’ve washed and conditioned, separate the hair into sections.

You can do as many or as little as you’d like, but if you’d like the sections to be as thick as this example, make a smaller number of sections.

Once you’ve done that, start twisting.

Now, there are tons of tutorials on the internet you can find if you’ve never done this before.

Many people prefer to use a leave-in conditioner or some other moisturizing product when bringing this look to life.

Figure out which product works best for you and incorporate it into the process.

Crown Braid

Nothing says royalty more than a crown braid.

Now, if you’ve never done a crown braid before, you should definitely check out a few tips on the internet.

There are definitely some tips and tricks that can help you achieve this look.

Once you get the style down, you can decide how you want to make it your own.

While you won’t have to, you can definitely leave a section of hair to create a braid, but if not, you can use other methods to play it up.

You might choose to do a regular three strand braid, but others often choose to switch it up with a dutch braid.

At the end, you can also add clips for a little something special.

Afro Puff Buns

Afro Puff Buns
Credit: @kelsgorgeous

This is an adorable style that’s easier to achieve than some of the other styles on this list.

First, the most important part to this style is making sure that her hair is detangled.

One, you can aim to use a product that helps detangle it.

Another product you can choose to use is a curl defining cream that’s going to help her hair texture stand out.

After that, there’s not much to it.

Part her hair down the middle, and we all know the best way to do that is with a rat tail comb. 

Now whatever you call them in your house or culture, get her some bright hair bobbles to liven up the style and she’ll be cute, happy, and stylin’.

Bubble Ponytails

Bubble Ponytails
Credit: @njb7nyc

Whether you’re calling this bubble or bobble ponytails, the final product is definitely worth the work.

Here’s how you start.

Start this style after a fresh wash so you can blow dry her hair.

This style definitely works better with a more relaxed texture.

While you could attempt it with untouched natural hair, depending on its length and the amount of shrinkage, you’d have less to work with.

After blow drying with a heat protectant, you can get into the style.

At first, all you need to do is separate the hair down the middle.

Once that’s done, then you can start the ponytails.

You’ll want to start with hair bobbles at the top to keep them in place.

After, you can place other hair bobbles about an inch to an inch and a half down from the previous one.

Make sure you count how many you’re using on each side so they’re symmetrical.

You can definitely use the same color like in this example, but feel free to throw in some fun colors and alternate.


Afro on little black girl
Credit: @natural_08

If you don’t have much time to play around with trying to put an entire new style together, try a simple afro.

Whether your little girl has curly or coily hair, it’ll work, and it will show off her natural texture.

When achieving this style, I usually like to go off of freshly washed hair.

This way, I know the hair is cleaned, conditioned, and moisturized.

Plus, when hair is damp is the perfect time to add styling products to it to help define the texture even more.

This hairstyle often calls for fluffing and sometimes stretching the curls to give it a uniform length.

Play around with it!

You’ll get the hang of it.

Afro Puff With Heart Braid

Now this little cutie is definitely rockin’ this hairstyle and so can your little girl.

And it’s not too hard to accomplish.

First, you’ll want to start off with detangled hair.

The detangling process is going to help her hair lay flatter when you pull it back into the little pony.

Plus, this will help bring the definition of her hair to life.

Now, the front is also easier than you think.

You’re going to want to do this before you pull her hair into the puff.

Using either side of a rat tail comb, you’re going to shape the front of her hair into the heart.

Start at a point maybe two inches back from her hair line.

If you want the section to look even more like a heart, curve the bottoms to a tighter point than seen in the picture.

Twist Ponytails

Twist Ponytails
Credit: @ebonys_curls

If you prefer twists over braids, this is an easy, simple, but cute design you can do.

Separate the hair into as many sections as you want.

This look probably works better with at least fifteen sections.

Now, all you’ll need to do is twist!

In this particular style, most of the wrists are going in one direction, but you can have fun and play with which directions you want to work with.

And don’t forget to add the clips at the end!

Your little girl will be swinging her head from left to right to watch them fly.

Front And Back Afro Puffs

Front And Back Afro Puffs
Credit: @royce.k.m

Afro puffs are one of the easiest styles to pull off.

Plus, you take ease and you add in the fact that they’re cute, and they’re a must-do.

This style is definitely easy to accomplish.

All you’ll need to do is part the hair horizontally across the center.

If you’re feeling particularly fancy, you can add in a braid similar to the one in this example.

If not, it’s not 100% necessary.

All you have to do now is pull the two sections into puffs and the style is complete.

Colored Ponytail Twists With Zig Zag Part

Don’t let the long hair fool you!

Your little girl doesn’t need hair this long to pull off this look.

Here’s what you’ll do to start.

First, you’ll want to start off by parting the hair horizontally across the middle.

If you’re a perfectionist, this might take some time, but just be patient!

Next, you’ll want to create two ponytails, one in the front and the second in the back.

Once you’ve done this, you can secure them with a hair tie or even a hair bobble.

Now, all you’ll have to do is make a few twists.

Depending on how thick or thin you want them to look, you can adjust their size.

Even if your little girl’s hair is on the shorter side, they will appear longer in the twists.

And if you want to go a step further, brands like L’Oreal offer temporary hair dye to liven up the look.

Criss Cross Fun Bun

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

Once I look at the criss cross action that’s going on, I have to ask… what happened here.

Trust me, it’s not as bad as it looks!

You’ll want to try this look on blow dried hair in order to get the fan bun working.

Here’s how you’ll get the criss crosses down.

Section off an area of hair horizontally at the front.

This should probably be an inch to an inch and a half of space.

You’ll then want to split this section into six square sections meaning you’ll need to make horizontal parting spaces.

In each space, you’re going to tie it with a small rubber band but make sure each section is further split into two small ponytails of hair.

Be mindful that the furthest sections on each side of the head will only have one ponytail made from it.

Now, you’ll want to create another horizontal section of hair behind the first one and split it into six sections.

Using one section of hair, you’re going to add the left ponytail to the section of hair directly to the left of the one behind it.

The right ponytail will be added to the section of hair directly to the right of the one behind it.

Before tying any of the pieces in the section section, make sure that it has two pieces of hair being added to it (with the exception of the side pieces).

Then, once you’ve achieved this, all you need to do is create the bun.

In order to create the fan bun, you’ll want to start as if you’re forming a ponytail, and pull the end of the hair through the hair tie until it starts sticking up.

You’ll have something that kind of looks like an open loop.

You’ll then grab the ends and literally fan them out to allow the sides to reach closer to her scalp.

Et voila!

You’re all done.

Twists & Curls

The name might throw you off because there aren’t actual twists here, but you will need to twist the hair to create the space buns.

What you’ll really need for this style is something to curl the hair with.

While we like to stay from heat as much as possible, definitely try using flexirods to create the look.

To make sure the hair shows as much definition as possible, make sure the hair dries completely because you should 100% start off with the hair being damp.

Next, you’ll want to section the part at the front.

You’re going to need to twist the hair tightly so it stays in place and so it can gain the height, but definitely check out a tutorial before diving into this style.

Rubber Fun Bun

Rubber Fun Bun
Credit: @weakendzoff

You already have half the information to bring this look to life.

For reference, use the tips for the Criss Cross Fan Fun to help you achieve this look on a little black girl.

And while this isn’t quite a fun bun, it’s probably better suited to call it a sock bun.

It’s possible to achieve this look with a slew of bobby pins, but you can also get it done in an easier way.

While I’ve bought the little donuts in the past to create this look, I’ve also done it with socks.

All you really need to do is grab a tube sock you don’t need and cut the toes section off.

Roll it together, and you’ll have everything you need to create the look.

Fun Buns With Criss Cross Detail

This is definitely a hairstyle that your little girl will love because of how “fun” it is.

Starting off with the criss cross detail in the back, you’ll want to split the hair down the center in two sections.

The criss cross detail will be kept to one side and will only be in the back.

While you can split the hair into 10-12 sections to keep it simpler, you can add more for an even more detailed look like in the example, 

Starting at the bottom, you’ll create these sections of hair, and tie them off.

When creating the sections above, you’ll take the section that is diagonally across from your current section and add it to it before tying it off.

You’ll continue with this until you reach the top.

Then, you’ll take each side of hair and form it into a ponytail.

You can then wrap the ponytail around itself to create the high fun buns.

Twists & Buns

You won’t have to worry too much about skill when it comes to creating this look.

As long as you know how to twist, you’ll be fine.

Separate the air into 4 sections.

In the first section, tie the hair together and create two twists.

For the middle sections, all you’ll need to do is create small buns with them.

It might be easier to make these buns after twisting the hair together as well.

And in the last section, tie off the hair and create your last twist.

And that’s all it is.

Low Afro Puff

Low Afro Puff
Credit: @milanacleox

When in doubt, a low afro puff always works!

Make sure you’re working on her hair while it’s damp because you’ll prevent breakage, but it will also help with slicking the hair back.

Then all you need to do is tie the hair back with a hair tie.

To make it a little more special, you can also add clips as seen in the example.

Twists & Donuts

Twists & Donuts
Credit: @iamawog

For this hairstyle, you’ll need a few sock buns and maybe some beads.

For the front section, all you need to create are some twisted ponytails.

In the back, you’ll want to split it into two sections and create sock buns.

Make sure you have bobby pins on deck to help secure the look.

You might also need some type of gel or cream to keep the hair slick and in place.


This is one look I’m still waiting to try on myself.

You can definitely achieve this look on your little girl’s naturally coily hair, but if you’d like to get this exact look, you’d probably need to start with blow dried hair.

All you really need to do is slick her hair from the sides to the center.

They even have hair tools that help you achieve this “faux hawk” look.

And if your little girl has too much hair to fit into the regular clip, you’ll notice that in this particular style, the front and back of her hair are left alone.

The middle of her head is the only part that is slicked down which helps create the illusion of this “frohawk.”

Twisted Faux Hawk

Twisted Faux Hawk
Credit: @njb7nyc

Ooow, this young black lady looks so cool.

Start off this look by sectioning the hair into four sections.

After slicking the hair down, tie each section off and turn them into a twist.

Now, all you need to do is wrap these twists into a bun down the center of her hair.

It looks difficult, but the steps are easy!

Just take your time!

Bangs & Bun

Bangs & Bun On Little Black Girl
Credit: @natural_08

If your little girl’s hair has been in an afro the last few days, this is a great style to transition to for a different look.

One thing you might have to do is refresh her texture, and you can easily accomplish this by wetting her hair and using a curl defining product.

Afterwards, all you need to do is section her hair off.

Section off the front quarter of her hair.

Using a wide tooth comb or a detangling tool like a denman brush, brush this section of hair forward so the bangs are easier to hold.

With the rest of her hair, you’re going to pull it back into a bun.

If you want your little girl to have some flair just like this cutie, you can use a headwrap or a headband for style and to help keep the bangs going forward.

Low Twisted Ponytail

If you want a different take on a regular ponytail, try a twisted ponytail.

Similar to some of the other looks on this list, you’ll want your little girl’s hair to be slicked back.

Once it is, start twisting.

After the hair is secured with a hair tie, you’ll want to separate the ponytail into multiple sections.

Twist each of them.

You’re then going to combine each twist into one.

It might even help to twist the twists together to help them stay.

Whether her hair is in its natural state or blow dried, anyone can make this look work.

Top Knot Twist Out Ponytails

For this look, split the hair into two sections.

At the front, create a top knot.

You can definitely fluff out the hair for more volume.

In the back, split this area into two sections.

You’ll want to create twists with this, and once she’s ready to wear it out, take the twists down and she’s ready to go.

Flat Twists With Twist Out Ponytail

When it comes to natural hair styles, we’re all used to free twists that eventually turn into a twist out.

This is a variation on the classic.

What you’ll want to do is section the hair vertically.

While you can make the sections straight, feel free to curve them to add a little something to the style.

Now, what you’ll want to do is create flat twists down the scalp.

After you secure the twists with a hair tie or scrunchie, you’ll want to continue the twists to the ends of the hair.

When your little girl is finally ready to wear her hair out, undo the twists below the hair tie so they can form a ponytail.

And if you’re feeling extra fancy, have some beads on deck that can be added to the twists.

Afro With Bow

Afro With Bow
Credit: @ebonys_curls

Let’s face it.

A little girl with her textured afro doing its thing is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.

And if you want to do a slight variation to it, this is one way.

If you had her hair in an afro one day, adding a bow could be just the change you need to switch it up.

And there isn’t much to bring this style to life.

After her hair has already been in an afro, separate a small portion at the front to fit into the bow.

While you might want it to be more precise and can easily use a comb to define it, you can also wing it and just grab a small section before fitting it into the bow.

Twisted Up Braided Bun

Twisted Up Braided Bun
Credit: @weakendzoff

This style will take some patience.

As long as you can do a flat twist and braid, you shouldn’t have any issues.

Nailing down the pattern of the twists might take some time, but if you mess up, you can easily fix it with a few hair accessories.

The combination of the twists and braids definitely make this style special.

Adorable Natural Hairstyles For Little Black Girls, Conclusion

Adorable Natural Hairstyles For Little Black Girls

Are you ready to do some hair?

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, doing hair isn’t always the easiest thing, especially when you’re recreating styles.

Be patient with yourself and your little girl.

Make sure you’re starting off with the right tools and products.

And if you need some help with where to start, be sure to check out the beauty section on ThatSister.

Whether you need edge control to slick her edges or tips on how to properly detangle her hair, you’ll find them all there.

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