How To Co Wash Natural Black Hair, What That Means, And Should You Do It?

How To Co Wash Natural Black Hair, What That Means, And Should You Do It?

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Co washing is a hair care method that’s gaining a lot of popularity among black women. It’s something many women are adopting, especially those with natural hair.

If you’re wondering what co washing is, or you have some questions about it, then you’re in the right place. We’ll be answering any questions you have about co washing, so keep reading girl!

What Does Co Washing Hair Mean? The Definition

A black woman with a towel wrapped around the headCo washing is a method of washing hair without the use of shampoo. The term co washing is the short form of conditioner-washing only. All you need is a conditioner; preferably a moisturizing one and you’re good to go. Washing your hair this way strips off sweat and light dirt leaving hair softer, smoother and easier to manage. Although the hair is not left squeaky clean, it’s clean enough to go about your daily business feeling refreshed. It’s a great way to stay away from the harsh chemicals present in most shampoos.

Is Co Washing For Everyone?

Is co washing for everyone?Co washing works best for women with thick, dry, course or curly hair. If you have thin, fine hair, you might not really notice the benefits of co washing. On the other hand, black women with an active lifestyle benefit greatly from co washing. It’s an efficient way to get rid of sweat without damaging hair by over washing it with shampoo. During the cold weather, black women with dry benefit immensely from co washing. It replenishes and rejuvenates the hair strands. If you have oily hair or a scalp condition such as dermatitis, you’ll need a shampoo to keep your hair clean but you can still co wash one in a while.

Should I Co Wash Afro Hair? What Are The Benefits?

Benefits of co washingIf you’re new to co washing, you should definitely give it a try. Take a look at how co washing will benefit your Afro hair.

1. Moisturizes Hair
Co washing adds a great deal of moisture to your hair. For starters, since you’re using a good moisturizing conditioner, the moisture level in your hair will automatically increase. The absence of shampoo also means that you’re not using harsh chemicals that strip away moisture form the hair and leave it dry. Thus, your hair is left looking vibrant, healthy and breakage is drastically reduced.

2. Styling Is Easy
If you’d like to have an easy time styling your hair, try co washing. Squeaky clean hair is always difficult to style. However, co washing makes the hair more manageable when styling. Those pins will stay fixed exactly where you put them.

3. Keeps The Hair And Scalp Healthy
Shampoos are normally too harsh on the hair and scalp. They strip of the natural oils leaving hair brittle and the scalp dry. This isn’t the case when you co wash. Co washing allows you to get rid of dirt while retaining natural oils on the scalp and hair.

4. It Saves Time And Money
This is self-explanatory. Normally, we use both shampoo and conditioner to wash our hair. When co washing, the absence of shampoo means the whole process takes less time. It also means that you don’t need to spend money on large amounts of shampoo thus saving some money.

5. Detangles And Defines Curls
Co washing detangles hair and makes combing a breeze. This also reduces the amount of hair breakage when styling thus promoting hair growth. Another advantage is that curls become more defined and bouncy as a result of co washing.

The Cons Of Co Washing

Cons of co washingCo washing also comes with some disadvantages. Since a conditioner doesn’t clean thoroughly, it leads to product build up which makes the head feel heavy and sticky. You might also be left with a mucky smell if the hair was too dirty. Too much co washing leads to over-moisturizing of hair. As a result, the hair becomes mushy, too soft and weak which causes it to fall off.

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