15 Virgin Hair Companies 2024 – Hair Weave Brands Worth Trying 

Best Virgin Hair Companies

When it comes to virgin hair companies, there are quite a few great ones to choose from. 

Many hair weave brands these days have a wide selection of products that they sell. 

In this article, we have rounded up the best quality hair weave brands for you to choose from. 

Best Virgin Hair Companies

So let’s start with the more popular hair weave companies for black women.



If you are looking for a great hair weave brand. UNice is one of the very best out there. 

This brand specializes in different kinds of hair. They have wigs, weaves, closures and more for all kind of hair types. 

UNice’s products are very high quality. And all their products are virgin hair products. 

So if you are looking for the best virgin hair companies, UNice is definitely one to look to. 

Whethere you want long weaves or short ones. Whether you want curly, straight or wavy hair. 

UNice products will not disappoint and this brand is definitely one of our favorites. 


Nadula website with black girls

Nadula is another amazing hair weave brand that has a lot of great products with great variety. It primarily caters to black women.

This brand has everything from wigs, weaves and closures. And they have a variety of these products in terms of kinky hair, curly hair, curly hair, straight hair and wavy hair.

They also have a variety of hair colors as well as different kinds of virgin hair to choose from. From Indian to Malaysian to Peruvian to Brazilian hair. 

Nadula is a high quality brand with a great reputation for good reason. This is why we really love this brand. 

Beauty Forever 

Beauty Forever

When it comes to great virgin hair companies, Beauty Forever is a brand that another top choice. 

This company sells everything from Brazilian to Malaysian to Peruvian to Indian virgin hair. And you can get weaves that are different lengths and style depending on your preferences. 

This brand also sells closures and wigs, among other great quality hair products. 

Beauty Forever is also a very affordable brand when it comes to virgin hair companies. They are one of the most fairly priced brands you can buy from for the great quality they provide. 

We definitely checking out this amazing hair weave brand. 



Mayvenn is an amazing black owned hair weave brand. This brand sells everything from bundles, extensions, closures, frontals and wigs. 

Mayvenn sells Brazilian, Indian and Peruvian virgin hair. Whether you like your hair curly, wavy or straight, you will find what you’re looking for with Mayvenn. 

This brand is also very well-priced when it comes to quality virgin hair. It also offers variety when it comes to hair color, which is a plus. 

When you buy products from Mayvenn’s site, they also recommend you stylists in your area to help you achieve the hairstyle of your dreams. 

Mayvenn is definitely a top recommendation from us. 

Kendra Hair Boutique

Kendra Hair Boutique

Kendra Hair Boutique is another one of our favorites when it comes to virgin hair companies. 

This top-notch brand is popular and has a great reputation even among big celebrities and influencers. 

Kendra Hair Boutique has everything from weaves, wigs and closures. The brand also sells hair accessories as well as other products such as eyelashes. 

This brand also has variety when it comes to hair colors, textures and length. 

When it comes to pricing, this is one of the more expensive premium hair weave brands. But the quality of this brand’s products is worth it.

Other Virgin Hair Brands

While the above are often seen as the top virgin hair brands, you may also want to look at these smaller stores.

XOXO Virgin Hair

XOXO Virgin Hair

Another great brand on our list of hair weave brands is XOXO Virgin Hair

This brand specializes in weaves and wigs. They sell everything from straight to curly to wavy at varying lengths. 

The brand has a variety of products in these categories. And they have a special Vietnamese virgin hair collection. 

When it comes to pricing, XOXO Virgin Hair is very reasonably priced. This is a brand we recommend if you are looking for quality, affordable virgin hair. 

With the top quality products this brand sells and their favorable pricing, you couldn’t go wrong investing in their products. 

DHair Boutique

DHair Boutique

DHair Boutique is another one of the virgin hair companies we recommend for good quality, well priced virgin hair. 

This brand sells weaves, wigs, closures and more. And their hair products differ in length, texture and color enough for you to have a wide range of choices. 

Whether you like straight, curly, or wavy hair you will find your match with this brand. And it will be at a great price too. 

DHair Boutique particularly sells Malaysian, Cambodian, Filipino and Burmese virgin hair. 

We highly recommend giving this great hair weave brand a try for your next hairstyle. 

True Indian Hair

True Indian Hair

As the name of this brand suggests, True Indian Hair is a hair weave brand that specializes in Indian virgin hair. 

This brand sells mainly hair weave bundles and extensions. Their products vary in texture, length and color. 

Although the brand mainly sells Indian virgin hair, they also have some Malaysian virgin hair products. 

The brand’s hair products are also within a very well priced range depending on what you want and can afford. 

This hair weave brand provides great quality for a very reasonable price and with a lot of variety and this is what we love about it and why we recommend it. 


Indique provides virgin hair to you as a black woman

Another one of the virgin hair companies we love when it comes to having a wide price range is Indique. 

This company sells all kinds of products from weaves to wigs to closures. This brand also provides haircare products for the maintenance of your Indique hair. 

Whether you like curly hair, wavy hair, straight hair or kinky hair, Indique has something for you. 

This company has so many beautiful products that also vary when it comes to hair color. 

Indique is definitely one of the top quality hair weave brands out there that is definitely worth trying out.

Amella Hair 

Amella Hair

Amella Hair is a fantastic hair weave brand for black women who love a pop of color or a weave that really stands out. 

Whether you’re into blonde, brown or red weaves, Amella Hair has the perfect shade quality weave for you. 

They also have plenty of beautiful and classic black weaves. And they have weaves of all textures from straight to curly to wavy to kinky hair. 

Amella Hair also sells wigs in all kinds of colors. As well well as different textures and lengths. 

Amella Hair products are also very well priced which is another plus to this brand. We highly recommend it. 

Baby Doll Luxury Hair

Baby Doll

Baby Doll Luxury Hair is another great quality hair weave brand that is also very affordable. 

This brand sells virgin hair bundles, closures and frontals. And they also sell great quality wigs. 

Baby Doll wigs and weaves range from curly to wavy to straight to kinky hair. They also have a variety of hair colors.

For those who especially like blonde wigs and weaves, Baby Doll has a wide selection to choose from that are great quality. 

This brand is one you cannot really go wrong with. When it comes to virgin hair companies, this is one of the most reliable choices.

Bella Dream Hair 

Bella Dream Hair

When it comes to virgin hair, especially Brazilian hair, Bella Dream Hair is a great brand. 

This hair weave brand is great because it allows you to kind of customize your own hairstyle. 

On the site, you can choose your weave type, the length and the color depending on your preference. 

You can choose from Brazilian wavy, curly, straight or natural wave hair. 

Bella Dream Hair also sells custom wigs. As well as frontals and closures. 

This brand’s products are top quality and they are relatively affordable. We recommend this brand. 

The Virgin Hair Fantasy 

The Virgin Hair Fantasy

Another good choice when it comes to virgin hair companies is The Virgin Hair Fantasy

This hair weave brand sells everything from hair weave bundles to closures to frontals and wigs. 

They also sell other products such as eyelashes, haircare products, hair tools and nails. 

The brand sells curly, wavy and straight hair depending on your preferences. And you can also find some variety when it comes to colors, especially with the wigs. 

The Virgin Hair Fantasy also has variety when it comes to wig and weave length. 

In terms of pricing, this brand is very affordable and we highly recommend it. 



Luvme is a fantastic virgin hair company for black women. This hair weave brand is another one that is highly stylish and affordable. 

Luvme sells everything from straight to curly to wavy weaves and wigs. They also sell lace frontals. 

The weaves and wigs from this company are made from 100% top quality virgin hair material. You cannot go wrong with them. 

Luvme is a company that has a fantastic reputation for its products and a lot of variety. 

Whether you like long, medium length or short weaves, they have something for you. And they have products in so many colors as well. 

We highly recommend this hair weave brand. 

XRS Beauty Hair

XRS Beauty Hair for black women

Next we have XRS Beauty Hair, a virgin hair wig brand catering to European, American and African sisters.

Their selection of clear lace (think transparent lace) wigs are extensive, so whether you’re looking for a colored wig, a wavy wig or other, they’ll likely have something you’ll like.

In addition to the virgin hair products they sell, you can also find plenty of helpful articles on their website for many things you need to know about virgin hair.

Not 100% sure what the difference between virgin hair and Remy hair is (and which one’s right for you)? Or want to know what kind of style you can do with your new hair? They cover both of these and more.

All in all, XRS Beauty Hair is one to check out.

What Is Virgin Hair?

What Is Virgin Hair?

When it comes to hair weaves, a big question one may have at first is what exactly virgin hair is.

Virgin hair is in essence pure, natural human hair that is not synthetic. This kind of hair is purely natural in that it has not been chemically treated before.

There are many types of virgin hair when it comes to weaves and wigs. Some popular ones include Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair and Indian hair. 

Virgin hair is advantageous to synthetic and chemically treated hair because it has no level of damage to it. And it can last longer when it comes to weaves and wigs. 

How long virgin hair extensions can last depends on how well kept they are. But they will always typically last longer than synthetic hair extensions. 

Virgin Hair Care 

Usually, like regular human hair, virgin hair extensions need regular care. This includes washing them with shampoo regularly. 

Shampoo is important because it really gets any dirt and unwanted substances your wig or weave may have collected out. 

However, you do not want to overdo this washing as it can actually have adverse effects when overdone. 

Conditioning your extensions is also a very important part of the virgin hair extensions routine. 

Conditioning after a wash is good because it makes the hair easier to style without damage and keeps it looking fresh. 

How To Choose A Hair Weave Brand 

How To Choose A Hair Weave Brand

Choosing the right hair weave brand from all the options out there can really be overwhelming. Even after you have a clear idea of what virgin hair is and the different types out there. 

But there are a few criteria you can consider to help you narrow your search. 

Firstly, you want to make sure you find a brand that sells top quality, 100% virgin hair. Because some brands may not and double checking can help you make a better choice. 

Affordability is also a key factor when choosing from virgin hair companies. While quality is really important, sometimes the most expensive brand isn’t always the top quality one.

This is why it is important to choose a brand you can afford after you have looked into the quality aspect of it.

Another criterion to consider when choosing a hair weave brand is variety when it comes to products.

If you really like colorful weaves or you like curly, kinky or wavy weaves, some brands will be better than other to go with.

When you have looked into these different criteria, it will be so much easier to settle on the best hair weave brand for your preferences. 

Are Virgin Hair Companies Black Owned?

No, many virgin hair companies are not black owned. If this is important to you, you’ll want to look into each company and check it’s black-owned. A good place to start is each company’s About page.

Best Virgin Hair Companies 

Best Virgin Hair Companies

There are a few virgin hair companies that really stand out above the rest. Here are the ones we consider to be the very best options.

Beauty Forever

When it comes to hair weaves brands, Beauty Forever stands out for good reason. 

Not only is this brand well priced, but it also has some of the best quality hair products. From wigs to weaves to closures and more.

Beauty Forever also offers a lot of variety in terms of colors, textures and length. 

This is truly a brand you cannot go wrong with. 


If you are looking for quality Indian, Brazilian, Malaysian and Peruvian hair, Nadula is a brand for you.

This 100% virgin hair weave brand is the one to go to for the very best weaves at an affordable cost. 

Nadula has a good reputation because of its wide variety of wigs and weaves and does not disappoint.

This is a brand we highly trust and recommend. 


Another brand that sells great virgin hair weaves, wigs and closures is UNice. This brand has gained a good reputation for good reason too.

The products sold by UNice are too quality. And they are highly affordable.

UNice will also provide all the variety you need when it comes to hair colors, length and texture.

We also highly recommend this brand as one of the very best. 

Top Virgin Hair Companies, Conclusion 

African American woman with virgin hair

Virgin hair companies and plenty and not at all far between. Choosing a good hair weave brand is easy if you only know what the best ones to choose from are. 

Hopefully, this article has enlightened about the quality brands out there. And hopefully, your next weave courtesy of these companies will be nothing short of amazing. 

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