22 Things To Try In Bed That Will Spice Things Up With Your Love Life

22 Things to Spice Up the Bedroom

Get Handsy

Using your hands on your partner is one way to kindle a spark in the bed

Everything in the bedroom doesn’t have to lead to sex.

In fact, many people seem to find more joy in the act of foreplay.

All you need to do is get handsy with your partner.

While there are some zones that are quite obviously more pleasurable than others, look into erogenous zones.

Erogenous zones are areas on the body of heightened sensitivity or sexual arousal, so do some research on where they are, and then get to touching!

Get Handsy (With Yourself)

Using your hands on yourself is another way to keep things hot in the bedroom

As we touched on above, foreplay can be very arousing for couples, sometimes more so then sex.

While you might immediately think of only touching your partner, masturbation is also a very important aspect in adding some spice into your love life.

Before pleasuring each other, you both might find it satisfying and arousing to watch each other masturbate before moving on to the final showing.

Bring On The Food

Food is a popular way to spice up your bedroom

This seems cliché to a lot of people, but the only reason it seems overused it because it works.

Bringing food into your bedroom is just another way to set the vibe,

There are classic foods that make a regular appearance in the bed.

Those are food like strawberries, chocolate, and whipped cream.

Even though these are considered the classics, play with what you like!

Do you prefer caramel over chocolate? That works!

Essentially, it’s anything that you or your partner might prefer.

But before you bust out the fried chicken and mashed potatoes, be sure to keep it light!

Keep Your Heels ON

Keep it sexy by leaving your heels on in bed

There’s something about a pair of pumps that seem particularly sexy.

Instead of losing the heels, keep them on!

To be honest, they don’t have to be your most comfortable pair because you won’t really be doing any walking.

If you have a pair of sky-high stilettos that you’re still trying to talk yourself into wearing, but those on and don’t take them off!

Red pumps seem to have a very provocative look, but any color would work.

Share Your Fantasy

Sharing a fantasy with a partner is a good way to keep spice in your love life

Sometimes, all you need to do to spice up your love life in bed is by sharing a fantasy with your partner.

Sex is very experimental, so why not have fun with it?

To be honest, it doesn’t even have to happen.

Sometimes just talking about it is enough help you and your partner rekindle that spark.

Give Each Other A Massage

Keep your relationship spicy and sensual with spontaneous massages

Bust out the oil and get your rub on!

When people think about sex, they often tend to focus on the raunchy aspects of it first.

Some prefer to start off slow and sensual!

This is another great way to spice things up with your partner.

All you need are a few body oils and your hands.

Whether you’re focusing on a particular part or you’re giving them a full-body massage, the soothing feelings of the oil and your hands will help set the mood.

Role Play

Bring role play into your bed to keep it fun and spontaneous

There’s nothing wrong with being a little kinky, and a lot of that might come to head during role play.

This is another way to get out of the monotony of your regular routine and be someone else in the bedroom.

Feel free to try the classic scenarios that feature nurses and their patients or officers and their prisoners.

Feel free to think up new roles you might like to try like a professor and their student or a trainer and their client.

Your love life should be fun and spontaneous, and it’ll always be spontaneous when you occasionally pull a new role into the equation.

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