21 Easy Protective Hairstyles For Natural Hair [With Images]

Easy Protective Hairstyles For Natural Hair

The Best Protective Hairstyles For Bed Time – Braided Bantu Knots

Bantu knots protective style with 4b hair

Bantu knots are a classic protective style that everyone knows about. The only problem is that they can be short lived. The hair around the bantu knots can frizz up pretty easily and the style has to be redone.

Another problem is how uncomfortable they are when you’re sleeping. If you like the look of bantu knots, but not how long they last or bantu-induced insomnia, why not try this braided version? The braids will obviously hold in longer, so you can keep rocking your knots a good while. Plus, you can unfurl the knots when it’s time for bed – and actually get a good night’s sleep!

If you get any of the above styles and you find your braids are painful, they’re probably too tight. Good news thought, there are a few things you can do to sooth those tight braids.

Crochet Protective Hairstyles, Some For 4C Hair

Crochet hairstyles are said to put less pressure on your hair than weave and quick weave, and some people think they look more natural, too.

First, you braid your hair into cornrows, just as you would do for the base of a weave. Once that’s done, loose hair is looped through the cornrows with a latch hook. There’s no thread and needle, bonding glue, adhesives, or chemicals used in crochet hairstyles, which a lot of people see as a big plus. They last about the same time as a weave would, too. Plus, they offer more flexibility than a sew-in would. The possibilities for this kind of style are practically endless.

Crochet Braids With Faux Locs

Crochet braids with faux locs protective style

Ugh. So pretty. We just love this look, especially with the metallic loc decorations. It would take years to grow real dreadlocks this long, but if you just want to try it out for a few weeks, this for sure is the way to go.

Crochet Braids With Twist

Crochet braids with twists protective

We love these big bulky twists. The addition of the maroon gives it a pop of color at one side, which definitely catches the eye. If such big twists were styled the regular way, straight from the scalp, they wouldn’t last all that long. But done with crochet, they’ll stay in much longer. We adore it at this length, too, just below the shoulder.

Crochet Braids With Curly Extensions

Crochet braids with curly extensions protective style

If you want a finished look a little more like weave than braids or locs, you can do that with crochet braids, no problem, just like this Instagrammer. Just pick the hair type you want and use the latch hook to loop through and knot it to the braids. Even synthetic hair can look awesome and natural in crochet braids, saving you a whole bunch of money. Most people pick curly or wavy extensions, because the application method doesn’t best suit flat, straight styles.

Style Ideas For Protecting Transitioning Hair – Goddess Locs

Goddess locs protective style work great on short afro hair

After Meagan Good’s jaw droppingly beautiful appearance in a teal colored dress and with amazingly soft, beautiful locs, the picture was shared like crazy around the internet. Goddess locs became the new buzzword. Created by celebrity hair stylist Dr Kari Williams, they’ve been rocked by Meagan, Tyra Banks, and other beautiful black women the world over since then. We love this Instagrammer’s take on goddess locs.

This style lasts for around 3 months, with hairline touch ups every four to six weeks. Some people even use this style to transition into their own natural locs. People buy the  Goddess Faux Loc Kit from His and Her Hair Goods in LA and invest in the training video on drkariwilliams.com.

Here’s a couple more goddess locs pics, because we couldn’t resist:

Caramel goddess 4a locs protective

We’re feeling the strands of ashy brown and caramel this Instagrammer threw in there with the black.

Curl goddess locs protective style

These look a little more synthetic, more akin to faux locs than goddess faux locs, but we still think they’re awesome. We love how the roots are kept the natural color, then fade into the lighter coppery shade. Sometimes bold bright colors can look too harsh, but fading gradually gives it a softer, more mature feel.

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