5 Top Houston Neighborhoods For Black Families, Singles & Young Professionals – Texas

Best Houston Neighborhoods For Black Families

Houston is among the most racially and ethnically diverse neighborhoods in the US and the most diverse in Texas. The city has over 2 million people, 22.7% of which are African Americans.

If you’re a young professional, single, or have a family, this guide will help you locate the best regions in Houston.

3 Best Houston Suburbs For Black Families

Houston has several black family-friendly suburbs with affordable housing, low crime rates. The city is home to families of different races and ages coexisting conveniently.

Since Black and African Americans have high regard for family and community, it is not surprising that many prefer to look for African American-friendly neighborhoods when moving to Houston.

If you’re an African-American looking for the best Houston suburbs for your family, here are some places to check out.



Pearland is among the fastest-growing Houston suburbs. The area has everything that singles and young professionals need in a community, including outstanding schools, safe neighborhoods, and excellent quality of life.

It ranks among the best suburbs for black families because of the short commutes to several Houston hotspots like the Texas Medical Center and highly-rated public schools.

Pearland currently has 23 campuses with 1,393 teachers and about 21,500 students.

Pearland has a low crime rate and affordable houses and real estate properties. The neighborhood has seen the completion of several square feet of residential construction, offices, and retail stores in the past ten years.

With these developments, Pearland is gaining feet and may soon become the next central employment hub in the Houston area.

The average household income for families in this neighborhood stood at $104,504 as of 2019. Thus, families will have access to well-paying jobs without much stress.

The suburb also ranks as one of the safest in Houston, Texas. Hence, parents can enjoy outdoor activities with their kids without fear. Many individuals seeking higher education move to Pearland to attend The University of Houston but decide to stay after completing their program.

This suburb is only 30 minutes away from the Galleria and 40 minutes from the Energy Corridor. Residents of Pearland have access to several family-friendly amenities, including parks, world-class cultural facilities, shopping centers, and three golf courses.

Pearland also has many other entertainment centers, including the Pearland Town Center, the Shadow Creek Town Center, the Spectrum District, and the Silverlake Village Shopping Center.

Pearland has several top-quality health facilities, including the Texas Children’s Pediatrics for families with kids.

The community also hosts an Annual Health Fair, “Wobble before you Gobble,” an event that started in 2015. The event takes place annually at the Pearland Town Center during the second or third week in November.

Families can benefit from free health checkups, vaccinations, screenings, lifestyle, nutrition, and more.

The event also sees various fine arts clubs participate from local schools, showcasing their singing, dancing, workouts, skits, and other talents. Overall, this event is all-encompassing for families living within the community.

The Woodlands

The Woodlands

The Woodlands is, without a doubt, one of Houston’s most outstanding communities for black families. The suburb ranks as the second-best city to raise a family in the United States behind Naperville.

This community offers several excellent experiences and provides access to some of the best public schools, first-rate districts, and proximity to job centers.

Overall, the neighborhood offers an outstanding quality of life. The average household income in the Woodlands is around $122,634, which is higher than the national average household income of $62,843.

If you want a combination of urban and Houston suburb life, The Woodlands offers you abundant open green spaces, luxury apartments as well as shopping malls.

The neighborhood has several lakes, bike routes, ponds, parks, hiking trails, and other elements that define suburban living.

Also, the community is teeming with corporate campuses, cafes, restaurants, all of which reflect city life. There are over 2000 restaurants and several stores in The Woodlands Town Center. You’ll also find gas, banks, and several grocery stores in the Woodlands Town center.

Other attractions in the Woodlands include renowned Market Street, which is an ancient-styled pedestrian shopping district.

The suburb is also home to The Woodlands Resort, which stretches over 350 acres just about 30 miles outside Houston. The resort has several families and couples-friendly facilities like golf courses, the Forest Oasis Waterpark, and several conference centers.

Families enjoy dancing waterfalls with music, the Cynthia Woods Michell Pavilion, and a publicly accessible waterway.

The Woodland also hosts the famous “The Woodlands Concert Band.” The band started in 2001 and currently hosts the Bayou City Community Band Festival. Music lovers will enjoy the Independence Day performance from the band annually.

The Woodland is the perfect place to be if any family member enjoys kayaking, tennis, or golfing. In addition, the neighborhood is 61% safer than other Texas cities.

Sugar Land

Sugar Land

If you want to start or move your family to one of Houston’s most affordable and safest neighborhoods, Sugar Land is the place for you. The neighborhood is located in the Southwest area of the metro and is one of the largest suburbs in Houston.

It also features everything a family might want, from affordable, spacious houses, lots of weekend activities, community-based events, and low crime rates. Most residents of Sugar Land (about 81%) own their homes since houses are pretty affordable there.

The neighborhood has several family-friendly parks that have facilities for the young and old. It ranks as the 5th best area to live in Texas and the 13th best suburb to raise a black family.

This rating is partly due to the low crime rate in the area. Sugar Land has a diverse economic and ethnic population.

Sugar Land also hosts the new Smart Financial Center and the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Several music arenas in the area allow locals to enjoy their favorite acts without going far.

Furthermore, because Sugar Land sits within Fort Bend County, residents have access to highly rated public institutions like Clements High School and Walker Station Elementary School. There are at least 45 public schools and 28 private schools in Sugar Land.

The family life in Sugar Land is terrific. There are several lakes, outdoor running, and cycling spots in the area. Families also have access to tons of restaurants and diners, shopping malls.

Sugar Land is only 24 miles Southwest of Downtown Houston. Also, you’ll spend less than 30 minutes getting to the medical center from Sugar Land.

2 Best Houston Neighborhoods For Young Black Professionals & Singles

Most singles and young professionals want a serene city with vast job opportunities, affordable housing, great weather, healthcare, technology, vibrant culture, exciting nightlife, and dining. Houston neighborhoods provide all these benefits.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that the city is seeing an influx of more singles and professionals, and we can’t take out the contributions that the presence of academic institutions has on it.

If you’re thinking about moving to Houston and looking for the best, know that these two neighborhoods are amongst the top Houston suburbs for young black professionals & singles.

Upper Kirby/Greenway

Upper Kirby/Greenway

This neighborhood is close to the Texas Medical Center and Rice University. The area has undergone renovations and has grown from a sparsely populated place to one of the busiest in Houston.

Despite the busyness of the neighborhood, it is safer than 59% of Texas cities.

Upper Kirby has a perfect mix of older and modern homes, with various public transportation systems, quick access to I-69, and tree-lined streets. This neighborhood is also an ideal place for students of Rice University and those who work at the medical center.

About eight bus lines service Greenway residents, making it easy to move around using public transportation.

The neighborhood is also among the most walkable areas in Houston, with several top-quality restaurants, art cafes and bars, boutiques, small businesses, and malls.

The community has an average commute time of 20 minutes, less than the country’s average (26 minutes) commute time.

Upper Kirby is a thriving commercial area that is close to key employment centers.

The bulk of the inhabitants are young professionals who want to live in more trendy neighborhoods. Nearly all the residents (about 95%) of Upper Kirby work in white-collar jobs.

Freelance young professionals can also rent a Class A office space in any of the ten main commercial buildings in the area. These commercial buildings contain retail spaces, condominiums, a service food court, and a hotel.

The neighborhood is home to the renowned Greenway Plaza, a cultural and architectural masterpiece showcasing some of Houston’s top businesses.

Greenway is one of the top Houston suburbs for young black professionals and singles who want abundant green spaces, upscale shops, and other healthy options.

Singles and young professionals will benefit from Greenway’s fashionable style sense and the area’s overall liveliness.

Some exciting places include The Davenport Lounge, Kirby Ice House, Tiny Boxwoods, and Sonoma Wine Bar.

Museum District

Museum District


This neighborhood is one of Houston’s hottest areas, with several opportunities for young professionals. The area constantly enjoys real estate growth and new developments. The region also has several condos and luxury apartments for singles who desire modern homes.

Museum District is the 3rd top neighborhood for young professionals in Houston. The Museum District is also an ideal neighborhood for residents who want proximity to Texas Medical Center and students who desire to live close to Rice University.

The community is also close to other Texas neighborhoods like Downtown and Midtown.

As the name suggests, Museum District has 19 world-class museums, galleries, and cultural centers, most of which have free admission all year round.

The Children’s Museum and the Houston Zoo are among the most visited in the region.

Houston is pretty walkable, but if you decide to move there with your car, you should prepare to spend more time while moving around.

The traffic in the neighborhood can get congested pretty quickly, and parking is often a challenge.

Black young professionals and singles can enjoy an exquisite dining experience in any of the top-quality restaurants around the area.

Delicacies in these restaurants include Southern favorites like shrimp and grits and fried green tomatoes.

They’ll also find several bars and cocktail joints in several places around the neighborhood.

You can enjoy some outdoor time by playing golf rounds at the Hermann Park Golf Course or stroll through McGovern Centennial Gardens.

The neighborhood is safer than nearly half of Texas cities.

Is Houston Safe?

Is Houston Safe

Generally, Houston’s crime rate is 81% more than other cities in Texas and about 95% more than other cities in the US.

The large population of this city is partly responsible for this high crime rate. Neighborhoodscout.com reported that Houston is safer than only 3% of US cities.

According to a report by safety.com, Houston ranks among the five most dangerous big cities in America. The site noted that despite the alarming crime rate in the city, especially vehicle theft and assault, about 56% of Americans still believe Houston is a safe city.

However, note that the said crime rates are restricted to only a few areas in Houston. Therefore, if you’re visiting the city, you should beware of these dangerous neighborhoods and avoid them as much as possible.

These neighborhoods include the McGowen and Dowling intersection, Sunnyside, Greenspoint, The Track, and Sharpstown.

It is also advisable for tourists and visitors to maintain keen vigilance when moving around any Houston neighborhood.

The safest places in the city include The Woodland, Katy, Sugar Land, Friendswood, and Clear Lake.

Aside from crime, data from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) and the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration (NOAA), Houston is among the ten most vulnerable cities to natural disasters in the US.

The most recent Hurricane Harvey that occurred in the town claimed over 80 lives.

If there’s ever a hurricane during your visit to Houston, ensure you stay away from windows and monitor local media reports to know when it’s safe to be outside again.

What Is Houston’s Demographic?

What Is Houston’s Demographic

Houston has 2,304,580 people, making it the largest city in Texas and the 4th largest city in the United States.

The city is located in Harris County, Texas, and is vastly multicultural due to several industries, academic institutions, and status as a port city.

The city has a young population, and this is due to the state’s inflow of immigrants.

Houston has become one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States due to its rapid population expansion.

Houston grew by more than 34,000 people between 2011 and 2012, the country’s second-largest population growth. Experts expected the country to have grown to about 2.52 million in 2020 and 2.8 million residents by 2030.

Nearly 400,000 undocumented immigrants live in the Houston metropolitan region along. This immigrant influx is also responsible for the over 90 languages utilized amongst Houston residents.

Ethnic and racial diversification increases as one moves away from the city center.

The city has grown into a majority-minority one over the last five decades, consisting of 6.8% Asian, 22.6% African American, 57.02% Whites, and 11.05% other races.

The average income for a Houston household currently stands at $84,180, with a poverty rate of 20.1%. Houston had about 858374 families as of 2019, with 2.65 persons per household.

Top Houston Suburbs For Black Families – Conclusion

Houston has several great neighborhoods for all singles, young professionals, and families, regardless of color, ethnicity, or religion.

If you’ve decided to seek better job opportunities, easy access to a fun and entertaining lifestyle, or conducive and safe neighborhoods for your family, you’ll find this guide useful.

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