47 Pop Smoke Braids Hairstyles, How To, Price & More

Pop Smoke Braids Hairstyles

Pop Smoke braids is a style of braiding made popular by the late African American rapper Pop Smoke.

While he’s no longer with us, his hairstyle lives on, and has become one to try for many men, and even women.

If you want to know how to do Pop Smoke Braids, or even just see what they look like for inspiration, read on.


How To Do Pop Smoke Braids

Before you start doing hairstyle with your natural hair, it is always important to ensure your hair is prepped. 

You will want to wash your hair beforehand with shampoo and also condition it. 

You should also dry and straighten your hair afterwards to make it easier to braid. But make sure you don’t overdo this step because this can cause heat damage.

Once your hair is prepped, you can start doing the Pop Smoke braids.

To do Pop Smoke braids, you need a few key tools. Firstly, a rattail comb will be very useful for parting.

Creating the right parting for Pop Smoke braids is very important to achieving the look you want. So, the comb is very essential.

Next, you will need to ensure you have some kind of hair moisturizer and also some edge control.


The first step to parting your hair for Pop Smoke braids is to start in the middle. This is usually best if you are doing a simple style, which is best for beginners.

You need to create a straight part in the middle of your scalp starting from your forehead going down to your nape. 

You can add some hair moisturizer at this point to really smooth out your hair or to make it easier to comb down on either side.

Then, from this point you can further section your hair on either side of your head. We suggest sectioning each half into two parts so altogether you have four sections of hair.

Then, further part your hair. This time you part it vertically from the middle going down to the sides of your head.

Make sure for each braid, you part it in such a way that you have enough hair to make each braid. 

And part your hair evenly so your braids are equal sizes unless you’re doing alternating thicknesses of braids.

Once you have the sectioning down, you’re ready to start the actual braiding. 


When it comes to the braiding part, you will want to start with a section of vertically parted hair that you made. 

Begin from the middle of your scalp and then braid vertically going down to the side of your head. 

You will want to make a three strand braid of whatever thickness you want. This can be a cornrow style braid or the loose box braid type. 

Once the braid is done, you can add some edge control on the sides to smoothen it out and neaten it up. 

Repeat this multiple times with each section of hair until you have a full head of the style you want. 

If you want to do twists instead of traditional three strand braids, you can do this two. Just ensure you twist your hair as tightly as you can so it doesn’t unravel. 

You can secure the ends of these braids with little rubber bands. Or you can just dip your braids in hot water afterwards to secure them. 

How Long Do Pop Smoke Braids Last?

Another thing that people often wonder about when it comes to Pop Smoke braids is how long they last. 

It is important with any kind of hairstyle to know how long it lasts before you get it so that you know if it is a style worth trying out. 

Pop Smoke braids can last very long depending on a few factors. 

Firstly, how well you do them. If you do them very well, these braids can last very long. 

This is great for protective styles like these because it gives your hair a long enough time to rest and prevents you from having to style it too often. 

Pop Smoke braids can usually last about six weeks. Or even longer if they are done very well. 

Another thing that can affect how long Pop Smoke braids last is how well you maintain. 

Making sure your braids are well taken care of is really essential to ensuring they don’t get old or unravel too quickly. 

Can You Use Extensions For Pop Smoke Braids?

You may be wondering if you can use extensions to do Pop Smoke braids. 

Pop Smoke braids can be done with extensions. This can help to create thicker or longer braids. 

When it comes to extension Pop Smoke braids, it’s very important to know how to do three strand braids or twists with extensions so the style comes out smoothly.

How To Do Pop Smoke Braids With Extensions

The first step to getting these braids with extensions is to purchase the hair you’re going to use. 

Extensions for this kind of hairstyle will usually cost around $10 to $25 at most. So they’re very affordable. 

Getting these braids done professionally will have an additional cost of up to $50 to $150. But if you know how to do them, you can skip this additional cost. 

Once you have your braids, you can begin preparing your hair as you would with natural hair braids. 

The only difference is after the parting, you have to take enough hair extensions for a braid before you begin braiding. 

Then you fold the extensions in half and place the bit of hair you want to braid in the middle. Make sure to grip the hair as close to the scalp and as tightly as you can. 

Begin to make a knotless braid by doing a three strand braid with the natural hair and extensions until you get to the end of the extensions. 

Repeat this process until you have braided the entire style.

With extensions, the hairstyle can still last about six weeks or longer given it is done and maintained well.

How Do You Maintain Pop Smoke Braids?

The key to maintaining these braids is to follow a few steps that ensure your hair stays looking fresh and put together for a while.

One of these steps is to wash your hair consistently. We recommend washing your hair about once a week.

This allows you to cleanse your hair while also avoiding overdoing it in a way that will cause your hair to unravel. 

You can also use leave in conditioner after washing to keep your hair moisturized and hydrated. 

Another important aspect to maintaining your braids is to ensure that you cover them overnight. 

You should use some kind of scarf or bonnet for this. Preferably silk. 

This kind of material prevents your hair from experiencing friction. This is good because it means your hair won’t experience breakage from all the friction.

Following all these steps will definitely ensure that your braids stay intact and are looking good for a while before you have to change them out.

1. High Fade Twists With Line Up

This high fade Pop Smoke style of braids is really cool and it stands out because of the twists. These braids look really good with a line up.

2. Criss Cross Cornrow Style Braids

These Pop Smoke style braids with criss crossing cornrows is one of our favorite styles. We highly recommend trying this out.

3. Triangle Base Crossed Braids

These triangle base crossed Pop Smoke braids are a style that is like no other. This style is very cool and we absolutely love it. 

4. Double Twisted High Fade Braids With Line Up

Double twisted braids are a great variation of twisted Pop Smoke style braids. This look is further enhanced by the line up.

5. Dollar Sign Long Braids 

The dollar sign long braids are a great style of Pop Smoke braids. This look is effortlessly cool and is definitely a favorite. 

6. Short Spider Braids

Short spider braids are a great style to try out. This look is simple but very well put together and you couldn’t go wrong with it.

7. Beaded Short Spider Braids

If you want to enhance the spider braids look, this beaded short braids style is a good one to try. It’s simple but cool.

8. Spider Braids With Zig Zag Base

This spider braids hairstyle is very cool because of how the parting stands out. Patterned braids are a great choice.

9. Medium Length Spider Braids

This style of spider braids is cool and easy going while also being stylish. This style is great if you have medium length hair. 

10. Inter-Locking Spider Braids

Inter-locking braids are a great hairstyle to try if you really like Pop Smoke braids. This style is very cool. 

 11. Triangle Base Medium Twists

Medium length and thickness twists are a great style. These look even better with the triangle design at the base of the twists. Another great style for black men.

 12. Thick Short Twists 

Thick twists are a great braid style. This look is great for those who have short hair and is effortlessly stylish.

13. Thick And Thin Spider Braid Mix

This style of braids is cool because of how it mixes different sizes of braids. It really stands out and we highly recommend it. 

 14. S Shaped Braids With Blond Ends

This style of braids is really bold and cool because of the color mix and the unique ends of the braids. There’s no other style like it.

15. Super Long Inter-Locking Spider Braids

These really long spider braids are a great variation on the inter-locking Pop Smoke braids style that we really love. 

 16. Multi-Color Heart Design Braids

Heart design braids are a great braid style to style. This look is even better with multiple colors of braids and we love it.

17. Medium Thick Twists

Medium thick twists are a style you cannot go wrong with. This style is so easily and casually cool and relaxed. 

 18. Side Swept Double Twists

Double twists are a style we love and they look even better with this side sweep styling. This is a look that is very cool.

 19. Overlapping Dollar Sign Braids

Another variation of the dollar sign braids is this one with the design in the middle with braids that overlap each other. We love this cool style.

20. Multi Beaded Box Braids

Multi beaded braids are a great style. The accessories make them stand out and this box braid Pop Smoke style of them is one we love.

 21. Dutch Braid With Middle Design

Dutch braid styles are great and this one with the middle design is one of our favorites. If you like Pop Smoke styles, this is great variation.

 22. Triangle Base And Zig Zag Spider Braid Mix

A great Pop Smoke inspired braid style is this one that mixes the triangle base and zig zag base look. We love this look.

 23. Spider Braid And Side Braid Mix

Another great braid mix is this one with spider braids and side braids. We love the simplicity with a twist of this look.

 24. Thick Loc Spider Braids

Having locs doesn’t stop you from having Pop Smoke braids. This thick loc spider braids look is a great example we love. 

 25. Straight Cornrows With Zig Zag Design

We love this version of Pop Smoke inspired braids has more of a cornrow look with the zig zag parting that really makes it stand out.

26. Spider Braids With Middle Straight Cornrows

This version of spider braids with straight cornrows in the middle is a unique style because of its parting. This is a style to try.

27 Thin Layered Box Braids

Layered box braids are a great style to try out if you like Pop Smoke style braids. These thin braids are a favorite.

 28. Triangle Base Inter-Mingling Twists

Inter-mingling twists with a triangle base are a great style that is Pop Smoke inspired. We really love this look. 

 29. Spider Braids With Side Shave

Side shaven spider braids are a great Pop Smoke braids style. This look is very cool and we highly recommend trying it.

 30. Simple Dutch Braids

Simple dutch braids are a great Pop Smoke like style without too many complications. You couldn’t go wrong with this braiding style.

 31. Long Criss Cross Rows With Hearts

Criss cross braids are a great style associated with Pop Smoke braids. This long braid version with heart designs is one we really love.

 32. Jumbo Spider Braids

These jumbo braids are a great Pop Smoke style that can be achieved with extensions. These braids really stand out and we love them.

33. Horse Shoe Braids

These horse shoe braids are a great Pop Smoke style. We love the unique shape especially at the back and highly recommend it.

 34. Angled Inter-Locking Braids

Another great inter-locking braids style is this one where the braids meet at angles. This look is really different and that’s what we love.

 35. Mixed Color Long Horse Shoe Braids

This style of horse shoe Pop Smoke braids is one of our favorites for long hair or with extensions. This colorful look really stands out.

 36. Long Pop Smoke Style Braids With Updo

These long braids are a great Pop Smoke look. These braids are unique because of the updo look and we really love them.

37. Low Ponytail Braids With Shaved Sides

The low ponytail look is a great one with Pop Smoke style braids. This look with shaved sides is one we find really cool.

38. Minimal Braid Spider Braids

If you like minimal braid looks that save time and effort, this style is one for you to try. The spacing makes it unique.

 39. Long Ponytail Braids With Parting

This long ponytail braids look with parting is a great variation of Pop Smoke braids that we really love. It’s elegant and beautiful.

40. Lazy S Shaped Braids

Lazy s shaped braids are a great Pop Smoke braid variation that looks casual but well put together. We really love this style.

41. Multi Color Thin Beaded Braids

Another great thin braid style is this multi beaded thin braid look inspired by Pop Smoke braids. This is a look worth trying.

42. Double Bun Heart Design Braids

This gorgeous double bun look with heart shaped designs is one of our favorite variations of Pop Smoke inspired braids. 

43. Overlapping Curved Braids

These overlapping curved braids are one of our favorite styles on the list. These braids are so unique and we absolutely love them.

44.Spider Braids With Middle Cross Design

This style of Pop Smoke braids with the cross shape in the middle is very unique and we love it. This look definitely stands out.

45. Fish Bone Style Braids

These fish bone braids are another great cross braid variation of the Pop Smoke braids. We love this style.

46. Triple Braid Dutch Braid With Thin Rows

This look is a really great braided style to try out if you love Pop Smoke styles. The triple dutch braids are really enhanced by the thin middle braids.

47. Diamond Shape Braids

These Pop Smoke braids have a great twist with the diamond shape. These braids really stand out and we absolutely love them.

Pop Smoke Braids Hairstyles For Black Men And Women, Final Thoughts

47 Pop Smoke Braids Hairstyles, Conclusion

There are many braid styles you can do inspired by black rapper Pop Smoke’s look.

So many of these looks can be done whether you’re a beginner or are very skilled at braiding.

Hopefully, this article has told you all that you need to know about this type of hairstyle.

And hopefully you have found some style worth trying in this article. 

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