Popular Bridgeport Neighborhoods For Black Singles, Young Professionals & Families – Connecticut

Best Bridgeport Neighborhoods For Black Singles

Dotted on the coastline sits the quaint, historical Bridgeport. The largest city in Connecticut, thousands of people call Bridgeport home.

It’s easy to see why. Whether you’re starting your family or you’re a young professional looking for a new homebase, Bridgeport’s neighborhoods offer something for everyone.

Keep reading to learn what makes Bridgeport the best!

Best Bridgeport Suburbs For Black Families

The top Bridgeport Suburbs for young black professionals and singles is not the same as those for families. When you’re choosing the next place to move your family, it can be overwhelming to find the right neighborhood. There are many great spots to choose from in Bridgeport: below are our top picks of best Bridgeport neighborhoods for black families.

Black Rock

Black Rock Bridgeport Connecticut

Located on the southwestern corner of Bridgeport, Black Rock is one of the best Bridgeport suburbs for black families. First off, there are many fun activities for the whole family. Not only are you a short walk away from the ocean, but you’re also close to St. Mary’s by the Sea and Ellsworth Field, two great parks that your kids and play around on.

Captain’s Cove is another excellent attraction. This marina has space for over 350 boats. As a result, it’s a great place to stroll by and look at all of the boats.

Fayerweather Island Lighthouse is another acclaimed attraction that is fun for the whole family. Because this is a seaside town, you get to enjoy all of the benefits of living on the ocean.

Interested in teaching your children how to sail? Black Rock has both yacht clubs and marinas to dock your boat. Eat local with Black Rock’s Farmers Market – teach your children where food comes from and how to eat fresh and organic. Plus, the Black Rock school is rated an A for diversity, so your children will feel safe and comfortable and should be reflected in their ability to learn.

East Side

East Side Bridgeport Connecticut

The East Side is another terrific neighborhood for your family, as the East Side has plenty of parks and outdoor spaces such as Washington Park, Knowlton Park, Barnum William Pocket Park, James Brown Park (Waterview Park), and Upchurch Park.

According to The City of East Side, the vast majority of housing in the neighborhood is multifamily (at 67%), so there’s plenty of affordable living situations available.

The East Side is also great for commuting and travel. Residents of the East Side go straight to Bridgeport Harbor and easy access to the Amtrak rail line for the Metro-North, making commuting in and out of East Side a breeze.

Plus, the demographic is very multicultural, so your family will feel right at home. Although Black residents are only at 17%, Hispanics make up most of the population at 50%, and White people come in at 26%.

North End

North End Bridgeport Connecticut

North End Bridgeport is a wonderful place to start your family. Most of the neighborhood consists of single-family residences, which means you’ll be in good company with other nearby families.

Additionally, the North End has an expansive amount of parks, nature, and open space. Three large parks stick out in particular. Veterans Memorial Park, Puglio Park, and Elton Rogers Park are great places to take the kids to burn off some of that extra energy. Also nearby is Lake Forest, which is a large body of water that neighborhood locals can swim in on those hot summer days. 

But the fun doesn’t stop with outdoor spaces. Kids will be thrilled to find other family-friendly attractions, like the Discovery Museum, Adventure Park at Discovery Museum, or the Fairchild Wheeler Golf Course.

Furthermore, there are lots of work opportunities to support your family. If you work in the healthcare industry, the neighborhood is close to St. Vincent’s Medical Center, which provides excellent employment to many neighborhood members.

Best Bridgeport Neighborhoods For Young Black Professionals & Singles

If you’re a single or young professional looking to carve a new name for yourself in a new city, Bridgeport could be the place for you. With a thriving community and plenty of nightlife, here are the best Bridgeport neighborhoods for young black professionals and singles.


Downtown Bridgeport Connecticut

Most cities have their downtowns be the center of energy, life, culture, and events. Downtown Bridgeport is no exception. There, you’ll find no shortage of things to do.

Visit the City Lights Gallery or the Barnum Museum for arts and culture. Go out on a hot date at The Stress Factory Comedy Club, which gets visitors like Damon Wayans Jr. or SNL’s Nimesh Patel. Want to do a little shopping? The Arcade Mall is a stunning historic restoration of one of the nation’s first enclosed shopping malls.

Whatever you want to do, Downtown has got it all. Most people in the Downtown neighborhood are working professionals, so you’ll be in good company. There are plenty of trendy historical loft apartments to choose from. Plus, getting around is easier than ever with a surplus of public transportation options.

The Hollow

The Hollow is another great place to be young and single in Bridgeport. It’s densely populated, has excellent walkability to restaurants, bars, and coffee shops, and has a lively community. Plus, rent is affordable at between $800 – $2.48K for monthly apartment rent.

Primarily, The Hollow has mostly white-collar workers (current statistics report 9,364 white-collar workers as opposed to 2,961 blue-collar workers). This means that The Hollow is a professional town with working professionals. Additionally, 73.17 % of the population are households without children, so if you’re a single person living in The Hollow, you’re in good company.

Is Bridgeport Safe?

Is Bridgeport Safe

According to sources, Bridgeport is safer than 24% of U.S cities. However, the level of crime is at a fairly high rate, which could be a potential red flag for those looking to move to Bridgeport, especially if they have young children.

Annually, Bridgeport has an average of 22.91 crime rate per 1,000 residents in 2021. The total crime that occurred in one year was about 3,308 crimes (approximately 843 violent crimes and 2,465 property crimes).

Another way to look at it is residents have a 1 in 171 chance of being victim to a violent crime in Bridgeport, whereas you have a 1 in 545 chance in Connecticut as a whole. Furthermore, residents have a 1 in 59 chance of being a victim of a property crime in Bridgeport. Compared to a 1 in 70 chance in all of Connecticut, Bridgeport has a higher chance than the rest of the state.

All in all, Bridgeport certainly is an area with a certain amount of risk. While this is true of most U.S. cities, the high-risk crime level is something to consider when moving to Bridgeport, especially if you plan to move a family there.

What Is Bridgeport’s Demographic?

Bridgeport's Demographic

Bridgeport is a melting pot of various cultures, heritages, and identities. According to data, Bridgeport comprises 47,000 Black and African American people, making up 32.3% of the population. The next highest population makeup is Hispanic, which makes up 20% of the population with an estimated amount of 29,000 citizens. White (Non-Hispanic) make up 20% of the population, with 29,000 citizens.

While each suburb differs slightly in terms of Black residents, there are many Black singles and Black families spread throughout Bridgeport.

The Best Bridgeport Neighborhoods

Best Bridgeport Neighborhoods

Out of all the neighborhoods, we believe the best neighborhood by far is Black Rock. We love Black Rock because it’s a family community with plenty of great activities to keep your whole family occupied year-round (even during those cold Connecticut temps during the winter months).

Top Bridgeport Neighborhoods For Black Families, Final Thoughts

Lots of great neighborhoods greet you in Bridgerton. Finding the best Bridgeport neighborhoods for black families requires a little extra effort.

For young people, Downtown has a lot of action and adventure. Bridgeport also has many excellent options for families, especially areas like Black Rock and the East Side. All around, this city accepts all.

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