5 Top Trenton Neighborhoods For Young Black Professionals, Black Families & Singles – New Jersey

Best Trenton Neighborhoods for Black Professionals

Trenton is an ethnically diverse city and home to many neighborhoods and sub-neighborhoods.

Trenton, New Jersey, is a great place to be upwardly mobile. It has a great job market, habitable neighborhoods, family-friendly atmospheres, and excellent schools.

But, which are the best Trenton neighborhoods for black families, singles, and professionals? Here is what we found from our research.

3 Best Trenton Suburbs for Black Families

Glen Afton And The Island – families

Glen Afton & Island is one of the most walkable areas in Trenton. It has some public means of transport and is relatively bikeable.

Housing types vary from condos, multi-family, apartments, mobile homes, farms/ranches, etc. The Housing and Urban Development reports the cost of rental estimates ranges from $798 for studios to $1,480 for four-bedroom apartments.

A vast majority of the people living here primarily work white-collar rather than blue-collar jobs. Consequently, most people also drive to work while the public transport system is also reliable.

Living in Glen Afton provides your family an urban-suburban blend feel, and most houses are owner-occupied. In Glen Afton, there are numerous parks, and the neighborhood is generally peaceful and well away from the rest of the city.

Also, the residents are amicable and welcoming. A good neighbor is likened to a found treasure. A good place to start if you’re looking to relocate as a black family.

Central West

Central West is one of the best places for families in New Jersey. If you are thriving financially and would like to bring up your family in a well-off neighborhood, consider Central West.

The median price listing of homes in Central West is $74, and there are a few reasons why it is ideal for your family.

Central West hosts four public schools that GreatSchools rated higher and good. It also has options ranging from childcare up to high school level.

Central West thus makes an excellent option for affordable schooling and an ideal neighborhood for your kids’ upbringing.

Mill Hill Historic District

Mill Hill Historic District


Mill Hill is found next to downtown Trenton, a short stretch from Trenton’s train station. The neighborhood spans some blocks of 19th-century homes, hence the name historic district.

Mill Hill is a unique, civically active, and diverse neighborhood. It has a bright-seeming and robust future. It’s a neighborhood in the traditional sense – most people know their neighbors.

It has many beautiful town gardens. All residents regularly mobilize to maintain the public space by collecting litter, painting, trimming, and planting.

The area hosts married couples, singles, economic partners, and multi-generational families in terms of demographics.

Additionally, Mill Hill supplements the general well-being of children via personalized, culturally sensitive behavioral and educational services. The community watch works tirelessly to enhance living conditions, making Mill Hill a tranquil living neighborhood.

South Trenton

South Trenton

South Trenton is ideal for anyone looking for a peaceful neighborhood with a low cost of living, amenities in abundance, and comfortable seasonal weather. The urban flair in the area adds vibrancy and diversity to its culture.

Being close to everything, including shopping centers, social amenities, and work centers, makes it a popular location for singles and working blacks.

Commuter trains and the primary mode of transport because they are environment friendly and accessible.

Some of the most common leisure activities include attending concerts or going to Manhattan for a fun night out in town. There is also a league baseball team that keeps young people busy and away from crime.

The neighborhood is also close to Rutger’s University and The College of New Jersey if you would love to experience the unique college culture.

South Trenton is also considered one of the safest in Trenton, with low crime rates compared to other parts of the city.

South Trenton is an excellent place if you expect convenience while going to work, availability, and comfort.


Plentiful employment options, the great weather, affordable housing, and amenities make. Hiltonia is a good place for young singles to live.

The area is located a few miles from downtown Trenton and approximately one hour to Philadelphia and Manhattan. It has sufficient commuter train and bus options hence it combines convenience with affordability.

The stress-free and fast access to major highways make transport to various places a breeze. Also, the area is only a 45-minute drive away from many famous Jersey beaches, often called “The Jersey Shore.”

Presently, Hiltonia’s beauty lies in the diversity of its real estate. From Cotswold cottages, attached houses, and mid-century modern century modern ranches. This diversity of the housing market also allows residents at every price to buy in the neighborhood.

With affordable real estate prices, various shopping and dining options, a historic Mill Hill playhouse, and a good income in this area, you will fit right in this neighborhood.

Greenwood and Hamilton

Greenwood and Hamilton

This neighborhood offers excellent seasonal weather, great convenience, diversity, and amenities to gratify everyone. This city has accessible public transit.

Although in the Trenton area, these neighborhoods are unique. They are close to the Delaware River and Washington’s crossing, where most people love to go for picnics.

The scenery here is breathtaking, especially in autumn when crispy blossoming leaves add to the rustic feel in the neighborhood.

These neighborhoods are also great for diversity lovers because they offer various cuisines to enjoy. If you are thinking of moving into Trenton, don’t miss out on these two areas.

Is Trenton Safe?

Is Trenton Safe

The crime rate in Trenton averages 38.87 for every 1,000 residents annually. However, the rate of crime is higher than an average US city. People who reside in Trenton consider the northeast part as the safest.

Your chance of falling victim can be as low as 1 in 50 in the northeast part of the city. However, in southwest Trenton, the probability increases to 1 in 6. On average, the chance of one becoming a crime victim can be 1 in 30.

What is Trenton’s Demographic?

What is Trenton's Demographic

According to the last census in 2019 of Trenton City, the total population estimate was 83,203. There is a sum of about 27,561 households – 82% of which live in the same house.

The average household income is $35,402, while people living in poverty are estimated to be 28.7% of the entire population.

The demographics are broken down as follows:

  • Persons under five years – 7.2%
  • Persons under 18 – 26.4%
  • Persons above 65 – 10.1%
  • Female persons – 50.2%

Race and Origin

  • White – 40.9%
  • Black or African American – 49.5%
  • Asian – 1.4%
  • American Indian – 0.4%

The Best Trenton Neighborhoods

Best Trenton Neighborhoods


Trenton is a decent place to live in. it has various historical sites in many areas, which can be exciting to visit. The best part is, residents, practice good neighborliness.

Trenton also has amenities that can be likened to those of major cities at an affordable rate.

These areas have been considered after an overall assessment of the location. In finding the best neighborhoods, we accounted for factors like security, access to amenities, crime rates, employment statistics, and housing trends.

The general feel of Trenton neighborhoods is a historic area, rich in culture and diversity. It also has a wide range of restaurants and shopping centers. 

There are 24 neighborhoods in Trenton, NJ. Mill Hill has the highest livability score, followed by Glen Afton & the Island.

More areas like Hanover Academy, Central West, Villa Park, Hiltonia, Battle Monument, and Hiltonia also make great Trenton neighborhoods.

Best Trenton Neighborhoods for Black Professionals, Conclusion

You now have a well-researched list of the best neighborhoods in Trenton for black people. Whether you are looking for a place for your family, you have found a new job, or simply looking for a historic feel, Trenton is a perfect location.

Overall, Mill Hill is an ideal location for everyone. However, weigh all options and pick a neighborhood that best fits your lifestyle or needs.

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