Finally! How Books With African American Main Characters Are Becoming Popular In The Romance Market

Finally! How Books With African American Main Characters Are Becoming Popular In The Romance Market

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Finally, black women get to take the stage. For too long, popular novels like Fifty Shades of Grey have overlooked women of color. At last, black women have the opportunity to tell their own stories and put black characters center stage. And these stories are amazing.

Whether you’re in the mood for a clean Christian book or a steamy, sexy romance, consider tucking into one of these novels. Grab a mug of hot chocolate and a warm blanket, and settle in for a captivating tale.

Why Should You Read African American Romance Novels?

Why Read African American Main Characters?

African American romance novels let you live your fantasy, whether that fantasy is dating a wealthy pastor or leading a billionaire through the rainforest – each story is an adventure.

You’ll also get to see yourself on the page. Aren’t you tired of reading books about white women who don’t look like you? In most books, black women are pushed to the background as a sidekick or best friend – but in African American novels, you’ll get to live the story front and center.

They’re also very cheap and readily available. If you don’t enjoy reading, then these books are so fun that you’ll feel like you’re watching television.

If you’re a voracious reader who tears through several books a day, then you’ll love that these books are usually $0.99 and are available on Kindle. You’ll never run out.

Where Should You Start?

Second Chances love story

The African American Club by Afro Romance Books showcases dozens of fascinating novels at a low price. We’ve also listed 6 of our best African American romance novels here.

Each story features a strong, beautiful black woman and a handsome, loving black man. This club promotes stories about secret relationships, nosy church families, handsome billionaires, famous singers, and surprise pregnancies. If you can dream it, there’s a book about it.

Not sure where to start? Let’s look at some of the more popular options.

If You’re Looking for Good, Clean Christian Fiction…

Count Those Blessings is a clean Christian romance book

Christian fiction, or “church lit,” is very popular because of its light tone, heartwarming themes and family-friendly plot; you won’t feel guilty pulling out one of these books in front of your pastor.

You won’t find the main characters hooking up, but you might find them walking down the aisle and raising a family. If you’re tired of all of the sex and drugs and profanity on television, then these are the books for you. In these books you’ll find more good Christian women you can relate to.

Start with Love So Heavenly.

This story has it all – a feisty singer, a billionaire playboy, an Empire-like record company, and a shocking twist. Even better, this is the first story in a long series, so you can watch their adventures unfold.

Kayla Simmons is a sheltered pastor’s daughter. One day billionaire playboy Tyrese Malcolm decides to make her a star, and Kayla launches a singing career that gives her the fame she’s always craved. But when her father’s secret comes to light, her fantasy falls apart…

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