8 Best Durags For Waves 2024 – Protect Your Hair

Best Durags for Waves

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If you have waves, you know that maintenance is the most essential part of keeping them fresh and tight. Keeping them laid down flat can be a challenge, but with the right durag, upkeep becomes easy.

Instead of leaving you to search the web looking for the perfect durag on your own, we’ve made a list of the eight best durags to protect your waves and made sure to take rating, availability, comfort, and affordability into consideration.

Satinoir Silky Durag Caps – Best Overall

Satinoir Silky Durag Caps

These durags are an excellent option for anybody with waves. These silk durags come in packs of four, with fourteen different color options available to match your style or mood. The durags have a long tail and wide straps and are made to be adjusted to any head size.

The durags also come with an elastic band around the border to make sure it stays on all night long, and they don’t put any pressure on your head, edges or hairline. They’re machine washable for easy cleaning and made of soft silk.

As a bonus, these durags come with four-wave caps included, which also come in fourteen different colors. As an affordable and highly rated option, the Satinoir Silky Durag Caps are worth purchasing.

Spoview Designer Durag – Premium Option

Spoview Designer Durag

These designer durags are the premium option for keeping your waves tight, especially if you usually appreciate style. Long and silky, these durags come with matching wave caps and have a long and wide tail for easy adjustment.

These durags come in packs of four with caps included and are available in four modern animal-themed styles in red, orange, black, and tan. They’re made with an elastic band and slinky satin material purposely designed not to soak up all of your wave gel or mousse.  

Stylish and well made, the Spoview Designer Durag is slightly more pricey than other durags but includes designer styles. If you’re looking for a higher quality and well-rated durag to protect your waves, this one may be perfect for you.

Wavebuilder Durag – Best Budget Option

Wavebuilder Durag

If you’re on a budget and need something to protect your waves without breaking the bank, the Wavebuilder durag is ideal for you. It comes in a single pack and is available in classic colors, black and white.

This durag is made of comfortable and breathable fabric to prevent undue sweating at night and has long ties for arranging the cap for your style. They’re also designed to have a snug, not tight fit that protects the hair but doesn’t slip off while sleeping.

Wavebuilder is a reputable brand in wave protection and haircare. Though it may be simple, this durag is affordable and highly rated and the best one for you if the price is your biggest concern.

Tatuo Velvet and Silk Durags

Tatuo Velvet and Silk Durags

These gorgeous velvet and silk durags come in packs of four and are perfect for the occasional durag user. Included are two soft, cozy velvet durags and two breathable silk durags, and they can be ordered in twelve different colors.

The durag has long ties to wrap around the back of the head and wide straps to allow for adjustment. They come in one size and should be an easy fit for all heads and hairstyles. Made of smooth and flexible material, the durag is stylish and comfortable.

This four-pack of durags is ideal for everyday and stylish looks, and the two silk and two velvet durags provide options for protecting your waves in any type of weather.

Waveology Grooming Silky Durag

Waveology Grooming Silky Durag

These durags are perfect if you’re looking for a vast variety of popular designs and styles. With logos from popular brands, camo, tie-dye, and multicolored options, these durags are easily the best if you need something versatile.

These durags have extra long straps and promise superior compression, and they come singularly though you can order several at once. If you need something to protect your waves but don’t want to sacrifice your outfit, this is the product for you.

Whether you pick a popular brand like Nike or a bright pop of tie-dye, these durags are an affordable option. With sixty-three different patterns, colors, and logos, this durag will help even the most stylish person keep their waves intact.

KeryKwan Silky Durag with Wave Brush

KeryKwan Silky Durag with Wave Brush

These highly rated silk durags come in packs of six, colored yellow, white, tan, black, red, and blue. Not to mention they come with the addition of a wave brush, essential if you need to re-brush or maintain your waves throughout the day.

Made of smooth, silky material, these durags are breathable and flexible with stitching down the middle and long thin ties. The brush is made for natural short hair and has thick bristles to ensure wave design.

If you’re looking for a pack of affordable durags and want the perk of a durable and useful wave brush, this set is what we recommend.

We’ve actually done a dedicated review showcasing the best silky durags, so you may want to check that out too.

Wavebuilder Wave Activating Durag

Wavebuilder Wave Activating Durag

Made by popular men’s natural hair care brand Wavebuilder, this durag is specifically built to activate and accentuate your waves while protecting them. This durag creates waves while you wear it with tight compression and built-in conditioners.

The wave-activating durag has a high stitch count to make them strong and smooth, with long adjustable ties that ensure you have the perfect fit for your style. With a middle-parted seam and breathable fabric, this durag is also very comfortable.

This durag conditions and activates your waves without getting greasy and oily with hair products. The cap saves you the step of treating your hair with gel or pomade and protects your waves while keeping them moisturized.

Asknoto Silky Mens Durag

Asknoto Silky Mens Durag

Made of smooth polyester and flexible spandex, this durag comes in sets of four, with four black wave caps included with your purchase. The durags are lightweight (an ounce or less each) with forty-two-inch tails and wide straps made for tying around your head.

The durag is triple stitched on the seams and is easily washable by hand or machine. They come in four different colors, blue, green, white and black. The wave caps are also one size fits all, and all four come in black.

These durags are affordable and breathable, made with silky soft material strong enough to compress your waves throughout the night. They’re durable and bright in color and won’t fade in the wash.

What To Look For In A Durag For Waves

If you’re shopping for a durag, it’s essential to know what things to look for to make sure you purchase something of quality that will last as long as you’d like. You need your durag to not only be stylish but to protect your hair and hold your waves down tightly.

Some things, like the material or design of your durag, can be chosen just based on what you like more or prefer. Other things, like the size and compression capability of your durag, are necessary to get right to protect your waves and keep your style intact.

To make your search a bit easier, below, we’ve laid out the principal features that make up a good durag, including price, material, durability, and compression.


The first and most important thing to look for in a durag is one that meets your budget. Durags are a common and affordable haircare tool, so you shouldn’t have to break the bank to get one that meets your specific needs.

You can order durags online, ask your stylist to purchase them or buy them at your local beauty supply store. Either way, it’s crucial to make sure you’re purchasing a durag at a fair price that works for you and also adequately protects your waves.

However, make sure that in looking for a cheaper durag, you don’t end up giving up on quality. A low-quality durag that doesn’t protect your hair will have you spending more on fixing it and maintaining it than you would have on a higher quality durag.


Durability is another crucial quality to look for in your next durag. Without it, a durag is just a pretty-looking headscarf. Regardless of how nice it looks, if it falls apart after one wash or gets fluffy and tangled in the dryer, it wasn’t worth the price and won’t protect your hair.

Some lower quality durags can bleed ink or color when washed or wet and stain pillows or anything else the durag touches. Others rip down the seams when stretched, may pull or slide off regardless of how tight you pull them, or are too thin to hold down your hair through the night.

Ensuring you have a durable and long-lasting durag means trusting the seller. It’s best to read customer reviews of durags before you buy them and check how long the company has been in business. The more durable they are the first time around, the less you spend on replacing them.


There are many types of materials for durags out there, and some claim to be better than others. The most popular three are velvet, silk, and satin durags, although polyester and cotton or spandex durags are also sold.

Velvet durags tend to be a bit warmer and are perfect for the winter months or if you live somewhere with colder temperatures. They’re cozy and comfortable and also look pretty luxurious, so they’re an excellent style choice as well.

Silk durags are often flexible and recommended for warmer temperatures because the fabric is breathable and light. They can have trouble slipping and sliding on relaxed hair, but with natural waves, they compress tightly without overheating the wearer.

Satin durags are heavier than silk but lighter than velvet, and satin is a favored texture for natural hair. Like silk, satin can look bright and luminous while still being strong enough to hold down your waves and is comfortable for most people to wear.

Polyester, cotton, and spandex durags are often more affordable. Polyester and spandex is a popular material combination for a flexible and light durag with lots of stretch. However, sometimes these cheaper materials make for a less than high-quality product.


Since durags and wave caps were designed to hold the shape and design of your waves overnight or during any type of activity that might disturb them, it’s essential to have a durag with good compression.

If your durag is too loose and it’s able to slip and slide during activity or while you’re sleeping, your waves may not fully form. Or, they might form but get disturbed and pulled apart because the durag isn’t holding them down. To avoid disappointment, make sure your durag is tight.

A tightly compressed durag should not feel too tight or painful on your head or hairline, but it should feel snug and like it won’t shift and move once you tie it down. If it does feel too tight, unwrap and retie your durag to a comfortable but close fit.


A durag is usually measured in three easy ways. The length of the “tails” on the durag is measured, and the width and length of the “cap” part of the durag are measured as well. Though they all may seem similar, size is an essential part of finding the right durag.

If you have a wider and larger head, you may need to get the cap part of your durag in a bigger size. You may also need extra-long tails to be able to tie your durag around. This can also be the case if you have longer or thicker hair. Your stylist or barber should know what you need.

Some durags are sold one size fits all, but local stores and stylists usually carry them in sizes from extra small to double extra large. Depending on the material you’ve chosen, you may need to account for extra or less space in the fabric, so getting your specific size is best.

Best Durag For Waves Brands

As you’ve seen, lots of different brands make durags since they’re a popular and well-known way to protect your waves or other hairstyles. Since they can be found in almost any hair care or beauty supply store and online, how can you know which brands are trustworthy?

To make your search for the best a little easier, we’ve compiled some well-known and quality brands for wave-protecting durags.

WaveBuilder is a popular durag brand with many different products for wave protection. They’re one of the most highly-rated brands for men’s natural hair products and wave products especially.

They sell individual durags and wave caps, brushing bundles and pomade, plus other men’s grooming essentials. They also sell durags in fun styles and colors other than black to ensure you get the style you want and the quality you deserve.

The Wavebuilder durag comes in several styles. A full force durag that pulls down instead of around to hold it tighter to your head. A sweatband durag with ultra-breathable fabric for exercise. Even a seamless durag that can be worn without leaving extra lines in your hair.

Red by Kiss is another modern natural hair brand that makes specialty products for wave protection and maintenance. They’re the makers of the well-known Powerwave durag, made even more popular by rapper Bow Wow.

The Powerwave durag is not only popular and affordable. It also comes in many different designs and sizes. Both forty-inch and twenty-inch tails are available, as well as silk, satin, and spandex options for whatever event or activity you need a durag for.

Red by Kiss also makes brushes and combs for quick styling and wave maintenance, as well as trimmers, clippers, and men’s hair coloring kits. Regardless of what you do with your waves, they’ll be well protected in a Red by Kiss durag.

Razac is the maker of the “So Many Waves” durag. Often modeled on social media, these durags come in many different colors and styles and are praised for their great compression and comfort.

These durags are also known for being durable and strong, recommended for those who tie their durags tight and don’t want to deal with ripping or thin cheap material. They’re also a fairly affordable option and are sold in packs of four and individually.

Possibly the most fun option for a durag to protect your waves, this brand regularly does mystery or seasonal color and style packs and sales. While it can be daunting to try and find a durag that’s both protective and stylish, Razac makes it easy.

Top Durag For Waves, Final Thoughts

Choosing the right durag to protect your waves can be difficult. Should you choose satin or silk, long tails or short, all of those decisions will affect how your durag fits, feels and how it protects your waves underneath it.

There are many great options for durags out there that can protect your waves while also allowing you to be comfortable and show off your natural style.

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