Is Black Radiance Black Owned? Find Out The Truth

Is Black Radiance Black Owned?

Black Radiance is a beauty company geared to serve black women and their beauty needs. The company strives to empower and encourage women in the black community to be fully themselves. Indulging in beauty products is one of the many joys that Black Radiance offers, especially crafting products that fit the specific needs of black women everywhere.

Is Black Radiance Black Owned?

Is Black Radiance Black Owned 2


No, Black Radiance is not black owned, and it seems that the company has never had black owners. Although Black Radiance never marketed itself as a black-owned company, many assumed it to be so based on the demographic to which they cater.

Despite the owners not being black, Black Radiance dedicates itself to serving the black community at a high level. Not only do they provide products specifically designed for black women, but they routinely work with the black community to raise awareness, build trust, and fight for inclusivity.

Owned by Markwins Beauty Brands, Black Radiance rests under the leadership of chairman Linda Chen. Chen took over the company’s leadership after the death of founder and CEO Eric Chen and continues to lead with attentiveness and dedication to each brand’s mission and vision.

Although the company is not currently black-owned, Black Radiance works very closely with the black community to build solid relationships and provide leadership and integrity to the customers who utilize their services and products.


In 2020, Black Radiance launched the #BlackBeautyMatters campaign. Fighting against stereotypes that black women do not need or wear makeup, the campaign culminated around the idea that black beauty matters because black people matter.

The campaign worked with black influencers from all across the United States. Interviewing individuals with different experiences, Black Radiance successfully compiled a collection of videos and information about what type of makeup black women look for and want.

The influencers played a considerable role in shedding light on why it’s difficult for the black community to find good makeup. They also helped explain why Black Radiance’s work is so important, not just in providing options but also in providing opportunities for diversity in the makeup industry.

The History of Black Radiance

The History of Black Radiance


Black Radiance emerged in the 1990s. Coming out of New York, the company focused on creating complexion products that precisely fit the needs of black women. The company produced other items, like lipstick and mascara, as well. But the primary focus was to create a foundation, blush, toner, and similar items that met the needs of black women everywhere.

Complexion products like Color Perfect Liquid Make-Up gave Black Radiance a following. Suddenly, they were contenders in the makeup industry. Despite a small start, Black Radiance would go on to make waves in the field.

The company focuses on powders and foundations that cater to darker skin tones, and they produce oil-free items that are good for sensitive skin. Although Black Radiance began as a small company with a small following, they eventually caught the attention of the larger beauty company, Markwins Beauty Brands.

Purchasing Black Radiance in 2003, Markwins took a small operation and grew its reach beyond the improbable. Now, Black Radiance is extending into places like Canada. Canada has asked the company to cross their border for years; something Black Radiance finally did in the fall of 2020.

Now owned and operated by Markwins, Black Radiance continues to dedicate itself to providing unique products for black women everywhere. Intending to be the most trusted beauty brand for black women, Black Radiance fights to meet customer needs and provide a quality product that is unmatched in the beauty market.

Black Radiance Products

Black Radiance Products


Black Radiance offers a variety of beauty products that cater to the needs of black women. With vibrant lip gloss options, beautiful eyeshadows, and high-quality mascara, the company provides women with the products they need to feel good about themselves and make a statement with their makeup.

Other beauty brands don’t compare to the varieties they have available. Black Radiance got its start by focusing on foundations and powders that fit the tonal needs of black women. The products are suitable for deep, rich complexions that need special care and treatment.

Since its founding, Black Radiance has focused exclusively on meeting women’s beauty and cosmetic needs in the black community. They design their products to blend naturally with the skin, making them oil-free.

What is Markwins?

Markwins Beauty Brands is the largest independent cosmetics company in the United States. Operating at a high level for over 30 years, the company is one of the innovators and pioneers in the beauty industry.

Markwins works at a global scale to offer high-quality health and beauty products. The company was founded in 1984 by Eric Chen, a Taiwanese businessman who came to the United States to take part in a global industry. He had the opportunity to do that with the creation of Markwins Beauty Brands, and his legacy lives on in the company’s dedication to excellence.

The company acquired Black Radiance in 2003 and other brands like AM Cosmetics and Wet n Wild. The current chairman of Markwins, Linda Chen, continues to build the legacy and vision that Eric Chen began back in 1984.

One of the primary goals of Markwins Beauty Brands is to pursue the best products possible with the highest value. They also strive for excellence in cosmetic production and business relationships. Prioritizing integrity, Markwins aligns well with the goals of Black Radiance.

The Black Radiance Mission

The Black Radiance Mission


Striving to be the most trusted resource for beauty products for black women, Black Radiance operates with a clear vision. The company works with and for women, fighting to offer products, resources, and expertise that can be found nowhere else. Since its founding, the company has looked for opportunities to represent and celebrate diversity.

Focusing on self-acceptance and supporting self-love in women in the black community, Black Radiance offers products and services made with the highest quality materials and through the best processes available in the industry.

Offering a wide variety of products, Black Radiance creates luxurious options available at an affordable price. Providing products that are catered to black women and not expensive is all part of the overall mission to be a leading brand in the black community.

Serving the black community has long been a critical part of the Black Radiance mission. Through social media campaigns like #BlackBeautyMatters and similar outreach movements, the company has successfully created a space where black community leaders and influencers can gather and find new ideas and inspiration.

Black Radiance continues to fight to serve the black community, specifically through empowering black women with beauty products. Offering items that are specific to the needs of black women allow Black Radiance to serve a growing circle of smart, strong, independent women who strive to be leaders in their respective spheres of influence.

Is Black Radiance Black Owned? Final Thoughts

Is Black Radiance Black Owned - Final Thoughts


Although Black Radiance is not black-owned, it is operated by individuals who strive to uphold the highest standards of the beauty industry. Designed for black women, explicitly seeking to meet their needs, Black Radiance works tirelessly with the black community to build lasting relationships that positively impact the beauty industry and the world.

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