5 Popular Los Angeles Neighborhoods For Young Black Professionals, Singles & Black Families – California

Best Los Angeles Neighborhoods for Young Black Professionals

On September 4, 1781, 44 settlers known as “Los Pobladores” founded the City of Angels, popularly called Los Angeles. The fact that 26 of the settlers were of African heritage is frequently left out of this information.

Many notable black Californians shaped not only Los Angeles but the entire state of California. LA remains one of the top cities in the United States where African Americans thrive, and historically black neighborhoods are preserved to this day.

So let’s look at the best Los Angeles suburbs for black families, singles and young professionals to live.

3 Best Los Angeles Suburbs for Black Families

Los Angeles is famous for being the home of stars, but it’s also home to many families and retirees. Here are three of the best Los Angeles neighborhoods for black families:



Glendale has an overall Niche grade of A-, with their public schools receiving an A and a B+ for family living. Glendale is a fantastic suburb in the Los Angeles metro area.

Glendale, located between Downtown Los Angeles and Burbank on the eastern edge of the San Fernando Valley, offers so many advantages that inhabitants don’t have to travel far to find good schools, entertainment and hangout spots, or good jobs.

The Glendale Unified School District is well-known for its wide restaurants, excellent educational system, and burgeoning arts scene. Glendale is also a great place for young professionals to live, thanks to the city’s growing job market and more than a thousand high-tech companies.

So, whether you’re moving to Los Angeles for business or to retire, have a look at Glendale! There are many things to do in Glendale, including going to the Museum of Neon Art to see science and art combine in beautiful exhibits. You can visit the iconic Walk of Fame at Forest Lawn Memorial.

You can also go jogging or for a hike at Deukmejian Wilderness Park’s beautiful trails, or give the stone barn on its grounds a look. You can also visit the Los Angeles Zoo to learn about and see many different animals from around the world.



Burbank has an overall A- Niche grade, with their public schools receiving an A and an A- for family living. Burbank is the place to be if you’re looking for an arts and culture scene in the Los Angeles area.

This LA suburb, located just north of Los Angeles, is home to Nickelodeon, Warner Bros., the Walt Disney Company, Cartoon Network, and other significant media organizations, earning it the moniker “Media Capital of the World.”

Burbank is one of the best Los Angeles suburbs for living, working, and raising a family, in addition to being at the heart of Orange County’s entertainment sector.

Residents seeking plenty of green space will appreciate the city’s 2,000+ acres of public parks, and parents with children can rest assured that their children will receive a high-quality education from the Burbank Unified School District, where students consistently outperform state averages in reading, language proficiency, and math.

Since Burbank is the Capital of the Film World, you can go behind the scenes at Universal Studios Hollywood. You can also have a picnic, soak up the sun, or play tennis at Brace Canyon Park.

Go to Café De Olla for their special Peanut Butter Stuffed French Toast and freshly brewed coffee. Enjoy your night with friends or a significant other at Commonwealth Restaurant with dishes like Grilled Octopus. You can also go to Lou, French On The Block for delicious french pastries and tea with friends.

Redondo Beach

Redondo Beach

Redondo Beach has an overall A+ Niche grade, with their public schools receiving an A+ and their family life receiving an A+. Homebuyers can choose from sleek modern condos to massive Mediterranean-style estates.

Redondo Beach, like a lot of coastal cities, is recognized for its abundance of outdoor activities. However, the city’s public beaches, 15 parks, and several recreational harbors are only a tiny part of what makes it one of Los Angeles’ best suburbs!

Families can send their children to the award-winning Redondo Beach Unified Public School District, which focuses on the emotional, social, and intellectual well-being of its pupils.

The area is also conveniently linked to the Pacific Coast Highway, I-104, and CA-107, making it an ideal location for young professionals planning to commute into Los Angeles. Also, Redondo Beach’s entertainment and vibrant arts scene means there’s always something to do close by!

You can go listen to live music or whale-watching at the Redondo Beach Pier or go swimming at Seaside Lagoon. You can also get concert tickets or watch ballet performances at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center.

You can go to Fatto a Mano, The Pasta Shop for Italian dishes you can share with family and friends. You could go for a ride on the Looking Glass, which is a viewing boat that allows passengers to look at underwater life while remaining dry.

2 Best Los Angeles Neighborhoods for Young Black Professionals & Singles

Here are some of the top Los Angeles suburbs for young black professionals & singles:

Silver Lake

Silver Lake

Silver Lake has an overall A Niche grade, with a B+ for commuting, A+ for nightlife, and B- for jobs. Silver Lake has earned a reputation as a hipster hotspot, and its bright cafes, fancy cocktail bars, and artisanal coffee shops cater to that demographic.

Silver Lake, however, is one of the nicest areas to live in Los Angeles for anyone — not just people who aren’t interested in the arts! Residents can exercise or relax outside beside the neighborhood’s namesake lake, while various old Spanish-style homes and modern bungalows provide peace and tranquility.

Silver Lake’s location is highly convenient if you need to go to other sections of the city. Los Angeles City College is about ten minutes away, while Hollywood and Downtown LA are about 15 minutes away!

Echo Park

Echo Park

Echo Park has a B+ Niche grade, a B+ for commuting, A+ for nightlife, and C for jobs. Echo Park, located just north of Downtown LA and Chinatown, is a burgeoning neighborhood with just about everything a young professional might want.

Spacious parks, a picturesque lake, and easy access to US-110 and US-101, as well as fashionable bars, coffee shops, and eateries along Sunset Blvd, give Echo Park a hip vibe and provide inhabitants with plenty of exciting things to do.

In this neighborhood, home purchasers will discover both classic bungalows and more modern buildings, while renters will find a diverse range of condos and apartments.

Furthermore, Echo Park is only a 15-minute drive from downtown, making it convenient to travel to work, partake in the famed LA nightlife, or catch a LA Lakers game!

Is Los Angeles Safe?

Is Los Angeles Safe

Los Angeles — popularly called LA, or the City of Angels — is California’s biggest and most famous city. It is home to the famed Hollywood, and many internationally renowned celebrities have their homes there.

Of course, like any other city, Los Angeles has its safe parts and dangerous places. Los Angeles has many earthquakes, about 10,000 each year. Most of these earthquakes are relatively minuscule, though, so you might not even notice many of them.

LA is also famous for its yearly forest fires. They can be wild and potentially dangerous, so you’ll need to take precautions. Compton and South Central have shootings, violence, and gang wars, while Skid Row has one of the highest homeless community populations. Of course, not all homeless people are dangerous.

Because Los Angeles is such a large city, there are many neighborhoods to live in, and not all of them are on the same safety level. LA has its own share of suburbs, college living areas, and hipster chic neighborhoods. It’s a city with a range as wide as its landmass.

As we said earlier, every city has its advantages and disadvantages, which means you shouldn’t rule the City of Angels out because of these factors. Los Angeles is still relatively safe, and you can visit beaches, engage in the city’s art scene and its bustling nightlife.

Overall, Los Angeles is one of the safest cities to live in in the United States. Considering its size, that’s a plus. It is primarily safe because of its entertainment scene, economy, and its predominantly sunny weather.

If you want to live in LA, you will still have to keep your wits about you. Like other cities, LA has car thieves, pickpockets, and even bike thieves. If you choose to live there, there will be a higher probability of you experiencing a crime, as opposed to being a tourist, but you run that risk in any city.

To stay safe, you might want to avoid places like Crenshaw, a few parts of Hollywood, Compton, and Fairfax. You might prefer to live in areas like Flintridge, Pacific Palisades, or Brentwood that have a lower crime rate. You might also want to check out Agoura Hills and Calabasas, which are two popular celeb haunts.

The bottom line is, Los Angeles is safe to live in, but it has its less safe neighborhoods, like every other place in the United States and in general.

What Is Los Angeles’s Demographic?

What Is Los Angeles’s Demographic

As California’s biggest city and one of the biggest cities in the United States, Los Angeles is home to many people of different ethnicities, nationalities, backgrounds, and religions.

As of the 2010 United States Census, Los Angeles County had a population of about 10 million people. The demographics according to race are:

  • 5 million (50.3%) White
  • 1.4 million (13.7%) Asian (2.2% Korean, 4.0% Chinese, 1.0% Japanese, 3.3% Filipino, 0.9% Vietnamese, 0.8% Indian, 0.3% Thai, 0.3% Cambodian, 0.1% Pakistani)
  • 900,000 (8.7%) African-American
  • 80,000 (0.7%) Native-American
  • 26,500 (03%) Pacific Islander (0.15% Samoan, 0.05% Hawaiian, 0.03% Tongan)
  • 2.5 million (21.8%) from other races
  • 440,000 (4.5%) from two or more races

By 2018, there were approximately 2.8 million (27.8%) Non-Hispanic Whites. Latino or Hispanic residents were approximately 4.7 million (47.7%), 3.7% were Salvadoran, 2.2% were Guatemalan, and 35.8% were of Mexican descent.

Top Los Angeles Neighborhoods for Black Families, Conclusion

The City of Angels can be quite intimidating because of its size and the fact that it is home to Hollywood, home of the stars. There are several great places for anyone to live in the area, though, so don’t be afraid to check out these neighborhoods and make one of them your new home.

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