How Long Does A Quick Weave Last? Make It Last Longer

How Long Does A Quick Weave Last?

The quick weave is a great protective hairstyle that is becoming increasingly popular. But there is still a lot that people don’t understand about how it works.

A lot of people have questions about how long the weave lasts and how to make it last longer.

In this article we will address these questions.

How Do Quick Weaves Work?

How Do Quick Weaves Work?

Quick weaves are inserted by gluing hair to a wig cap worn on your head.

Before applying a quick weave, you must make sure your natural hair is braided into cornrows. This will allow the quick weave to sit comfortably and evenly on your head.

Similar to the sew in weave, the quick weave must go on top of a wig cap. And having your hair in cornrows will make it easier to fit it under the wig cap.

The only difference is instead of sewing the wefts of hair onto the cap, glue or a hard gel is used to secure the quick weave.

Quick weaves work great as a protective style because they completely cover up your hair from external influences. And they are also very affordable.

Quick weaves are also very easy to apply. You can definitely go to the salon and have a stylist do it for you.

But if you don’t want this hassle, you can very easily apply a quick weave on your own in the comfort of your home

How Long Does It Typically Last?

How Long Does It Typically Last?

How long a quick weave lasts you can really depend on how well you maintain it.

A quick weave needs certain conditions and certain caretaking measures to ensure that it doesn’t get old too quickly.

Typically, you should expect a quick weave to last you an average of 4 to 5 weeks.

A few factors play into why a quick weave will last a shorter time than a sew-in weave. For instance, the bonding glue in a quick weave wears out faster than stitches.

This is something you cannot avoid. However, what you can do is take certain actions to combat other factors.

Tips To Make A Quick Weave Last Longer

Tips To Make A Quick Weave Last Longer

Making a quick weave last is actually very simple if you know the main things that need taking care of.

Your haircare routine when you have your weave in is a big part of what can impact how long your weave lasts.

Improving your haircare routine can give your quick weave a couple more weeks of life than it would have otherwise.

Another aspect to making your quick weave last longer is how you choose your weave before you even insert it.

Furthermore, the kinds of products you use in your weave play a huge factor in whether or not it will last long.

And lastly, the kind of damage you expose it to can also have an effect on whether or not it lasts long.

Knowing all this, you can get a better idea of the things to do and to avoid doing if you want a long-lasting quick weave.

The following are some specific tips.

Buy Good Quality Weaves

A lot of people make the mistake of not investing a good quality weave to begin with.

The best quality weaves out there are those that are 100% virgin hair.

There are many hair brands that sell this kind of weave at a range of prices.

Doing a bit of research on these different brands to find the best one for you is definitely something worth investing your time and energy into before you buy any quick weave.

Wash And Condition

This step is one that many people often think they don’t have to take. But it is actually quite important.

While it isn’t advisable to excessively wash your weave, washing and conditioning every couple of weeks is great for making sure it lasts long.

This is because over time, your weave may accumulate some unwanted substances as you wear it out.

If you do not wash it out, this can cause your weave to get old quickly.

Using regular shampoo to wash your weave as you typically would wash your natural hair is recommended.

After washing, conditioning your weave is also a must.

Conditioner gives the weave hair a softness and voluminousness that will keep it looking brand new after a wash.

Cover Your Weave Overnight

Covering your hair when you sleep is a big part of making a quick weave last longer.

With other hairstyles like wigs, which you can remove you don’t have to worry too much about how your sleeping arrangement will affect it.

But when you have a weave in you’ve got to make sure you protect it even when you are asleep and you do so using the right accessories.

A good accessory to invest in is a silk bonnet. Bonnets are great because they create a barrier between your bed or your pillow and your hair.

This barrier is necessary because it reduces friction. If your weave is exposed to too much friction, the hair can start to wear thin and break.

This is especially easy if you toss and turn a lot when you sleep. Which is why ensuring you have that barrier is an essential.

Silk material is especially good because of how smooth and friction-resistant it is.

Avoid Heat

Excessive heat is a big culprit when it comes to hair damage. Whether it is in weaves, wigs, braids or natural hair.

Excessive heat can come from a number of sources. One big source of heat is UV rays from the sun.

Sunlight is generally good for you. But in excess, sunrays can damage your weave.

Firstly, too much heat from the sun can dehydrate your weave and suck any moisture you may have introduced to it out.

This isn’t good because it just makes the hair more susceptible to dryness, brittleness, falling out and generally looking worn out.

Another big source of heat that isn’t good for your hair is the heat that comes from styling tools.

Blow dryers can be potentially damaging if you use them with high levels of heat. Ït is recommended that when you blow dry your weave after a wash, you do so using cold air.

Hot curling irons and straighteners are also a big source of heat that can be damaging.

When you use these tools, then thin out the strands by pressing excessively on them and dehydrating them.

This can make it so much easier for the strands to break when you try to comb or style them further.

If you have a quick weave in, it is not advisable to try and over-straighten it with these methods.Because ultimately, it will last you a much shorter time than it is intended to.

Use Anti-Itch Products

Using too many products while you have a quick wesve in is generally not advisable. This is because excesss products accumulate and can make your weave get old quickly.

However, one type of product that you should try to use when you have a quick weave is anti-itch product.

This is because your weave is likely to get itchy. It happens frequently.

Weaves itch for a number of reasons. A main one is that when you have a weave in, the skin on and around your scalp may contract.

And the scalp is covered up with little to no moisture and air. This can make the scalp feel dry and irritated, which brings about the itchy feeling.

The itchiness itself is harmless. But when you try to scratch your scalp through the weave you can end up breaking off or damaging weave strands over time.

This is why anti-itch products are valuable. There are a number of products you can apply that have anti-itch properties.

You can also find specific anti-itch tools like combs and brushing. These are made to get to the bottom of your itching scalp while doing minimum damage to your quick weave.

How Long Does A Quick Weave Last? Make It Last Longer, Conclusion

How Long Does A Quick Weave Last? Make It Last Longer, Conclusion

Quick weaves are a great alternative to sew-in weaves. They are affordable, easy to install and they are very stylish.

Quick weaves a hassle-free and easy to manage once you know how they work and what kind of care they need.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you understand how to approach this unique hairstyle. And you will be able to confidently rock a quick weave that will last you long.

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