How To Use A Hair Sponge To Curl, Twist, Or Coil Your Natural Short Hair

How To Use A Hair Sponge To Curl, Twist, Or Coil Your Natural Short Hair

Today we’re going to look at how to use a hair sponge to get the perfect curl!

There are tons of hair tools that we use as women.

There are tools we use to temporarily straighten our hair.

We have options if we want to permanently straighten them.

What about tools for curling?

Of course, there are things such as curling irons, but what is your hair is short and natural?

Curling irons would be too big and they would also change the texture of your hair.

There are still options for you!

Hair sponges were created in the early 2010s and now they’re everywhere.

If you’re wondering how you might be able to curl, twist or coiled your hair with a hair sponge, these tips are for you.

What Is A Hair Sponge?

Black woman who uses a hair sponge

If you’re already here, that means you probably have a slight idea of what a hair sponge might be.

If you don’t, that might be because you’re used to hearing it be called a “curl sponge.”

Regardless, they’re one in the same and I’ll refer to them as such.

Hair (or curl) sponges are tools that are used to help curl the hair.

While you might’ve had to go to the beauty supply store to get them in the past, now you can find them everywhere, even on Amazon.

In fact, here you can find some of the best curl sponges that’ll help you get those curls you always wanted.

But before you make that decision, you might have a few more questions like the following.

Why are they called sponges?

Because they are quite literally a sponge.

The bouncy texture is normally added to a pad and the tool is able to absorb water.

Who can use hair sponges?

Well, they’re better used on people with short natural hair.

Now, I’m sure you have a host of other questions about hair sponges, and luckily for you, we’ve anticipated them.

How Does It Work?

Black woman going to use a hair sponge

The novel idea of a hair sponge first came from an Egyptian man name Youssef.

Working as a barber, the idea first came from towels.

They would essentially use towels in a circular motion to try to create these curly-looking coils.

Instead of forcing consumers or barbers to try to figure it out themselves, Youssef came out with the curl sponge.

How does it work exactly?

Hair sponges have small holes that are placed throughout their design.

When the tool is rubbed on the hair, the holes help form the curls.

While you might have natural kinks or curls in your hair, the curl sponge will help define specific curls based on the tool that is being used.

Now that we know how the tool works, how can you use it?

How To Use A Hair Sponge

Hair sponges work best on wet hair that has been detangled.

Some might think that the only step to using a hair sponge is that you need to use the tool in the right manner.

When it comes to natural hair, nothing is ever that easy!

Using a curl sponge on your hair requires prep.

If you’re going to use a hair sponge, follow these steps.

Wet And Detangle Your Hair

When you have natural hair, you shouldn’t ever detangle your hair while it is dry.

If you’re getting ready to use a hair sponge, your first step is detangling.

Sometimes wetting your hair isn’t enough, so feel free to add some conditioner to help take out any difficult knots.

We actually recommend you use a special made detangler though for best results.

Once your hair is detangled, you’re ready to move onto the next step.

Apply Twisting Styling Product

Once you’re done detangling your hair, it’s time to add in the product.

If you used to do twist outs in your past, you probably have some of these products.

If not, there are a few products you can check out including but not limited to:

Use Sponge In A Circular Motion

Now that you’ve prepped your hair, it’s time to start using your curl sponge!

There really isn’t much to it.

Now that your hair is wet, detangled, and has styling product in it, start rubbing the curl sponge on your hair in a circular motion.

That’s all there is too it!

Just make sure you have a comfortable place to rest your elbows.

While you might be hoping for a quick process, your arm won’t think it is.

It can take anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes to achieve your curls, so feel free to take a break when needed or find a support prop for your arm!

Add Styling Pomade To Keep The Hair In Place

Now that you’ve achieved this look, you don’t want to lose all your hard work!

While it’s often easy for our natural hair to retain its style, you want to make sure you retain your curls.

After using the curl sponge, use a styling pomade or hair spray to keep the style.

Lastly, be sure to wrap your hair when you go to sleep to preserve the style for as long as possible!

What Not To Do

After using a hair sponge on black afro hair

While there’s always a method to the madness of styling our hair, there are always things to avoid as well.

Curl sponges can’t be used on every type of hair.

Even if you have the right type of hair, there are ways to use it wrong.

Don’t be that person!

If you’re looking to pick up a hair sponge here’s what NOT to do.

Don’t Use It On Straight Hair

If you have straight hair, this product isn’t going to work for you.

Even if you have naturally curly hair that has been relaxed, you can put down the hair sponge.

Hair sponges won’t work on straight hair.

It’s all a part of the design.

As mentioned previously, the holes in the design are what help create these curls.

Whether you have natural curls, kinks, or coils, the holes are going to help define the natural shape of your hair.

Technically, you could say that those with straight hair don’t have a shape to their hair, so this product would be obsolete.

Don’t Use It On Dry Hair

If you have natural hair, you probably learned early on that you should rarely ever style your hair while it’s dry.

Use the same rule when you’re using a hair sponge.

If your hair is dry, the tool definitely won’t have the same effect.

There are two things that help hair take shape.

More often than not, it’s heat.

Since you won’t be using any heat in this process, the second likely option is water.

While hair can take shape while it’s wet, it also helps to preserve the style when a tool is used to style wet hair and is allowed to dry.

Don’t Use Excessive Pressure

A lot of the time we tend to think that if we apply more pressure to something that our hair will cooperate faster or more easily.

That’s false!

Don’t damage your hair, girl!

If you’re using a curl sponge, don’t use tons of pressure.

You might think your hair is strong, but a heavy hand can quickly lead to breakage.

Instead, use light to medium pressure.

Don’t Spin It In Different Directions

Clockwise or counter clockwise?

Whichever one you go with, stick to it!

As you’re working on your hair, you might find that your hand wants to move in whichever direction is comfortable.

One of the most important things when using a curl sponge is that you keep it going in the same direction.

This direction is what will allow the curls to form.

The motion of the sponge in conjunction with the texture allows it to take shape.

If you spin it in multiple directions, one of two things will happen.

First, you’ll find that it’ll take you forever to achieve the look you’re going for.

By circulating the sponge in both directions, you’re essentially undoing everything you started doing.

Second, you can tangle your hair this way.

As we mentioned, you should start the process with wet, detangled hair, but the constant movement of the curl sponge can quickly lead to you tangling your locks.

How To Pick The Perfect Curl Sponge

The decision behind finding the perfect hair sponge is in the size of the holes.

When using a curl sponge, there are a few things to consider.

Size might be important to you as well as the actual design of the tool that you’re using.

While these are both important, there is one thing to be mindful of as you’re looking for the perfect curl sponge.

The size of your curls is defined by the size of the holes in the sponge.

This is what you’re going to use in order to pick the perfect sponge.

If you want smaller, tighter curls, go with a curl sponge with very small holes.

If you want a looser curl pattern, go with slightly bigger holes in the design of your hair sponge.

Can Curl Sponges Be Used For Any Other Hair Style?

Curl sponges prep black man's hair for locs.

Now, we all like tools that are multi-purpose.

While you might be using a hair sponge to get your short, natural hair into nice curls, you might also be wondering if you can use it to achieve any other style.

If you’ve always wanted to grow dreadlocks, now might be your chance.

In order to have healthy and strong locks, your hair is going to need a good foundation.

Many people tend to spend hours twisting up their natural hair.

If you’re looking to grow dreads, you definitely don’t have to do that.

Hair sponges are a great way to achieve the look.

By shaping your hair into the tight coils, you could achieve with a hair sponge, you can easily lay the groundwork for your locks.

Now, just because you can use a hair sponge to form your hair into the basis for dreadlocks doesn’t mean it’s 100% going to work.

All hair isn’t going to perform the same when one is using a curl sponge.

As long as your hair forms a nice coil, you can start your foundation for locks.

If you’re having trouble, you might want to recruit the help of your hair dresser.

Are Curl Sponges For Men Or Women?

Curls sponges are a unisex hair tool that can be used on men or women with short, natural hair.

If you do a quick search on Google or YouTube, you might be wondering why we’re talking about curl sponges for women.

You’ll see tons of videos or links pop up and they’ll mostly be talking about curl sponges for men.

You might even see them mention celebrities like Usher who use the curl sponge to achieve their hair styles.

Are you thinking: are curl sponges for men or women?

They’re for both!

Hair sponges are a unisex hair item that can be used whether you’re a man or woman.

Why would it be different?

Black men and women, we literally have the same hair growing out of our heads.

The only thing that’s different is how we maintain it.

When we’re younger, our parents tend to keep hair short for males and longer for females.

Now that you’re an adult, you might love your short cut.

Another reason might be because you just went through a major chop and you’re starting from the beginning.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, as long as you have short, natural hair, the curl sponge is for you.

How To Use A Hair Sponge Conclusion

Hair sponges on black women's hair

The hair sponge is an ingenious idea.

While there’s definitely no hate going on about our natural hair texture, it’s great when we’re able to enhance it and shape it into the look that we want.

If you want beautiful, tight curls, get yourself a hair sponge.

And if you don’t know where to start, check out these amazing hair sponge options.

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