10 Best Electric Shavers For Black Men 2024, Hair Cut Time!

Best Electric Shaver for Black Men

Black men typically have a unique hair type that makes shaving an uphill task.

However, the right electric shaver can make the difference between razor bumps and the smoothest shave.

This article looks at the best electric shaver for black men, considering their skin sensitivity and skin type. And if you’re not satisfied with our choices, there’s a buyers guide at the end of this article.

Braun Series 9 9290cc – Best Overall

Braun Series 9 9290cc

According to Braun, the Series 9 9290cc is the most efficient shaver worldwide, and we can’t help but agree with this assessment. This electric shaver ticks the boxes for comfort and precision and is an upgrade on the Series 7.

This electric shaver is loaded with high-tech features that make shaving a luxurious affair. The electric razor uses four cutters, including a skin guard, to reduce irritation and enhance skin comfort.

Moreover, the two specialized trimmers include a titanium coating that allows you to cut through the tiniest stubble in each pass. The Braun Series 9 has Intelligent Sonic AutoSense technology that provides 10,000 micro-vibrations.

It combines this feature with the AutoSense Technology, which helps the motor capture the unruliest hair, even on denser beards.

The standout feature of this electric trimmer is the 10-D contour adaptation that allows the shaver to stay planted on your skin and cut hair in the nooks and corners of your jawline.

The Braun Series 9 also features an extra cutter at the center of the razor designed to take out stubborn white facial hairs.

Get this razor if you’re a black man with sensitive skin. The price of this trimmer is the only drawback. It’s more expensive than most products but worth every cent.

In sum, it’s excellent in the wet, fantastic in the dry, and works with foam or gel for the most comfortable shave.


  • 10-direction trimmer
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Fantastic for sensitive skin
  • Easy to maneuver


  • Expensive

Braun Series 9 9360cc Shaver – Best Premium

Braun Series 9 9360cc Shaver

It utilizes SyncroSonic Technology, which offers up to 40,000 cuts per minute. This feature lets it capture more hair in one sweep, resulting in one of the smoothest, most efficient shaves. The foil shaver cuts your facial hair with precision and without sacrificing quality.

The Braun Series 9 is one of the best electric shavers for black men due to its cutting-edge features.

This electric shaver razor is gentle on the skin, doesn’t cause razor burns, and is versatile for wet or dry shaving.

With the most sophisticated Li-Ion battery, you can now shave cordlessly for 60 minutes longer, with a quick charge for one shave in only 5 minutes.

The electric shaver has an integrated housing, with flexible cutting elements installed on a 10-directional adjustable head that stays planted on the skin while cutting stubborn facial hair without hassles.

This Series 9 has a quieter engine than its predecessor, giving you an exceptional shave without waking the neighbors.

In sum, the Braun Series 9360cc is the Tesla of electric shavers, providing maximum comfort for the most irritable skin.


  • Beard density adjuster
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Cordless shaving


  • Not so great for coarse hair.
  • Expensive

Pritech Electric Razor – Best Budget

Pritech Electric Razor

If you need a decent razor without denting a hole in your denim, look no further than the Pritech Electric shaver.

It has all the core features you’d find in a product more than five times the price. This electric shaver is lightweight and efficiently covers all the inches of your face.

On top of that, it’s a 3-in-1 electric razor for black men that ships with three detachable heads for your facial hair, nose, and sideburns. The design allows for a smooth shave through the edges of your face without causing injury.

This shaver also has four LED indicators for the battery level, charge, cleaning, and travel. It’s rated IPX7 and is entirely waterproof, providing exceptional results when using the trimmer in wet or dry conditions.

The Pritech Razor is suitable for black men that often travel with its compact size and USB plug adapter included with the device.

Black men with dimpled chins will especially love this shaver because it doesn’t leave stubble on your face.

The Pritech electric razor doesn’t provide the smoothest shave for everyone. It can sometimes pull at your hair instead of shaving it. However, it’s versatile enough to use on other body parts besides the face.

It works exceptionally well for chest and leg hair.

Despite its issues, The Pritech Electric Shaver provides an exceptionally quick and smooth shave at an affordable price.


  • Easily affordable
  • Fantastic for leg and chest hair
  • Accessories work as advertised
  • Four direction head


  • Feels cheap
  • Attachment can be hard to pull off

Philips Norelco 9700 – Best Value

Philips Norelco 9700

The Norelco 9700 sits at the pinnacle of Phillips line of electric shavers, with top-notch features that make for the smoothest closest shave.

Inside the package is a cleaning brush, charging base, power cord, electric shaver, and cleaning solution.

There’s a general consensus rotary electric trimmers aren’t the best for black men. Still, the Phillips Norelco 9700 is an exception to that rule.

Despite being a rotary cutter, it still provides an exceptionally close shave, even closer than many premium foil shavers.

The product doesn’t cause skin irritation or razor bumps due to ingrown hair. The rotary trimmer has three disc cutters that work independently of each other.

Each disc can move in eight directions thanks to its Contour Detect Technology that cuts up to 20% more facial hair in a single swipe.

Moreover, the V-Track Precision Blades cuts each facial hair no matter the length. You’ll love the SmartClick facial cleaner, a brush attachment that improves your shaving comfort in the morning or cleans off the dirt and debris on your face at night.

Another eye-catching feature is the SmartClean Plus, which helps lubricate, clean, and charge your electric razor while ensuring it performs at the optimum conditions for each shave.

The shaver displays your battery level, replacement head indicator, low battery notification, and travel lock status.

This model also has Aqua Tec Technology that provides a comfortable dry shave or a delightful wet shave, whether inside or outside the shower, with foam or gel.

You can count on the lithium-ion battery to give you an hour of shaving time for one hour of charging, and a five-minute charge is enough to take care of your facial hairs.

The Norelco 9700 works best in the shower and is suitable for black men with coarse facial hair.


  • Three rotary heads for the most comfortable close shave
  • Electronic display for better user experience
  • Comes with a dedicated charger and cleaner
  • V-Trac Blades provide a more efficient shave


  • It can be complicated to use
  • Expensive

Panasonic Arc4 – Best Waterproof

Panasonic Arc4

The Arc4 ESLA63AA is a high-performance electric shaver that has four micro-thin razor-sharp stainless steel coils for an incredibly close shave.

Additionally, the Arc4 has a robust engine that can deliver up to 14,000 cuts per minute. The head pivots easily to shave along your facial contours, including your chin, jaw, and neck.

What makes this electric shaver unique is the dual-engine design. It has a motor to operate the blades, similar to other models.

However, a second motor vibrates the electric shaver head to pick and pull hair follicles for a complete shave.

The Arc4 ESLA63AA is also the only Panasonic shaver with a razor head that moves from front to back to keep the trimmer head flat against your skin as you shave up your neck and under your chin.

Unlike the Arc4 LF51A, this model is extremely quiet and has a mechanical switch lock for your travels.

Interestingly, Panasonic has partnered with Tesla on battery technology. You can expect this product to have a long-lasting battery, and it doesn’t disappoint.

The model is suitable for black men who detest the constant combing and trimming of a beard with its simple close shave.

Unlike other competitors, the Arc4 ESLA63AA has the edger attached to the head without needing an additional attachment.

And while it’s versatile enough to work in wet and dry conditions, it’s fully waterproof and on the same level as the most premium electric trimmers.

The Arc4’s 14,000 cuts per minute guarantee an efficient shave devoid of razor burn for black men.


  • Robust dual engine for a flawless shave
  • Ergonomic grip for better control
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Pop-up trimmer to trim mustache and beards
  • Waterproof design


  • Only one setting
  • No charging station
  • Not the most flexible head

Andis 17150 – Best Foil Shaver

Andis 17150

Andis isn’t as well known as many other famous brands, but this electric trimmer is the best foil shaver for a reason.

The trimmer has hypoallergenic titanium foils to provide a clean-cut and prevent an allergic reaction for black men with sensitive skin.

The octagon-shaped foils feed hair into the cutter with ease to prevent pulling, ingrown hair, and razor bumps.

Andis Foil Shaver has two drive shafts for each cutter and is suitable for black men who aren’t used to foil shavers. It has one of the most powerful Lithium-ion batteries, providing up to 80 minutes of use per charge.

It’s worth remembering to switch off the shaver to charge up the battery. This shaver isn’t waterproof for all its greatness. The manufacturer recommends you avoid running the tool underwater to clean the shaver.

It’s also good advice to use a clean toothbrush with some alcohol to wipe down the trimmer. You should also remember to lubricate the device regularly to prevent skin bumps.

Another slight issue with this shaver is that it isn’t great for shaving the neck. Nonetheless, it’s still an effective shaver for black men and doesn’t require a ton of pressure on the face to get that close shave.

In a nutshell, the Andis shaver is well priced and is excellent for stubborn stubble.


  • 80-minute battery life
  • Quiet powerful motor
  • Titanium hypoallergenic material
  • Lightweight and nimble


  • Doesn’t shave the neck area well

Panasonic ARC5 – Best Durable

Panasonic ARC5

The Panasonic ARC5 is heads and shoulders better than the best manual razors. The shaver has five specially honed nanotech blades and an ultra-thin foil that follow your facial curves to give you that on-the-edge close shave.

Moreover, it has a multi-directional head that glides through any skin surface, whether your neck, chin, or jaw, with built-in sensors that adjust the cuter to the beard density.

You can’t fault the motor; it’s highly robust and a workhorse, providing up to 14,000 cuts per minute.

This unit displays the battery status and the different rechargeable, portable, or travel modes. Like the Arc4, this unit has a pop-up trimmer suitable for your sideburns or mustache. You don’t need to purchase an additional grooming tool for your manscaping needs. 

The only drawback with this product is the battery that requires a higher charge time per run time, providing 45 minutes of use per 1hr charge.

That said, this product works great for your facial hair. It’s also exceptional at delivering the smoothest shave for your head hair.

The Arc5 isn’t the cheapest product out there or the most expensive. However, it’s an all-in-one facial hair hunter that will serve you for a long time.


  • Shaves faster and more precisely.
  • It’s less cumbersome and easier to work with.
  • Blade guards to prevent nicking
  •  Physical lock switch for safety
  • Durable design
  • Great for sensitive skin


  •  It requires slightly more pressure.

PHILIPS S9000 Electric Shaver – Best with Charging Station

PHILIPS S9000 Electric Shaver

Beards can be difficult to manage after a week. But the S9000 Prestige is a high-tech grooming tool that provides the closest possible shave, no matter the hair length or type. It utilizes A.I. Skin I.Q Technology that gives feedback on shaving pressure.

Unlike other premium electric shavers, the Shaver 9000 Prestige delivers the closest shave without breaking the skin.

The cutters are on the cutting-edge of technology, utilizing nanoparticles for strengthening the blades as the 8-direction head glides effortlessly over your skin.

There are criticisms that the shaver doesn’t get into the nooks and corners. For instance, the crevasses on your face, like your nose hair. However, it handles surface facial hair without tugging.

The BeardAdapt Sensor constantly monitors your hair density, adapting this shaver to your hair to cut without discomfort.

It also has a pressure guide that uses a colored indicator to alert you when pressing too hard or too softly against the skin.

You’d be hard-pressed to find an electric shaver with a skin-guard sensor as intuitive as this product.

While not an inexpensive product, this electric shaver is exceptionally well-made with a premium and futuristic feel. It shaves effortlessly well and will leave your dark black skin in excellent condition.

If you’re a daily wet shaver who’s never tried electric, this unit is for you. It’s completely waterproof and works amazingly well in the shower.

Although it’s pricey, this model is feature-rich and well worth the money. If you intend on a luxurious shaving experience, the S9000 Prestige is as good as it gets.

After each shave, simply place the S9000 Prestige into the fast, clean pod, and it will be as good as new in under a minute. The liquid in the pod smells nice and lubricates the device, which helps to reduce skin irritation.


  • Quick-clean pod
  • A radical new blade design
  • Noise reduction from vibrations


  • Expensive
  • Can be noisy

R5000 REMINGTON – Best Lightweight


Most electric shavers are heavy to carry, but that isn’t the case for the Remington R6000. It is lightweight and compact, and the USB charging cable makes it the perfect travel buddy.

The device is also 100% waterproof, making it ideal for use in the shower. The ergonomic grip offers better control and precision.

You’ll find it simple to handle, resulting in a pleasant shave. It can be applied wet or dry to smooth the skin.

 This best electric shaver for black men includes a stubble styler head shield, a travel pouch, and a cleaning brush.

Do you want the incredible sensation of a wet shave with the convenience of a dry shave? The R5000 accomplishes both.

You can use your favorite wet-shave foams or gels, take your shaving routine into the shower, and enjoy easy cleaning between uses.

Furthermore, the R5000 incorporates Dual Track Blades and Multi-Directional Shave Heads that target hairs in all directions for a more precise cut. Suppose you want to shave with the most excellent control and comfort.

In that case, the R5000 has flexing blades and a rotating neck that allows you to shave with maximum coverage and power for a clean shave.

With the 60-Minute cordless usage time, you can take your time to shave your facial hair. Its Optimal Design ensures that your shaver fits appropriately in your hand and that you have maximum control over your shaving.

Using this best electric shaver for black men, you can easily capture low-lying hairs with the Micro Comb and Intercept trimmer.


  •  Travel pouch
  • 100% waterproof
  •  Minimal irritation


  • It is not cordless
  • Less charge

WAHL Professional – Best Cordless

WAHL Professional

Wahl is a brand that’s respected amongst barbers. The Wahl Professional is a cordless electric shaver designed for professional use, delivering the extra precision that barbershops expect.

More importantly, this shaver appeals to African-American men prone to razor bumps. The razor improves the shaving experience as long as you don’t apply plenty of pressure on your face. It works hand-in-glove with a regular razor to achieve that “baby butt” smooth shave.

Following this routine will make your traditional razor last longer while preserving the lifespan of your electric shaver.

Additionally, the shaver uses hypoallergenic gold foil to prevent shaving bumps, skin irritation, or redness for the most sensitive dark skin.

Moreover, the grip is firm, with a hefty weight that provides balance without being too heavy. Besides, the material doesn’t feel cheap and is easy to clean. Simply pop off the top and use the accessory brush to clean the trapped hairs.

The only drawback with this grooming tool is that it doesn’t cut longer-length beards. If you have three days’ worth of hair growth, you’d have to use a beard trimmer before using this shaver. Other than that, it works as advertised and doesn’t disappoint.


  •  High-speed cutter
  • Quality battery life (60 minutes)
  • Barber-grade electric shaver
  •  Excellent for coarse and curly hair


  • Not waterproof
  • Not suitable for longer length hair

What To Look for in an Electric Shaver for Black Men

The electric shavers on this list are the best trimmers for black men. However, below are some features to consider when choosing an electric trimmer for the typical dark-skinned male.

Ease of Use

Every man has unique requirements when opting for an electric shaver, valid for black men. The average black man has coarse facial hair that can be dense and very curly.

In fact, many Black men experience ingrown hair, which is primarily a result of a rough shave. Consequently, you need an electric razor that’s easy to use without hurting the skin.

Unlike manual razors, an electric shaver doesn’t scar the face. It significantly reduces skin irritation possibilities that lead to ingrown hair and bumps.

Shaving Element

Some electric razors consist of one shaving element, while others can have up to five. The consensus is the higher the number of shaving pieces, the smoother your shave.

However, each element must be sufficiently sharp, or the result will be a disaster. The blade quality, technology, and overall design are more important than the shaving element. Some electric shavers use rotary discs, while others employ a foil design.

Both have their benefits and drawbacks. You’d need to consider your skin sensitivity and facial hair type before choosing.

Grooming Function

Facial hair is the new sexy for black men, and the best electric shavers are designed with a grooming device.

Typically, these grooming tools come as a separate attachment or pop out from the trimmer’s back. If you don’t need a groomer alongside your electric razor, go for another product to save cost.

Charging Capacity

 Battery longevity is just as important because no black man wants to spend long hours waiting for his electric shaver to charge fully. The best electric shavers require a few minutes to charge sufficiently for a complete shave.

Products like the Phillips Norelco S9000 charge for an hour and can provide up to two hours of usage. The Andis Electric Shaver provides up to 80 minutes of use on a single charge.


Weightlifting may help you maintain your physique, but a heavy electric shaver will cause you problems.

While the entire device needs to have enough space to house the mechanical parts, it still needs to be light enough to handle easily. Lightweight electric shavers are handier to use and can get hairs that are hard to reach.

Rotary vs. Foil

Most electric shavers for black men fall under two types: foil and rotary. The foil has holes to let the hair slip through as it moves across your face allowing the blade to cut the hair at skin level.

Foil shavers are suitable for black men with shorter beards who prefer to trim their facial hair daily. They also work amazingly well for sensitive skin, particularly for black men prone to razor bumps.

However, rotary shavers often consist of multiple discs that move across the face while cutting your hair. An electric rotary shaver is best suited for black men with longer stubble lengths who prefer to shave every other day.

Manual Cleaner vs. Charging Stations

Cleaning your electric shaver will extend the service life and optimize the device’s performance for the best shave every time.

Flagship electric shavers often have an in-built cleaning feature inside a charging station that charges the device as it cleans itself.

You can buy an electric shaver you can clean by yourself if you have the time. Many products are waterproof, and it’s simply a question of running them through the water to get the stuck hair and dirt away.


Electric shavers have different price points, and the best razors often cost between $30 to $500.

Interestingly, the best electric shavers aren’t always the priciest. You can find a product that suits all your needs without costing a king’s ransom.

It’s worth mentioning to remember the parts replacement cost before opting for a trimmer.


Electronic products often have issues, which can sometimes emanate from the factory or during shipping.

An electric shaver worth its salt will have a two-year warranty. That means any defects within the two years will make you eligible for compensation in the form of a refund or replacement.

Extra Features

Electric shavers may have similar abilities, but the extra features are a genius way to distinguish between a good trimmer and an excellent shaver.

These features include power adapters, attachments, protective cases, and a carry bag. Some electric shavers have LED displays that tell you when to clean the item or charge the shaver.

Extra features often make the difference between buying a grooming tool and looking elsewhere, significantly enhancing the user experience.

Best Electric Shaver Brands for Black Men

The electric shaver landscape is highly competitive, with many heavy hitters in the industry. Black men need a reputable brand that not only talks the talk but walks it too. The following brands represent the best electric shavers worldwide.


Philips is perhaps the most renowned electric shaver brand. The company has been in existence since 1891. It has been making top-notch razors with its popular Norelco Series for several years. While its flagship products can be pricey, you can still get an electric shaver that offers excellent value at a more than reasonable price.


Braun is well-known for its high-tech shavers that offer cutting-edge features. The German brand makes some of the best small electrical gadgets, including toothbrushes, epilators, and electric shavers. Today, the company forms a part of the Procter & Gamble group, the biggest consumer goods product corporation worldwide.


Remington is a global brand known for its range of hair care products, including electric shavers and hair clippers. The company is highly competitive in the personal care industry. It is jointly owned by Oak Hill Capital and Spectrum Brands.


The first thing that comes to mind when you hear “Wahl” is barber clippers. The brand is revered for its high-quality barber tools. Little wonder the manufacturer makes one of the best electric shavers for black men.


Panasonic is best known for its washing machines, televisions, and refrigerators. Over the past few years, the manufacturer has ventured into small appliances and currently makes some of the best black shavers for black men globally.

Top Electric Shaver for Black Men, Final Thoughts

The best electric razors for African American men will offer a comfortable shave without causing bumps and scarring. Same with the best razors for black men.

No matter what trimmer you choose, your skin will take a while to adjust to the blade. Additionally, you’d need to use it the right way for the best results.

The products on this list represent the best electric shavers for black men and will provide you with long-lasting value.

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