4 Black Female Presidents From All Over The World

4 Black Female Presidents From All Over The World

Did you know there have been multiple black female president? While it’s certainly not common place for black women to hold such a position of power, there are some who have proven their worth and become strong leaders as a result!

Here are 4 black female presidents around the world who have managed to get this male dominated position through elections or nomination.

Ivy Matsepe-Cassaburi – South African Female President


Ivy Matsepe Cassaburi was the acting President of South Africa in the year 2005. She was the President briefly between the time that Thabo Mbeki resigned and Kgalema Motlanthe took office. Ivy had a degree in Arts and became a teacher soon after graduating. She went into exile in Zambia, Swaziland, and the United States. During her stay in the United States, she pursued Ph.D. in Sociology. She served as South Africa’s minister of Communications from the year 1999 until her death in the year 2009.

First Woman President Of Liberia Elen Sirleaf Johnson


Elen Sirleaf Johnson is the first elected female President in Africa. Ellen is Liberia’s 24th President and is still in office in the year 2016. She became President of Liberia in the year 2006. This black female President received several notable awards over the years. In the year 2011, she was jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize together with Twakkoi Karman and Leymah Gbowee. In the year 2013, Pranab Mukherjee, the President of India, awarded Elen Sirleaf Johnson the Indira Gandhi Prize. She is passionate about fighting for women’s right and in peace building activities.

Black Female President Joyce Hilda Banda


Joyce Hilda Banda was elected as the President of Malawi in 2012. She was the President till the year 2014 when she lost the Presidential elections. Joyce Banda was an active politician before becoming President. She was held various positions such as Malawi’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister for Gender, Member of Parliament and even became the Vice President from 2009 to 2012. Joyce has her own foundation called the Joyce Banda Foundation. The foundation has several programs targeted at women, children, youth and people living in rural areas.

Catherine Samba-Panza, The Central African Republic


Catherine Samba was born in the year 1954 during the month of June. She was an interim President from the year 2014 to 2016. As the President of the Central African Republic, she led the country to peaceful elections in the year 2015. This is something that she was able to do and she felt that she had done a satisfactory job.

Professionally, Catherine Samba is a French-trained lawyer. She worked as a business woman and a corporate lawyer before venturing into politics. She was the Mayor of the capital city of the Central African Republic before she became the President of the country. Catherine Samba did a great job of bringing about peace in a war-torn country.

4 Black Female Presidents From All Over The World

I hope you feel inspired after reading this! These black female presidents set a very good example for all black women in the world. Which one of these black female presidents inspires you the most?

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