Yarn Braids – What They Are, How To Do Them, And Picture Examples To Find Your Next Style

Yarn Braids - What They Are, How To Do Them, And Picture Examples To Find Your Next Style

If you’ve found yourself nodding along in a conversation about yarn braids, having pretty much no idea what anyone’s talking about, you’re in the right place. In this article we’re going to break down everything you need to know about yarn braids, including how to do them.

We’re also going to be showcasing plenty of styles with picture examples throughout this article, so you can have fun picking out your next style.

What Are Yarn Braids?

African American Woman With Short Yarn Braids

 We love this awesome short yarn braid style from this Instagrammer.

To put it simply, yarn braids are braids… made out of yarn!

When you first hear about it, it sounds pretty out of the box, right? Some people think it might sound cheap or tacky. In fact, the idea of this style might even get some major side eye out of most people. But divas devoted to hair excellence all know that there are some serious benefits to having yarn braids. And they look awesome, too.

How Long Do Yarn Braids Last?

Blue Yarn BraidsWow, check out these blue yarn braids!

Before we get into just how long yarn braids last, we need to talk about something…

One thing that puts people off trying yarn braids is the horror stories you might hear about hair locking up. And it’s true, some people’s hair has turned into locs with yarn braids in. That’s had a lot of people freaking out and taking their yarn braids out before they have to. But the good news is, the locking is not the fault of the style…

It’s because these people used the wrong yarn in their hair to begin with.

If you use real wool yarn or ‘natural yarn’ in your hair, be prepared for a hot mess. That will lock up with your hair real quick, and you’ll be spending hours and hours getting all that sheep out of your hair. Not cool.

What you need is synthetic yarn. More on that in the next section.

For now, let’s answer the original question – how long can you keep yarn braids in for?

The consensus seems to be around 5 to 8 weeks. Some people take them out sooner if they find the style starts looking unkempt or messy. But if you install them well and the braids are relatively small, around a month and a half to two months is a realistic timeframe for the life of a yarn braid style.

However, you might find that the color of your yarn might start to fade a little from its original color. For some people that’s no problem, but if you wanted the original color back, you’ll have to rebraid every three to four weeks.

Where To Buy Yarn For Braiding Hair

Where to buy yarn for yarn braidsAs mentioned in the previous section, the crucial thing about buying yarn is what type you get. Wanna buy real wool? Say hello to a comb, a bucket full of top conditioner and a boat load of frustration, because the wool yarn strands will lock with your hair and you’ll have to wage full on war to get them out. Get ready to lose a few days of your life!

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