The Top 10 Cities for Black Singles To Mingle

The Top 10 Cities for Black Singles

If you’re a black single looking to relocate, it can be hard to know where to choose. With so many options available, which city or country has the most to offer?

Whether you’re looking for love, work or simply to enjoy life and make the most of your freedom, we’ve found some of the best cities in the world for you.

There are plenty of choices both within the US and outside. So if you’re looking for your ideal location, take a look now at our top 10 cities for black singles to live.

Atlanta, US; A Top City For Black Singles

Black Singles Atlanta

Atlanta is becoming increasingly popular with black singles – and it’s not hard to see why. The city has the second largest population in the whole of the USA, and the numbers are growing.

Being home to several well known colleges and universities with a high number of black graduates makes Atlanta a city which is very attractive to educated and professional black singles. Full of jobs and opportunities, this city is great for making the most of single life.

And when you’re not working, Atlanta has plenty of things to do. With the downtown area being a top spot for socializing, eating, shopping and drinking Atlanta has a lot to offer for independent and vibrant singles.

Washington DC, US

Single black woman in Washington DC

Washington DC has been ranked as one of the best places for black professionals and entrepreneurs. It’s one of the highest paying cities, and has a higher number of black internships than any other US city.

It has a range of booming industries and work opportunities, as well as top quality educational districts.

With the black population of the city making up over a third of the whole population, it’s clear to see that Washington is very popular for both career prospects and social opportunities. The city gives a great overall experience for black singles.

Single Women, Check Out Chicago, US

A look at the top city for black singles to find someone

Chicago has great opportunities and is an amazing place to live for black singles. With 50 colleges, universities and professional institutes as well as good career prospects, the city has a lot to offer financially.

But the city’s main selling point is its fantastic social opportunities. There’s so much to do and so many places to meet other black singles and mingle with like minded people.

It has plenty of sporting events, shows, bars and restaurants, as well as daily concerts including blues, jazz and R&B. You’ll never be short of things to do and you can make the most of the varied and interesting lifestyle Chicago has to offer.

New York, US

New York bar scene

New York is a fast paced, exciting city filled with opportunities. With a black population of over 3 million (the largest of any US city) it’s a great place for meeting other black singles as well as enjoying everything else it has to offer.

The areas of Brooklyn and Harlem are especially good, but the city as a whole has a lot going for it.  With plenty of jobs, an interesting and varied culture and so many opportunities to socialize, it’s easy to see why it’s so popular.

It’s no secret that New York has world class nightlife, restaurants, bars, shows, shopping and sightseeing. You’ll never be stuck for ideas for your next date or meet up with friends.

It’s a great city for singles – one of the best in the world. If you’re looking for the perfect spot for black singles to enjoy life, New York is very high up on the list.

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  1. I would add other U.S cities like Charlotte, which has a large black middle-class vibrant culture and affordable living with tons of opportunities. Other places; Southern California, San Diego and L.A. are vibrant black middle-class multicultural places where men out number the women. San Francisco Bay area is multicultural, but more diverse then it neighbor LA. It’s more expensive but has a great public transportation system, walkable neighborhoods, eateries, shopping and Oakland across the bridge. With a much stronger black population, black culture, history and a vibrant black middle-class. Memphis is a growing, majority black city with a strong history and black culture, vibrant black middle-class and leading black women entrepreneurship.

    1. Miami-fort Lauderdale area is the fifth largest black population. It has a strong history, strong job market in Broward County, a lot of black owned businesses and nearly 60% black singles. Philadelphia is another city with a large black population, longstanding black history, vibrant middle class, strong public transportation system, a lot of amenities and culture. Women out number men. There is high ownership and black marriage and a black university near by.

  2. As a black women living in Atlanta for the past 10 years finding love here is extremely difficult. I was able to get my doctorate while I’ve been here but I will be moving soon. There are so many single black women with little male prospects. Its so sad.

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