37 Braid Hairstyles For Black Men 2024, Great For Inspiration

Best Braid Hairstyles For Black Men

The best braid hairstyles for black men are not hard to come by. But they are hard to choose from if you don’t know how they look and what they involve. 

In this article, we have compiled our favorite braid haisrtyles for black men. And we offer some variety in the styles to widen your selection.

Natural Box Braids

Natural boxbraids are definitely one of the trendier braid styles for black men. 

This hairstyle is great because it’s relatively easy to get done. And it can last you a good amount of time without also requiring to commit to it for too long. 

The look of natural boxbraids can also be enhanced with an undercut. And this is why we love this hairstyle. 

Loc Manbun

When it comes to the best hairstyles for black men, the loc manbun is a classic.

This style is amazing because of how well put together it is. The style looks effortlessly neat and good looking. 

This hairstyle is best for black men who want to commit to the locs for a while or wouldn’t mind cutting their hair should they want to change it. 

We definitely recommend this great style. 

Double Bun 

The double bun is a great choice when it comes to braided hairstyles for black men. This style is great when it is done with locs, but other braid style can be used too. 

The two buns make the braids look neat and put together in a way we really love. 

And you can also add an undercut to this style, although it looks just great without it too. 

Star Braids

Star braids are another very unique choice when it comes to braided hairstyles for black men. 

This style involves braiding the hair in such a way that it creates one of more star shapes. 

The thing about this style is that not all stylists may know how to do it. But if you find one who does, it looks really great. 

If you like unique styles, this is definitely one to try.

Classic Cornrows

Another great style for black men is the classic cornrows. You cannot go wrong at all with this style. 

Cornrows are great because they’re fairly easy to get and they look effortlessly good. 

There are many variations to cornrows but simple, classic feed in braids are a great way to go. 

These type of cornrows are great for black men with medium length to long natural hair and we highly recommend them.

Single Braids With Fade

A great enhancement on the single braid style is the single braids with a fade. This hairstyle for black men is effortlessly stylish. 

Getting this braided hairstyle done takes very little time. The braids are simple and the fade is also a very simple cut. 

And this style can be achieved with varying hair lengths. This is what makes it a style we really like for black men. 

Dutch Braids

Dutch braids are a fantastic style for black men. Dutch braids usually are done in twos and this makes them a very easy style to achieve. 

The dutch braids style is great because it’s so easy to and takes little time to do. And it still looks very good. 

This style is definitely one to choose if you want very little hassle when it come to your hair. 

Natural Cornrow Manbun

Another great cornrow variation is the cornrow manbun. This style is great because it integrates two styles together perfectly. 

The cornrow aspect makes the style very well put together. And the manbun aspect makes it look more stylish and trendy. 

You can also take it further with enhancing this style by adding an undercut to it. 

We definitely consider this style one of our favorites on this list. 

Drop Fade Dutch Braid

The drop fade dutch braid is one of the best braid hairstyles for black men. 

This variation on the simple dutch braid is great for those who just wanna add a little more style to their hairdo. 

All this variation involves is getting a good shave of your hair underneath the braids and having it fade out. 

We definitely recommend trying this style out. 

Twisted Manbun With Taper Fade 

The twisted manbun with a taper fade is a fantastic choice when it comes to the best braid hairstyles for black men. 

This hairstyle works best for those who really like twisting their hair as opposed to three strand braids. 

The taper fade on this style is also really great because of how it ties the look together and enhances it. This why we love this style. 

Short Locs

Short locs are a fantastic look when it comes to braid hairstyles for black men. 

This hairstyle is great because it works for black men who want to keep their hair not too long so it is easier to manage. 

Short locs work best for black men who want to commit to the style for a while. If this is the case for you then we highly recommend the style.

Undercut Extension Twists

Another great hairstyle that is enhanced by an undercut for black is undercut extension twists. 

This style is great for black men who want to create the long hair effect even if their natural hair is short. 

The style is good because it can last you a while before it needs to be redone. And it is a very well put together style. 

We definitely recommend this style if extension styles interest you.

Tapered Cornrows

Tapered cornrows are a fantastic choice for black men. This style is really great for those who enjoy the classic cornrow style but want to enhance a bit more. 

Tapered cornrows involve adding a shave that fades out underneath the cornrows to create the tapered look.

This style is pretty effortless while also being very good looking. This is definitely one to choose if you want to minimize hassle. 

Natural Top Knot Braids

Many people are already familiar with top knot extension braids. But natural top knot braids are great when it comes to braided hairstyles for black men. 

This hairstyle is especially great for black men with medium to long natural hair. 

The top knot is cool because it gives the style another dimension to other styles where the braids lay flat. 

With an undercut or a fade, this style is even better as well.

Single Braids

Single braids are an effortlessly great style for black men. This style is kind of similar to natural box braids, but the parting is different and doesn’t need to have the box shape. 

Single braids are great because they take much less time to do than a lot of other braid styles. And they also look so simply put together. 

If simplicity is for you, we definitely recommend this style.

Undercut Cornrows

Another great cornrow style is the undercut cornrows. This braided style is good for those who want to add to the classic cornrow style is a different way. 

With this style, you don’t need to add the manbun or any other variation. It’s just a simple cornrow style where the hair is shaved underneath. 

This style is one of the most solid choices you can go with when it comes to braided hairstyles for black men.

Undercut Extension Box Braids

Undercut extension box braids are another amazing hairstyle choice. These are great for those who want undercut extensions but may not like the twists mentioned earlier. 

This style is good for black men who enjoy the long hair look even if their natural hair is short. 

And with the undercut, you can kind of the best of both worlds in terms of keeping your hair neatly cut while also having some of it be long.

Four Cornrows

Four cornrows are a great style that divests from the classic style for those who want a bit more variation. 

Because the style only involves four cornrows, it has more of a flat look than other cornrow styles and you can see more of the hair feeding into the few rows. 

This makes the hairstyle look more unique in a way we really love.

Cross Manbun

The cross manbun is one of the more complex braided hairstyles for black men. This hairstyle is usually done with cornrows. 

What we love about this style is how unique it is and how the crossed parts of the style really stand out. 

You can also make this style even better by adding an undercut or a fade to it. 

If you’re looking to try something unique, this style is for you. 

Two Cornrows

The two cornrows are another great and simple style for black men. 

This style of cornrows is fantastic because it takes probably the shortest amount of time to achieve when it comes to any braid styles. 

And at the same time, the style can last you some time if done really well.

This hairstyle is effortless and well put together. We definitely recommend it.

Medium Locs

Medium locs are a great classic braided style for black men. 

This hairstyle looks simple, which is great for those who aren’t looking for anything too bold. 

But at the same time, the style will last you a long time. Which makes it great for those who are looking to commit to a style for a while. 

You definitely can’t go wrong with medium locs.

Three Braided Cornrows

Three braided cornrows are great for creating variety when it comes to natural braid styles. 

This hairstyle creates a look that almost resembles a crown without being closed off at the ends of the braids. And we really love this look for black men. 

The braids take very little time to do, which is great. And you can also improve this style with a fade. 

Side Braided Cornrows

Side braided cornrows are probably the most different looking variant of cornrows that you can go with. 

This hairstyle involves braid the hair from the middle of the head going down the sides and opposed to going from the forehead to the nape. 

The side braided cornrow style is getting more and more popular. And we think it’s worth giving a try.

Long Cornrows

Long cornrows are our favorite style for black men with very long hair that they’re not willing to part with. 

This braided style is great because since it allows you to keep your hair protected in a very great looking and simple style. 

Long cornrows can last a while when done really well. And the length makes them stand out in a way we really love.

French Braid 

The french braid is a great and simple braided style for black men. 

Similar to the four cornrow look, this style is a little more flat and it really hightlights the hair feeding into the braids as opposed to the braids themselves. 

If this is a look you want to achieve then we definitely recommend getting the French braid style.

Crown Braids

Crown braids are one of our favorites when it comes to braided hairstyles for black men. 

This hairstyle is a little bit intricate. But the look is definitely worth the effort and time to get it done. 

Crown braids have that name because they do look a little bit like a crown. If this is a look you want to have, there is no reason not to get this great style.

Undercut Short Box Braids

For fans of the box braid style with short hair, this is the perfect choice. Short box braids with and undercut are a very nice and effortless style. 

This style can be achieved with extensions but also looks great with natural hair. 

The undercut is what really brings the style together. Or you can do it with more of a fade if a harsh undercut isn’t for you.

Braided Mohawk

The braided mohawk is great for black men who like the mohawk look but also want to keep their hair protected. 

This style usually involves adding no more than two braids in the middle and then shaving the rest of your hair. 

Because it has so few braids, this style doesn’t take too long to do. The look is great looking and effortless, which is why we love it.

Long Twists

Long twists are fantastic for black men with long hair that they would love to keep long but protected.

This style is also great if box braids or three strand braids don’t appeal to you but twists do.

The style is effortless, neat and good looking. And it has a similar look to extension looks but it takes less time to do.

We highly recommend this braided hairstyle for black men.

Spiral Braids

Spiral braids are another complex style of braids that is worth the effort. 

This hairstyle involves braiding the hair in a way that creates one or more spiral shapes. 

The hairstyle is a little less complex than the star braid style. So you are more likely to find a stylist who can do it than with the star braids.

We definitely recommend this for black men who want something different. 

Big Braid Conrows

Big braid cornrows are a style that is great for those who really want their natural braids to pop.

With this style, the cornrows are very enlarged. This is done by using more hair for each braid or sometimes by adding extensions.

If cornrows are you thing, this style will definitely make your hair stick out. And this is why we recommend it. 

Long Locs

Long locs are a great and simple braided hairstyle for black men who want something for the long run.

This style is great if you already have long hair and don’t want to cut it. Getting it braided this way is protective and it also looks great.

This hairstyle can be enhanced by adding accessories and also styling your locs by curling them and more. It’s definitely worth going for if you have long hair. 

Spider Braids

Spider braids are another fantastic style that hair the side braid feel. When it comes to braided hairstyles for black men, this one is certainly unique.

This hairstyle starts at the center of the head and then braids are made around the sides, back and front of the head going down.

With a good stylist, this hairstyle looks fantastic. And it is definitely worth trying out.

Loc Fauxhawk Braids

Loc fauxhawk braids are a style that takes into account several other styles to create a very unique look.

With this style, you need to have medium to long locs already. And then these are braided in the middle in a Mohawk fashion.

You can also take this style further by shaving the sides to really enhance the Mohawk look. 

We absolutely adore this  style for black men. 

Two Braided Manbun

The two braided man bun is style that is simple bur very good looking.

This style is most popularly done with two cornrows. But you can also do it with two braids of other kinds.

The style is easy to do and you can also improve upon this one by adding an undercut to it. 

Snake Braids

Snake braids are another one of the braided hairstyles for black men that deal with shapes.

This style is striking and unique. And it takes a good stylist to achieve it. 

We highly recommend this style as an alternative to star of spiral braids if neither of those appealed to you. 

Zig Zag Braids

Zig zag braids are also another style to go with if you want some kind of pattern with your braids.

These are great because they are much more subtle than other patterned styles we mentioned. So the effect isn’t so intense.

Zig zag braids are also easier to find a good stylish for. And this is why we love them. 

Best Braid Hairstyles For Black Men, Final Thoughts

37 Best Braid Hairstyles For Black Men, Conclusion

There are many choices when it comes to the best braid hairstyles for black men. Whether you like your hair short or long, or whether you have a preference in braid types. 

And after following this list, you should be much more familiar with them. 

Hopefully this article has given you plenty of ideas for your next braid style. 

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