29 Black Female Fitness Models On Instagram

Top Black Female Fitness Models On Instagram

All of us want to be up in the gym working on our fitness.

But are we actually doing it?

Sometimes, all you need is a little inspiration.

Do you need some booty goals, tricep goals, or ab goals?

Fitness models are different from regular models.

These women turn lifting into an art form that they use to craft their bodies into masterpieces.

I could use a little inspo.

If you’re looking to add a few motivational faces and bodies to your Instagram feed, here are 29 women you can follow.


Based out of Los Angeles, New York City, and the DMV area, Victoria Tapp is a personal trainer who also doubles as a fitness model.

With a variety of clients from beginner to advanced athlete levels, she’s dedicated to helping everyone get in shape.

While she carries a master’s degree in film and media, her training is meant to push you to “commit to fit, one day at a time.”


Leah Marie is a fitness model who shares her workouts as well as her meal plans.
Credit: @leah_fit_

Leah Marie is a fitness model who helps her Instagram followers with targeted workouts and healthy meal ideas.

While her meal prep included sauteed spinach, whole grain rice, and an abundance of protein, we’re interested in her workouts.

Whether one is trying to tackle their upper body or their abs and booty, she’s got a series of workouts to help you achieve your goals.


Nadi T. is an IFBB Pro Figure who used to participate in professional bodybuilding competitions. 

A native New Yorker, she also works as a TV personality.

She has collaborations with brands like Fitmark Bags and Shop Dual Style.

Working as a fitness model, she has also appeared in Fitglam magazine.


Morgan Dawson is a National Academy of Sports Medicine trainer while also doubling as a fitness model.

She is also working on her own brand of high quality fitness equipment called Squat Tough.

On her account, you can find tons of workout ideas and can personally sign up for her training sessions.


Nicole Monroe has a comprehensive list of what you might need to get in shape.

Not only does she offer tailored workouts, but she has personalized meal plans as well.

A Women’s Best athlete, she also has collaborations with the Buff Bunny Collection and Power Handz.


More formally known as Marie Blachard, @haitianbeauty25 is a proud Haitian woman living in New York City.

Currently an MBA student, she is studying psychology after having published her own cookbook, Dieting Deliciously.

A 7-time bikini champion, she is also a former bodybuilder.


Frantzcesca is a fitness model who also serves as an active duty soldier.
Credit: @fancy85fit_

A National Academy of Sports Medicine trainer, Frantzcesca has many avenues.

One, this fitness model is an active duty soldier.

She is also a Women’s Best athlete as well.

The model also has her own brand, Fancy Fit, where she coaches thousands of women through her online platform with workouts and meal ideas.


Nadege Ndjebayi is a French-born fitness model currently living in California.

With her interests in wellness, fashion, travel, and women empowerment, she is the founder of her own brand, Nadege by She Beast.

A set of beauty creams, they are meant to help moisturize and hydrate the skin.

Ndjebayi is also the co-owner of a wellness and fitness center in Downtown Los Angeles.


Dr. Cornelia is an OBGYN as well as a women's fitness model on Instagram.
Credit: @bellanaija

Dr. Cornelia is a board certified OBGYN who also doubles as a fitness model.

Nigerian born, she is based out of D.C. and operates within women’s health, fitness, and lifestyle content.

The perfect blend of fitness tips and women’s health, she’s a great account to follow.


Shenese is another fitness model on this list who is an IFBB BIkini Pro.

Not only has she released her own ebook on how you can get glutes as amazing as hers, but she also does private coaching and training.

This fitness model has collaborated with HD Muscle and Just Bite Me Meals.


Nikki Utley is the CEO of her brand Stay Bold and the creator of Black Women Fitness.
Credit: @nikkigrowfit

Also known as Kanika Nayo Nikki Utley, @nikkigrowfit is the CEO of her brand, Stay Bold, which also comes with her similarly titled book.

The book is said to give you “the push to move forward” and helps readers react to fear so that it doesn’t hold them back.

She is also the creator of Black Fitness Women.

Also working as a fitness model, she is an ACE personal trainer and nutrition specialist as well as a yoga instructor.


Candice Carter has many accolades and titles.

While she is a fitness model, she is more than that.

Not only is she a 7-time Olympian, but she’s also a national champion as well.

She has her hands in many other health and wellness businesses as well including BSN Supplements and the Trifecta app.

The fitness model has even covered national magazines like Oxygen.


In addition to being a fitness model, Chika is a certified nutritionist living in Bahrain.
Credit: @pwittychika

A fitness model, Chika also has a few other titles.

She is an Association for Nutrition certified nutritionist.

She is also a personal trainer and mom of two children.

While originally for Uganda, the model is currently living in Bahrain.

Using her experience as a nutritionist, she also offers personalized nutrition coaching and fitness plans.


@Kristline__ works as a fitness model but is also a certified trainer and nutritionist.
Credit: @kristline__

Also doubling as a nutritionist and certified trainer, @kristline__ is a fitness model.

She also has quite a few endeavors on the side as well.

Her Instagram account is filled with workouts and body inspiration.

She is also the owner of her own brands, Goddess Gleam, a set of body products and Simply Goddess Apparel.

While her personal account features fitness tips, she also has an additional food account where she creates “guiltless and delicious meals.”


I’ve never wanted to do a split more.

This fitness model does less of the heavy lifting that we’d see on this list and is more focused in yoga.

She is both the founder and CEO of Sisters of Yoga.

Her Instagram and brand is meant to help her followers “find their free” through mindful yoga and holistic wellness.


Whether it be abs, thighs, or glutes, you can definitely get some inspiration from @beautifitdesi.

Her Instagram account features some of her best workouts.

Also a vegan, she often shares workout meals that are still high in protein.

She recently launched an adjacent account where she offers personal training as well as vegan beauty, nutrition, and fitness information.


Jasmine Cole is a fitness model based out of London.

She’s on a mission of “empowering women with fitness and confidence.”

Not only does she have online guides and more, but you can take weekly virtual classes through Zoom.

She also has her own brand where she offers premium workout products and wellness services.


Jade Cargill is a fitness model who also works as a child psychologist.
Credit: @ms_cargill

Jade Cargill is another on this list who has many titles.

While she is a fitness model, that’s not all we’d call her.

She has collaborated with the brand Bombshell Sportswear.

Not only is she a retired basketball player, but she is a child psychologist as well as an online and personal trainer.

If that wasn’t enough, this Atlanta-based fitness model is also a mother.


Lydia Turner is a fitness model based out of Dallas, Texas.
Credit: @lydiairenee

Lydia Turner is a Dallas-based fitness model.

She currently has collaborations with brands like Ryder Wear and Evolve Fashion.

With affinities for beauty and fitness, she is a triple certified personal trainer.

She specializes in helping her clients lose weight, body build, and work on strength and conditioning.


Brittne has worked with brands like GYMSHARK while also appearing on an episode of Red Table Talk.
Credit: @brittnebabe

Brittne is just slowly taking over the world.

With two bachelor’s degrees under her belt, the fitness model is also the creator of her own 21 Day workout challenge.

Not only has she worked with GYMSHARK and Fitplan, but she is also a Women’s Best athlete.

Plus, if you love Red Table Talk, you might’ve seen her episode in December 2018.


Ashley Joi is a former D1 college athlete, but now works as a certified personal trainer.
Credit: @ashleyjoi

Ashley Joi is a former D1 track athlete from the University of Rhode Island.

In addition to being a fitness model, she is also a certified personal trainer.

She was a part of Chris Hemsworth’s team of trainers on Centr and has worked with brands like Nike, Fabletics, and Finishline.


You’ve probably heard of Selena Watkins before.

In addition to being a fitness model, she has appeared in national competitions and was crowned Miss Black USA in 2012.

Not only is she a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer, but she is also a professional dancer.

This led to her company, Socanomics which is a Caribbean dance workout that is fueled by Soca music.


Deja Riley is the host of a PopSugar Fitness session.
Credit: @dejariley

Deja Riley also has a lot under her belt.

Working as a fitness model, she is more popularly known for being the host for PopSugar Fitness.

She is also the creator of her own brand, Deja Riley Athletics where she offers fun and high energy workouts. 

She has also worked with brands like FILA and appeared on the cover of SELF magazine.


Lauren W. is a fitness model who started her own brand, the Chisel Club.
Credit: @lajoy224

The fitness model behind @lajoy224 is Lauren W.

The tap dancer also started her own brand, the Chisel Club.

As she works out and shares her fitness with her followers, she invites them to share theirs with her as well.


Allyson Felix is a 9-time Olympian who does many modeling jobs for her athletic collaborations.
Credit: @af85

Allyson Felix is definitely more than a fitness model.

She is an Olympian.

Felix is the 2012 Olympic champion in the 200 meter race.

She is also a World champion and the most decorated Track & Field Olympian in history.

The Olympian currently has a signature athletic line with Athleta.

Recently, she was listed on the Time 100 Most Influential People.


You’ll find this fitness model dabbling into a few things.

While she has appeared in printed publications, she also works as a personal trainer and even participates in MMA.

She is also a figure athlete and part of the National Physique Committee, the largest amateur bodybuilding organization in the United States.


@BodyGawd is a fitness model who helps her followers with her "Killer Kurves" online training.
Credit: @bodygawd

Over at @bodygawd, the fitness model behind it all is an entrepreneur with her own training platform where she offers “Killer Kurves” online training.

On top of her modeling and being a dog mom, she has her own skincare line where she has products meant to help keep the skin moisturized and hydrated. 


Deonna is a fitness model based out of Miami who offers custom fitness and nutrition plans to clients.
Credit: @deonna_d

Based out of Miami, this fitness model is a vegan health entrepreneur.

Her page features her own before and afters, including those of her clients.

With numerous detoxes and cleanses, she also offers custom fitness and nutrition plans.


Kiara Phillips is the last fitness model on this list that we’re pulling inspiration from.

A Women’s Best athlete, she is looking to help her followers connect through mind, body, and soul.

She provides a slew of content including her 13 Day sof Quad Toning.

Those looking to get fit can follow her on YouTube or get information from her community blog.

Best Black Female Fitness Models Conclusion

Many fitness models double as personal trainers and nutritionists.

Are you inspired to start hitting the weights and working out?

I know I am!

While you probably shouldn’t just jump straight into heavy weights, get started!

Try yoga to get limber and use these tips for how to get into it.

We’ll see you on the other side!

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