5 Top Las Vegas Neighborhoods For Black Families, Singles, & Young Professionals – Nevada

Best Las Vegas Neighborhoods For Black Families

When you think about Las Vegas, you most likely picture casinos, gambling, and nightlife.

However, there’s so much more Las Vegas has to offer.

When you explore Las Vegas, you’ll find that there are plenty of suburbs that are perfect for Black families, singles, and young professionals looking to settle down.

3 Best Las Vegas Suburbs For Black Families

Here is a guide to some of the best Las Vegas neighborhoods for Black families in the suburbs.

Spring Valley

Spring Valley

If you’re looking to raise a family in a large, safe suburban environment, Spring Valley may be the best choice for you.

Rated by Niche as the best suburb to live in the Las Vegas area, Spring Valley offers a small-city feel with benefits for both parents and children.

While the suburb isn’t far from the Las Vegas strip, it tends to remain quiet and calm, and there’s never a shortage of activities for families. There is a huge range of restaurants, coffee shops, parks, and shops for African American families to enjoy together.

Spring Valley also boasts a large number of excellent public and private school options for kids in the area.

At just under $386,000, the average home value in Spring Valley is one of the more affordable options for family-friendly neighborhoods outside of Las Vegas, with a range of budget-friendly rental options as well.

Neighborhoods in Spring Valley also tend to offer excellent diversity, particularly with age, education level, and economic diversity.

While safety may be a concern with raising a family near a major city, Spring Valley has a lower crime rate than other Las Vegas suburbs and offers a peaceful and family-friendly place to live.



Henderson is another great choice for anyone looking to raise a family in a large, friendly suburb.

Henderson is one of the safest places in Nevada to raise a family. In fact, it’s continually ranked as one of the safest large cities in the United States based on the city’s high median income and low rates of violent crime.

The cost of living is slightly higher than both the Nevada and US average. However, Henderson offers significant job opportunities and above-average job market growth, so there are a lot of opportunities to find work.

Children in Henderson also have access to a range of fantastic public and private schools, including Advanced Technologies Academy, which is ranked as the #2 best public high school in Nevada.

Outside of work and educational opportunities, Henderson offers many recreational activities for kids and parents, including parks, walking trails, shopping, and museums to explore.



Year after year, Summerlin continues to rank as one of the top master-planned communities in the US, making it one of the best places in Nevada for families.

Educational opportunities are one of the biggest draws for families in Summerlin. With 26 highly ranked public and private schools, you’ll have excellent options when it comes to finding a school.

Summerlin is an extremely safe and friendly place to live, with responsive police and neighborhood watch groups helping to keep the area secure and family-friendly. And with a strong focus on community, neighbors tend to be welcoming and are always happy to help.

Downtown Summerlin is another major benefit of raising a family in this neighborhood. From parks to movie theaters to sports venues, as well as over 125 stores and restaurants, there’s always something to do in an easily accessible downtown area.

2 Best Las Vegas Neighborhoods For Young Black Professionals & Singles

With so much to do around Las Vegas, there are plenty of neighborhoods that any young, single professional will love.



Located just North of the Las Vegas strip, Downtown is Las Vegas’s Central Business District and historical hub.

If you’re a young, single professional, Downtown Las Vegas offers an exciting place to live with plenty of attractions and events to explore.

Downtown is home to Fremont Street, where you can frequently catch concerts, enjoy light shows and live music, and take advantage of some of the best nightlife and dining options Las Vegas has to offer.

While Downtown has always been a historical and cultural center of Las Vegas, this area is likely to continue to grow and develop in the coming years.

In 2012, the Downtown Project was founded to increase innovation and business incentives in Downtown Las Vegas. This includes a focus on residential developments, so you can live right in the middle of all the excitement.

If you want to live near the action in Las Vegas without a high cost, Downtown offers reasonable pricing for apartments. For a one-bedroom apartment in the area, you can expect to pay around $906/month.

Outside of having fun activities and events, safety is another huge factor in deciding where to live for young professionals and singles.

As expected in large, urban areas, Downtown Las Vegas does have a higher-than-average crime rate. However, many of these reported crimes include pickpocketing and non-violent crimes that are common in areas frequented by tourists.

With a large police presence, constant surveillance, and a decreasing crime rate, safety in this area is expected to continue to improve.

Green Valley South

If you’re looking for a quiet, more suburban neighborhood outside of the city, you may prefer Green Valley South.

Ranked as the #1 best neighborhood for young professionals in Henderson, this neighborhood offers young professionals and singles a relaxing and friendly place to settle down.

Despite the quiet, suburban feel, there’s plenty for residents of Green Valley South to enjoy. There are golf clubs, movie theaters, and an abundance of restaurants and bars just a short drive away.

A major benefit to living outside of the city is all the trees, natural landscape, and outdoor activities that Green Valley South has to offer. If you like to walk or hike, you’ll have extensive outdoor space to explore.

And with low crime rates for both violent and property crimes, you can relax and enjoy everything this neighborhood has to offer without stressing about safety.

While the average cost for a home in Green Valley South is just under $407,000, there are many options for more affordable townhomes and apartments. There is also a continued focus on renovation and improvements to improve the streets and buildings and continue to create economic opportunities.

Is Las Vegas Safe?

Is Las Vegas Safe

As with other large urban areas, Las Vegas has a high crime rate compared to the national average.

However, this doesn’t mean that Las Vegas and the surrounding cities can’t be a safe place for you to live and explore.

Common tourist attractions—Casinos, the Las Vegas Strip, and Fremont Street—tend to be well-lit and crowded, with a heavy police presence. If you pay attention to your surroundings and avoid emptier, unlit areas, you’re not likely to run into much violent crime.

Crime rates also drop in many of the suburbs outside of Las Vegas, so if you’re looking for a place to live outside of the city, you’ll have several options for neighborhoods where you can feel safe and secure as a black family.

What Is Las Vegas’s Demographic?

What Is Las Vegas’s Demographic

With a population of 641,903, Las Vegas is the largest, most populous city in Nevada.

Based on statistics on ethnic and economic diversity from the US census, Las Vegas is the 27th most diverse city in America.

61.9% of the population in Las Vegas is White, followed by 12.2% Black. Nevada as a whole is slightly less diverse, with a population that is 73.9% White and 10.3% Black / African American.

Some Las Vegas suburbs offer significantly more diversity to residents. Spring Valley, for example, is ranked as the second more culturally diverse city in the US.

Las Vegas is split evenly when it comes to gender, with 50.1% of the population made up of women and 49.9% men.

At 14%, the largest age demographic in Las Vegas is 25-34. For both families or young, single professionals, there is a huge community of people and neighbors to connect with.

Best Las Vegas Neighborhoods For Black Families

Whether you’re a young black professional looking to meet people and explore or a parent searching for great schools and activities for kids, Las Vegas suburbs have something to offer everyone.

Whatever you’re searching for in a home, the culture, history, and variety of choices make Las Vegas a perfect place to consider for your next move.

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