15 Best Hair Growth Vitamins For Black Women 2024

Best Hair Growth Vitamins For Black Women

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So you’ve heard there are vitamins that can help you grow your hair.

But as a Black woman, the vitamins which may work for other races may not necessarily work for you.

Which is why we’ve compared some of the best hair growth vitamins for Black hair specifically.

Whether you’ve natural afro hair, relaxed or other, these vitamins aim to encourage hair growth, and some were even made by our fellow sisters!

Best Choice: Moon Juice SuperHair Daily Hair Nutrition

Best vitamin for black women - The Moon Juice SuperHair Daily Hair Vitamin.

The Moon Juice SuperHair Daily Hair Nutrition vitamin promises healthier, thicker, and stronger hair.

It’s also said to have a ton of benefits that range from multivitamins to micronutrients.

You’ll find Vitamins A, C, D, E, and K in addition to five B-Vitamins.

The ingredients also include saw palmetto and pumpkin seed.

These two follicle protectors inhibit DHT, a hair-destructive hormone. 

In addition to all of these great ingredients, they also contain adaptogens such as organic ashwagandha and ginseng.

These ingredients help balance stress hormones, and as we should know, stress can lead to hair loss.

The Moon Juice vitamin boasts that if you commit daily, you should start to see results in four weeks.

Take that with a grain of salt.

Most vitamins take months before you can tell a difference.

Nutrafol Hair Wellness From Within

Nutrafol Hair Wellness From Within

The Nutrafol Women Hair Wellness from WIthin Nutraceutical Supplement seems to be a lot more clinical than a lot of other hair vitamins on the market.

Their product is said to be packed with tons of great ingredients including Vitamins A, C, and D, as well as biotin, iodine, and zinc.

Beware of brands that tell you that you’ll see tons of change within a month.

Luckily, Nutrafol isn’t one of them.

While they do say that you can expect less shedding and breakage within one to three months, you won’t notice an improvement in fullness and volume until between three and six months. 

Lastly, their clinical trials show that 86% of women saw improved hair growth while 84% saw thicker, stronger, and softer hair.

Be mindful if choosing this product.

A serving size is four pills.

Briogeo Vegan Omega 3, 6, 9 + Biotin Supplements For Healthy Hair

Black owned vitamin brand - Briogeo Vegan Omega 3, 6, 9 + Biotin Supplements For Healthy Hair

The Briogeo Vegan Omega 3, 6, 9 + Biotin Supplements for Healthy Hair is a favorite on this list.


Well one, the brand was founded by a Black woman.

Yes, a hair growth vitamin for Black women by a Black girl; woo hoo!

Two, the product is both vegan and cruelty-free.

Why else did this product make it onto this list?

It has a host of great ingredients that help with hair growth.

Not only does it contain Omega fatty acids, but the ingredients also include biotin, Vitamins B, C, and E, and zinc.

This Briogeo vitamin has a serving size of two capsules, so if you’re not fond of swallowing pills, maybe steer clear of this one.

Keranique KeraViatin Hair and Scalp Health Supplements

Keranique KeraViatin Hair and Scalp Health Supplements

Keranique is another popular hair care brand.

The KeraViatin Hair and Scalp Health Supplements are another option, but these, similar to the Briogeo vitamin, require two softgels to be taken daily.

This supplement is described as a blend of “vitamins, minerals, micro-nutrients, and phyto-nutrients” designed to help support beauty from within.

Not only do the ingredients in this product help strengthen the hair, but they also support scalp health which is key to getting healthy, growing hair.

The Keranique supplements contain tons of B-Vitamins, but more specifically, biotin.

HUM Hair Sweet Hair Growth Vegan Gummies

HUM Hair Sweet Hair Growth Vegan Gummies

The HUM Hair Sweet Hair Growth Vegan Gummies sets itself apart from the other products on this list through its list of ingredients.

Their website states that a study found that 38% of women with hair loss had a biotin deficiency.

This is why you’ll find biotin high on their list of ingredients.

In addition to that, their ingredients also include Fo-Ti, a traditional Chinese herb and folic acid, a vitamin that is extremely important for women, especially during child-bearing years.

The list continues with other important minerals like zinc and an antioxidant called PABA.

The combination of ingredients in the HUM Hair Sweet Hair gummies will help users maintain healthy cellular function of their hair and increase its strength and pigment.

Black Owned Vitamin Brand – Mielle Organics Healthy Hair Adult Vitamins With Biotin

Black Owned Vitamin Brand - Mielle Organics Healthy Hair Adult Vitamins With Biotin

Another favorite, the Mielle Organics Healthy Hair Adult Vitamins With Biotin come from a Black-owned brand.

They do boast a lot of great claims.

One, this vitamin supports healthy hair growth without causing skin breakouts.

Their gummies are also said to encourage longer, stronger hair as well as healthier skin and nails.

Instead of shaping this product to seem as if its magical ingredients will lead to hair growth, the brand promotes that taking these vitamins will work in conjunction to keep your body healthy.

With a serving size of two gummies and 60 included in each bottle, you’ll be set for a month with these Mielle Organics vitamins.

Shedavi Hair Growth Vitamin

Shedavi Hair Growth Vitamin

If you’re into all-natural products, consider trying the Shedavi Hair Growth Vitamin.

Another Black-owned brand, this product is 100% vegan, ethically sourced, and cruelty free.

It also contains organic ingredients and is paraben free, sulfate free, and toxin free.

The Shedavi vitamin also claims to have eight distinct benefits.

Some of these include promoting full, thick, long, and strong hair, promoting hair elasticity, supporting dandruff prevention, and supporting shedding reduction.

Swisse Hair Skin Nails Liquid Supplement

Swisse Hair Skin Nails Liquid Supplement

The Swisse Hair Skin Nails Liquid Supplement is probably the most unique one on this list.


While all the other products on this list are pills, this particular product is a liquid.

Yes, it might feel like you’re taking two teaspoons of medicine, but if you have difficulty swallowing pills, this could be a great alternative.

The purpose of this product is to keep your hair growing, glossy, and healthy.

This liquid supplement contains blood orange, Vitamin C, and silica.

One thing to be mindful of is that after opening, the Swisse Hair supplement should be refrigerated.

Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin, And Nails Gummies

Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin, And Nails Gummies

When it comes to hair growth vitamins, Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin, and Nails Gummies might be one of the most popular. 

As you can tell by the name, your hair isn’t the only thing that would benefit from using this product.

It contains Vitamins C and E which are known antioxidants that work to make the skin healthier.

They also contain biotin, an ingredient I’ve mentioned previously that is tied to healthy, growing hair.

Also, something to be aware of is that because these are sweetened gummies, many Nature’s Bounty vitamins contain ingredients like sugar and corn syrup.

Country Life Maxi-Hair

Country Life Maxi-Hair

If you’re looking for a “maxi blend of botanicals and amino acids,” try the Country Life Maxi-Hair supplement.

Biotin is one of the main ingredients in this product, and as you’ll notice, tons of other hair growth supplements include biotin as it’s linked to hair growth.

Country Life’s supplement is packed with Vitamins A, C, and E, as well as tons of B vitamins including thiamin, riboflavin, niacin.

Lastly, it also includes folate, which if you remember is a necessary vitamin for women, especially during child-bearing years.

Phytophanere 100% Natural Hair Loss Thinning Dietary Supplement

Phytophanere 100% Natural Hair Loss Thinning Dietary Supplement For Black Women

The Phytophanere 100% Natural Hair Loss Supplement is another product you might consider trying to combat hair loss.

Coming in a two month supply, it boasts fuller, thicker, and shinier hair.

Not to mention, this product is also said to help get stronger, longer nails.

At the core of its ingredients, this product contains biotin as well as other essential B vitamins.

It is also said to boost keratin production which is another protein known to help with hair health.

Based out of France, Phytophanere is one product that might lead you to healthy, growing hair.

Elon R3 Extra Strength For Hair Growth

Elon R3 Extra Strength For Hair Growth

For the Elon R3 Extra Strength For Hair Growth vitamins, there are three things you can expect out of it.

One, the product is said to help restore the hair.

Two, it has three-in-one benefits.

Like some of the other products on this list, it will help your hair as well as your skin and nails.

Third, it has premium ingredients that include biotin and fish collagen peptides.

And finally, because these are extended release tablets, you can expect maximum absorption from this Elon vitamin. 

SugarBearHair Multi Hair Vitamins

SugarBearHair Multi Hair Vitamins

If you have an Instagram account, chances are you’ve seen the SugarBearHair Hair Vitamin before.

This product definitely has all the ingredients you should be looking for. 

It contains Omega-3 fatty acids as well as Vitamins B, C, D, and E.

In addition to all these, it also contains folate, also known as vitamin B9.

Lastly, if you’re someone with dietary restrictions, the SugarBearHair vitamins are 100% vegan, certified Halal, and certified Kosher.

Viviscal Extra Strength Dietary Supplement

Viviscal Extra Strength Dietary Supplement

I love when products say “clinically proven,” because then I can believe that some testing went behind their claims.

One such product is the Viviscal Extra Strength Dietary Supplement.

This product can be described as nourishing thin hair and promoting existing hair growth from within.

The brand boasts that their product is 100% drug free while containing some ingredients of natural origins.

Their list includes biotin, zinc, Vitamin C, and iron.

Said to be suitable for all hair types, the Viviscal dietary supplement says it’s “scientifically proven to improve hair thickness and reduce shedding within 3-6 months.

Olly Undeniable Beauty Gummy

Olly Undeniable Beauty Gummy

Another vitamin supplement that works for hair, skin, and nails, you might consider trying the Olly Undeniable Beauty Gummy

If you don’t like grapefruit flavors, stay away from this product, but the benefits might outweigh the taste.

It contains biotin and keratin, the latter being a key protein in nourishing the hair.

It also contains vitamin C which is a key nutrient in collagen production.

And as we all know, collagen is what’s going to keep your skin looking smooth and firm.

Similarly to some other products on this list, be mindful that these Olly gummy vitamins do have calories, although very low at 15.

What Are The Best Vitamins For Black Hair?

What Are The Best Vitamins For Black Hair?

Are you noticing hair loss?

Have you seen a decline in how fast your hair is growing?

The first solution you might turn to is adding a vitamin or supplement to your health routine.

There are quite a few vitamins on the market that can help with hair growth, but the reason these particular vitamins work is because many of them share the same ingredients.

There’s a total of 8 hair growth vitamins you can look into that are said to be good for hair growth.

The first on the list are B-Vitamins.

You’d find that foods such as whole grains, dark leafy greens, seafood, and meat are great sources of these particular vitamins.

Also on the list, you’d find Vitamin D.

While vitamin D has only recently been linked to hair growth, it has long been known as a vitamin that helps with overall immunity.

This vitamin is especially important for Black people who are easily vitamin D deficient especially when living in colder climates.

The next on the list isn’t an actual vitamin.

Omega-3 fatty acids are also a great option to promote hair growth.

Common foods one might find these in are fish like salmon, tuna, mackerel, and sardines.

They can also be found in chia seeds, flaxseed meal, and walnuts.

Other important elements included in hair growth products are zinc and iron.

And last, but not least, this list is rounded out with more vitamins.

While the B-vitamins are often talked about in reference to B3 and B6, B12 is another great vitamin for hair growth.

It is common to see those who practice vegan or vegetarian lifestyles lack this vitamin because you’ll often find this in meats.

Another vitamin, probably the most coveted on this list, is biotin.

Also known as vitamin B7, you’ll find that this is a favored element of most hair, skin, and nails products.

And lastly, we have vitamin E.

While many use this topically, vitamin E is found in foods like avocado, sunflower seeds, almonds, and spinach.

How Do Vitamins Help With Hair Growth?

How Do Vitamins Help With Afro Hair Growth?

Now that we know what these vitamins do, how do they actually help with hair growth?

While most of them have different functions, you’ll find that the end results are often the same.

B-Vitamins help with hair growth by renewing the cells that are necessary for hair growth.

Omega-3 fatty acids don’t actually help with physically growing your hair.

Instead, because they’re packed with protein, they help make your hair strands stronger.

Because of this, these fatty acids could lead to less breakage and hair loss.

Zinc also works against what might lead to hair loss.

Yeast can grow on the scalp and directly lead to dandruff, inflammation, and hair loss.

Zinc is what’s going to combat this yeast growth.

While all of these have been linked to hair growth, it’s also important to note that unless you’re vitamin deficient, you won’t notice that much of a difference after incorporating vitamins into your diet.

What you’ll find is that many people tend to be deficient in a few vitamins.

This is often due to an unbalanced diet.

If you’re deficient in these particular vitamins, adding these vitamins to boost your system can lead to the hair growth you’re looking for. 

There’s no way of knowing what vitamins you’re deficient in without taking a blood test, so be sure to schedule an appointment with your doctor to go over it.

How Long Does It Take For Hair Growth Vitamins To Work?

How Long Does It Take For Hair Growth Vitamins To Work?

If you think you’re about to take one of these vitamins and see a difference in a week, you won’t.

To be honest, you won’t really notice a difference in a month or two.

Vitamins work from the inside out.

They work through the body and then you’ll see changes in your hair.

You also have to account for how quickly hair grows.

On average, people will experience hair growth around ¼ to ¾ of an inch each month.

This means that if you’re the former, you’d be waiting four months to see an inch of growth.

To see how big of a difference hair growth vitamins make, take monthly pictures to archive your growth.

Tips to Protect From Hair Loss & Thinning

Tips to Protect From Hair Loss & Thinning

If you’re experiencing hair loss and thinning, there are a few things you can do in addition to taking vitamins that might show a difference.

Vitamins are great, but you need to actively take care of your hair.

One, you should be washing and conditioning your hair.

Make sure you use a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo and a moisturizing conditioner to keep your hair soft, supple, and healthy.

This can also include doing regular protein treatments to strengthen your hair.

The second thing you need to do is stop applying heat.

If you often blow dry your hair, let it dry naturally.

If you use straighteners or curling irons, stop that as well.

Any extraneous things that you’re doing to your hair that could lead to damage should be brushed to the side.

Do them only if you have to.

And if you have to apply heat to your hair, here are a few great heat protectants to try.

A third thing to consider doing is keeping your hair in protective styles.

If you’re manipulating your hair everyday, this could also progress your hair loss.

Instead, adopt a few protective styles that you rotate through every week or two.

And last, but not least, work on your diet.

Everyone looks at “diet” as if it’s a bad word, but it is literally your eating habits.

If you have a diet that is balanced, this will also help protect from hair loss and keep your hair growing.

Brands That Make Hair Growth Vitamins For Black Women

Here are some of the top brands who make the above vitamins:

Best Hair Growth Vitamins For African American Hair – Conclusion

Best Hair Growth Vitamins For African American Hair

Everyone wants healthy hair, and a great sign of that is growth.

There are a lot of things that can keep your hair from growing.

Skipping a good shampoo and condition routine is one.

While this is important, taking care of your body internally is the best way to keep your hair growing.

If you’re looking for a solution to thinning hair, any of the vitamins on this list could show you the results you’re looking for. 

For more tips, be sure to check out our articles on black hair growth and other hair growth products for black women.

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