Black Men’s Beard Care Made Easy, Grow An EPIC Beard

Black Men’s Beard Care

When it comes to black men’s beard care, there are a few key steps you need to follow. 

Growing and maintaining a beard requires effort and deliberate care. But if you follow the right tips, it won’t be a taxing process. 

In this article we share with you our top tips for beard care. 

Choose A Beard Style 

Choose a beard style as a black man

Before you begin the beard growth and care process, this is the first step to follow. Choosing the right beard style for yourself is essential for men’s beard care. 

There are many types of beards you can choose from. Beards can mainly be distinguished by length and by shape. 


When it comes to length, you can choose a variety of styles. You can choose from many short styles, medium length styles and long styles.

For instance, you can have a very short stubble beard. This is the simplest short beard you can go with. 

Or you can go as far as having a long beard like the winter beard. 


Within the range of beard lengths, you can find many different shapes to choose from. 

For instance, you can have full beard. This comes in variations like the simple full beard, or the ducktail. 

You can also get semi full beards. For instance, the circle beard or the extended goatee. 

What is essential is to know your face shape and the way your hair grows and to choose a beard style that flatters you. 

Consulting a barber on what kind of beard to grow can be really helpful. 

Shave Your Face

A black man shaving

This next step to black men’s beard care is a very essential one. Before you can grow your ideal beard, it is important that you shave. 

Shaving off any hair already growing is important for a few reasons. Firstly, shaving your face stimulates your hair follicles. 

When your hair follicles are stimulated, it makes it easier for your beard to grow after the shave. A close shave really helps to achieve this. 

Shaving your face also helps to prevent ingrown hairs and itchiness when your beard starts to grow out. 

Keeping these benefits in mind, you should aim to shave your face carefully so that it is effective. 

How To Shave Your Face 

The first thing to do before you shave your face is to wash it with warm water. Washing your face with warm water opens up your pores, making sure you don’t get ingrown hairs. 

Using a face cleanser for washing your face can also really clear up your skin and remove any dirt on your skin. 

When it comes to the actual shaving, you will need to shave in the direction your hair grows to avoid ingrown hairs. 

Using a sharp razor for a clean shave is also very important. 

Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliate Your Skin

This next step is an important part of the black men’s beard care routine. As your beard starts to grow, following this step periodically can really be good for its progress. 

There are a couple of reasons to go through this step on a regular basis. 


While the main way to keep your beard clean is to wash it, exfoliating can improve cleanliness. 

This is because exfoliating removes dirt and any excess dead skin. This leaves your face and beard cleaner and is overall very good for your beard growth long term. 


Exfoliating is also really important for adding moisture to your skin, which is good for long term beard growth. 

Exfoliating removes any dirt and other particles. This not only cleanses your face but also unblocks your pores. 

This means that when you moisturize your skin, the moisturizing product will really enter your pores and be very effective. 

Knowing these benefits, it is highly recommended that you exfoliate the skin around your beard at least once a week. 

By following this step, you will start to see more healthy beard growth over time. 

Wash Your Beard

Black man washing his beard

Washing your face even after you have started the beard growth process is also an essential part of men’s beard care. 

Washing the area around your beard is essential for routinely cleansing out any dirt that may obstruct hair growth in a thorough way. 

What Products Should You Use?

When washing your beard hair, you should avoid doing so with shampoo, regular soap or shower gel. The reason being that these products are too harsh for beard care. 

These products will cleanse your beard hair of any dirt. But they will also strip your skin of vital nutrients and oils. 

This is bad in the long run when it comes men’s beard care. Because essential oils are what keep your hair strong, healthy and moisturized.

Nutrients in your hair also keep it growing fast and healthily and without them, your beard won’t flourish. 

Instead of these products, you should invest in a beard wash or face wash that is beard friendly. 

These products are more appropriate because they’re designed to provide the oils and nutrients in your skin why removing dirt. 

They also contain natural ingredients that will prevent you from experiencing skin irritation or bumps in the long run. 

Condition Your Beard

An African American man drying his face

An essential part of the general haircare and especially men’s beard care routine is to condition your hair after you wash it. 

Conditioning your hair after washing has a number of great benefits. 

Firstly, conditioning your beard hair gives it moisture. A lot of beard conditioners have hydrating properties that are very beneficial.

The moisture of the conditioners prevents your beard hair from being brittle. This makes it stronger and more likely to grow healthily.

You will also find in beard conditioners that there are ingredients such as vitamin B and E. These strengthen your hair and promote hair repair. 

So your beard will be able to grow without much disturbance from grooming if you condition it after every wash. 

Conditioning your beard can also provide it with nutrients that thicken it and make it grow more voluminously. 

And lastly, conditioning your beard after washing can really improve the texture of the hair. 

Conditioning makes your beard soft, smooth and easy to groom and style. 

This is why it is essential to never skip this step in your beard care routine. 

Moisturize Your Skin

Moisturize Your Skin

Now that you have washed and conditioned your beard, you must make sure not to skip the following step in the men’s beard care routine. 

Moisturizing the skin around your beard is incredibly essential. Firstly, because moisturizing is good for your skin in general whether or not you have a beard. 

Adding moisturizer to your skin allows it to get hydrated. This prevents the skin from becoming dry and flaky. 

Moisturizing your skin also prevents it from getting itchy, which stops you from scratching your beard and causing even more irritation to your skin and friction to your beard hair. 

Friction caused from scratching your beard can lead to the damaging of beard hair and its breakage. So you really should moisturize the skin to avoid this.

Moisturizing the skin around your beard is also good for the hair itself in a more direct way. The hydration from the moisturizer prevents your beard hair from getting dry and brittle.

This further prevents hair breakage and loss. And also, when your beard hair is hydrated, it grows faster. 

You cannot go wrong using a good lotion or face moisturizer after every beard wash. 

Oil Your Beard

A black male using beard oil

Another step that goes hand in hand with moisturizing in the men’s beard care routine is oiling your beard. 

Oiling your beard is good for hydrating, just as using moisturizer. But oiling your beard also has other benefits. 

Adding oil to your beard can really improve the texture of the hair and make it softer. 

This is good for any grooming you may want to do on your beard because the hair will be much easier to maneuver. 

Oiling your beard also provides it with some rich nutrients that can help it grow. 

Many beard oils are made from natural essential oils. These include argan oil, jojoba oil, olive, sunflower seed oil and more. 

Beard oils often come with no other added ingredients. This is usually a benefit because it means you’re only adding what your beard needs and no excess substances that could be damaging. 

Adding beard oil also gives your beard and shiny and polished look that is very appealing. Beard oils ensure your beard never looks dry and brittle. 

We definitely looking into beard oils out there and choosing one that really appeals to you to add to your routine. 

Take Supplements

Take Supplements

This step has nothing to do with direct action on your beard but it is no less essential. Taking supplements is extremely beneficial in the men’s beard care process. 

Usually, supplements for beard growth and hair growth in general come in the form of vitamins. And these can almost always be found at any local pharmacy. 

The important thing is to know exactly which supplements are beneficial.

Biotin Supplements

These are usually mainly composed of vitamin B. Biotin supplements are incredibly beneficial when it comes to boosting black hair growth and thickening. 

You can find these supplements in the form of pills or capsules. 

Vitamin E Supplements 

These supplements are particularly good for combatting hair breakage and thinning. 

If your beard is really suffering from brittleness and splitting, these supplements will replenish it. 

Taking these supplements along with improving on moisturizing will greatly improve your beard. 

Vitamin A And C Supplements

These supplements are good for stimulating your hair into growing. This makes these types of supplements perfect for the early stages of beard growth. 

Assessing what your beard needs and choosing the right supplement will definitely give your beard many benefits down the line. 

Trim Your Beard

An African American man getting his beads trimmed

Trimming your beard is one of the most important periodic steps to take when it comes to men’s beard care.

Beard trimming is beneficial for a few reasons. The first being because it gets rid of any split ends in your beard hair.

Split ends are bad because they prevent healthy hair growth. Split ends can lead to your hair breaking and your beard not growing healthily because of it. 

Trimming your beard regularly allows you to get ahead of this problem. 

Trimming your beard is also good for thickening your beard and giving it volume. This is because removing the split ends stops your hair from thinning out. 

If your goal is to have a healthy, thick beard in the long term then trimming it will ensure this. 

Trimming your beard means that you won’t have to rely solely on products like conditioner, oil and moisturizer to improve your beard growth. 

As such, trimming your beard can be a nearly costless way to improve your beard health. This makes it worth including in your beard care routine for sure. 

Shape Your Beard

Shape Your Beard

Shaping your beard is another step in the men’s beard care routine that is related to trimming. But beard shaping is a little different. 

This is because in trimming, you are just removing the split ends of your beard. But in shaping, you are trimming the hair in a specific style and pattern. 

Shaping gives your beard a particular look depending on the beard style you want to have. 

So for instance, if you have chosen to have a circle beard, shaping it in a round pattern will maintain this shape. 

When it comes to beard shaping, there are just a few things you need to be mindful of. 


Shaping your beard at appropriate intervals is important. The interval depends on how quickly your beard hair grows. 

However, on average, you should only shape your beard once every three or four weeks. 

This gives your beard hair enough time to grow so that each time you shape it, you are not severely shortening it. 


You don’t have to buy a lot of fancy shaping tools. But there are a few essentials. 

Having some kind of razor, some scissors, a beard comb and maybe a shaping template will really help you in the beard shaping process.

Brush Your Beard

Brush Your Beard

This last step when it comes to men’s beard care if quite basic but is a daily essential. Brushing your beard is really important for keeping it well groomed. 

Brushing your beard also helps to prevent ingrown hairs. It straightens out your beard hair so that it doesn’t curl up as it is growing and form ingrown hairs.

Beard brushing can also help to distribute any products you add to your beard evenly so that all your beard hair gets the nutrients it needs. 

The only thing to ensure you do thoroughly when it comes to beard brushing is to brush it correctly. 

You should brush your beard with a good quality beard brush in the right direction. It is advisable that you start by brushing your beard hair up, starting from your neck. 

Then once you have worked your way up and the hair is aligned, you can brush all the hair down again in the direction of your hair growth. 

By following these tips, your beard will be left looking very neat and well groomed. 

Black Men’s Beard Care Made Easy, Conclusion

Black Men’s Beard Care Made Easy, Conclusion

When it comes to men’s beard care, the process doesn’t have to be complicated. 

Once you have learned the basics of growing and maintaining a beard, you can do it effectively with great results. 

Hopefully this article has provided you with useful steps. And hopefully, you will have a thriving beard of whatever style you choose after this. 

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