Wow! These 5 Black Female Body Builders Are Stronger Than Your Average Man

5 Black Female Body Builders Are Stronger Than Your Average Man

Who said that only men can get some muscle! These black female body builders prove that notion to be wrong. As a matter of fact, they are generally much stronger than most men out there.

Of course, getting this kind of physique takes a lot of hard work and effort, so let’s look at the women who have broken through the pain barrier to beef up their body!

1. IFBB Pro Body Builder Roxie Beckles

Roxie Beckles
Source: Roxie Beckles

Roxie Beckles is an IFBB Pro female body builder who also works as an online coach and contest prep coach. She got her pro status in Women’s physique when she won the Team Universe National Championship in 2013. During her career as a female bodybuilder, she has won several awards and has decent rankings in many competitions. She came in first place at the NPC Tournament of Champions in 2011, NPC Sacramento in 2012, and Team Universe in 2013. She also competed in Ms. Olympia in the year 2014.

2. Ms. Olympia Iris Kyle

Iris is probably the most impressive body builder ever. Her idol is Lenda Murray and she always worked towards having muscles like hers. Throughout her career, Iris has won very many titles including Ms. Olympia ten times and Ms. International six times. That is impressive, right? She is actually ranked as the best female bodybuilder by IFBB. Her record is incomparable and it seems that no one else is going to have achievements similar to hers in the body building arena any time soon.

3. IFBB Pro Black Female Bodybuilder Monique Jones

Monique has been fascinated by the gym since she was 16 years old. Her first bodybuilding competition was in 2008 held in South Carolina. She got her IFBB Pro Card in 2010 after she won the IFBB North America Championship. Since then, her body building career has been very impressive. She has participated in many body building competitions and got impressive ranks. This is a woman who most men dare not to mess with. 🙂

4. Nancy Lewis, A Jan Tana Classic Winning Black Female Body Builder

Nancy has well-toned huge muscles which even men are jealous of. She has been a professional body builder for quite some time. During the 90’s, she competed in many professional contests and got decent positions but never won any titles. She retired for four years after which she returned to the competitive muscle building world. This time round, she was able to win the Jan Tana Classic title in 2002.

5. Award Winning African American Female Bodybuilder Yvette Bova

Yvette was Born in 1962 and worked in the U.S. Air force for 13 years. Her professional body building career began at around 1993 and ended in 2006. During her career as a female body-builder, she has won many awards for her impressive muscular physique. Some of these awards include Ms. Far East, Women’s Lightweight Division and the Women’s Middle Weight Cup. She is definitely much stronger than your average man.

Wow! These 5 Black Female Body Builders Are Stronger Even Than Men!

It is your turn now. What do you think about these black female body builders? Do you think they are actually stronger than most men? Let us hear what you have to say.

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