Using Texturizer On 4c Hair, Everything You NEED To Know

Using Texturizer On 4c Hair, Everything You NEED To Know - Final

It is usually challenging to make the switch from relaxed hair to natural curls. But this is even harder when you do not have enough knowledge about the process. Many think it requires making wide-scale changes like cutting, styling, or adding chemicals to your hair. However, there are no overly correct answers. To get your 4C hair back to natural, you need to find the right mix of products and style options that complement your mane.

Texturizers were made for this reason. Since their introduction years ago, these products have become the standard for grooming 4C hair back to its natural texture. A hair texturizer is a chemical treatment that makes the hair strands lose and give them more texture. Instead of the regular thick 4C hair, you get beautiful softer curls with lots of styling options. This guide provides you with details on why texturizers are best for your 4C hair.

Do Texturizers Work On 4c Hair?

Do Texturizers Work On 4c Hair - Final

The problem is evident with 4C hair – thick, coarse and tightly packed locks are difficult to deal with, especially without help. Since texturizers work differently to perms, they do not loosen your locks, but it is more like loosening up the natural pattern. So, even with the known hardships with 4C hair, texturizers are perfect for releasing your strands and making them easier to style into whatever you want. This is why we advise that you consider adding these products to your hair care routine. They are lifesavers!

What Happens When You Texturize 4c?

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One realizes over time that texturizers comprise chemicals that change the texture of hair. So, brands that claim their product is all-natural might not be telling the truth. Texturizers are similar to relaxers however, they are gentler while still giving your 4C hair a bit of curl. In short, it is possible to achieve a textured feel using a mild relaxer that one can wash off not long after.

It is common for texturizers to contain ingredients such as lye or no-lye, but to a lesser degree than relaxers. Therefore, while they can be equally as damaging, these might be what you need to get your African American locks as soft as you want. The constituents of texturizers act by breaking the disulfide bonds between the 4C hair so they can relax. When infused with additives, they could give benefits like conditioning and restoring your hair’s health, while causing little to no damage.

What Will A Texturizer Do To My Natural Hair?

What Will A Texturizer Do To My Natural Hair - Final

No matter the strength of your locks, you risk losing some whenever they come in contact with chemicals. As established earlier, texturizers are “Relaxer-lite” meaning they are generally milder on your mane. So, there’s no need to worry about what using a product would do to it. Ideally, a texturizer loosens the patterns of 4C hair without straightening it out all the way. By making the curls lose, there is more room for manipulation when styling.

With texturizers, there is no gender rigidness which allows black men and women to benefit from them. Though some people choose to straighten their hair with heating appliances, the effects usually wear out after a few hours. So, to prevent your locks from returning to their normal state, a texturizer is your best choice. Even in rainy conditions, they remain unaffected. Therefore, whether you have short or medium 4C hair, using these would do your strands a world of good.

Texturizers vs. Relaxers

Texturizers vs. Relaxers - Final

It is essential to establish a clear distinction between texturizers and hair relaxers for the sake of natural hair newbies. These differences are due to their ingredients and how long they are left applied. For texturizers, only a few minutes of application would give your curls the desired texture and looseness. So, there are no major concerns about losing the natural texture of your hair, or suffering any form of damage during usage.

Relaxers, on the contrary, help with transitioning your hair from curly to sleek strands. However, the materials you will find in the products are harsh on the cuticles, thus causing damage. The course of care is similar afterward. It is essential to avoid confusing relaxers and texturizers, as they are suited for different purposes. If slightly loose strands with more texture are what you want, texturizers are a clear favorite.

Can I Use Natural Texturizers?

Can I Use Natural Texturizers - Final

The chances of finding a fully natural texturizer are almost negligible. Near all products on the market contain chemicals of some sort and here’s why! To straighten or relax your locks, there is a need for chemicals to break down the bonds between them. So, if you are looking to avoid applying these “harsh” ingredients to your 4C hair, you might want to ignore texturizers. There are certainly other options for getting a sleeker mane with minimal damage.

If you want smoother hair without necessarily needing to lose your curls, a Brazilian blowout could equally do the trick. And in achieving this, the bonds between the locks do not have to be broken. No one has more power than you over your 4C hair, so you have the exclusive rights to choose the best treatment and formula for your hair care routine. You will have to learn from experience and go with your guts to know if texturizers are your thing.

Can Your Hair Grow With A Texturizer?

Can Your Hair Grow With A Texturizer - Final

The illusion of length that one gets from applying texturizers is a thing of beauty. But did the locks grow? Of course not! These products do not either boost or retard the growth of your strands. So, if you are experiencing any issues, be assured that it is not the result of using a texturizer. Everyone knows 4C hair appears compact due to its texture and thickness. Therefore, asides from making your locks curly, they cause them to straighten, thus appearing longer.

 There are several options at your disposal to help grow your hair. The key is maintaining constant moisture and regular careful cleaning. So, you can go for conditioners, shampoos, and other hair care products because a solid plan with the right products is all you need to boost your 4C hair’s length. The purpose of using texturizers is to curl and loosen your locks. Go for quality hair growth options if that is what you want.

How to Apply Hair Texturizers

Learning the right steps to applying hair texturizers is crucial to achieving perfect results. Divide your hair into equal portions and choose your preferred tool. Then, apply the texturizer to each part, going through the locks smoothly and gently to ensure it gets everywhere. The ideal waiting time is about 10 minutes, after which it must be washed off. Leaving the product in your hair can give results similar to using a relaxer.

For black people with 4C hair, styling is easiest using agents that either facilitate moisture and soften the strands or break the bonds between them. Texturizers work by the latter, so be careful not to exceed the time limit specified by the manufacturer.

How Do You Take Care of Texturized 4c Hair?

After our rhetorics on the main facts about texturizers, it is important to briefly highlight how to care for your texturized 4C hair. Before applying the product to your locks, you must have a solid plan to sustain its texturized lushness through consistent efforts. Below are some of the best tips in the industry:

Develop A Strategy To Nourish Your Hair

As long as you used a texturizer, chemicals have come in contact with your 4C hair and that could affect its health, and glow. So, there is a need to stock up on nourishing hair care products that would soften the effects on your strands. It is better to go for sulfate-free products to deeply moisturize your hair, to leave your stands looking soft and lush.

Use A Hair Mask

If you want to protect your texturized 4C hair, a hair mask would be beneficial. Hair masks are known to help with moisture loss and shine. For this reason, we advise that you occasionally switch your conditioners for these. Go for a formula that is rich enough to penetrate the roots and restore the strength and essence of your 4C hair.

Keep Your Strands Protected Even At Night

There is a lot of friction caused by turning around on the bed when sleeping. So, this could cause your texturized 4C hair to break and become frizzy. It would be good to switch to satin or silk beddings, to protect your hair. Adding a bonnet from either material could serve as an extra layer of protection.

Pay Regular Visits To Your Stylist

It’s fine to do your texturizing at home, but there are sometimes it’s best to consult professional hairstylists. You can expect a thorough job with better results by booking a session with a pro.

How Long Do Texturizers Last?

How long do texturizers last - Final

Asking how long texturizers last should not even be a question: they are permanent! To change your mind on these products, you would have to cut your 4C hair and wait for new strands to grow. However, if you are keen on maintaining your texturized 4C hair, it takes eight to ten weeks before you have to go to the hair salon again.

The reason for this is not far-fetched. In the time between one application and the next, you would have grown new hair that needs to be textured. So, you can get to the outgrowth and boost the texture to avoid having varying curl patterns.

Texturizer On 4c Hair, Final Thoughts

Black people with 4C hair usually complain of its propensity to dryness and having frizzy edges. But with the aid of the right texturizer, you can have frizz-free curls and well-treated locks. These products contain chemicals that might cause breakage if left for too long. When applied right, however, the texturizers are a thing of beauty.

The process is irreversible, so African American men and women alike can only lose texturized 4C hair by cutting it and starting afresh. Therefore, if you want a beautiful way to style natural black hair without any fuss, Texturizers are surely for you. Take your time to learn about these awesome products.

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