5 Top Tallahassee Neighborhoods for Young Black Professionals, Black Families & Singles – Florida

Best Tallahassee Neighborhoods for Young Black Professionals

Moving to Tallahassee but don’t know where in the city you should move to in the city? We’ve got you covered. Whether you’re a young Black professional, single, or want a haven for your family, we’ve compiled your complete guide to finding a home in Tallahassee.

Please keep reading for our suggestions for the best Tallahassee neighborhoods for young Black professionals, Black families, and singles.

3 Best Tallahassee Suburbs For Black Families

Are you looking to settle your family down in Tallahassee? Then, take a trip out to the suburbs to find the best neighborhoods.



Just 17 miles North of Tallahassee, you’ll find Havana, a quaint town near the Georgia border. The town is a bit more bustling than some other Tallahassee suburbs but is still rural enough to alleviate the crime rates you might see in the city.

While the 30-minute commute into the city might not be ideal for some, the diverse population is. Roughly half of Havana’s population is African American, while 45% is White and 5% is Hispanic. Plus, Havana has access to some great schools and outdoor activity areas.



Woodville is one of the more diverse suburbs surrounding Tallahassee, with Black residents taking up over a quarter of the population, according to Niche. It’s also ranked 24th for Best Suburbs to Buy a House in Florida and Suburbs with the Lowest Cost of Living, making it an exceptional place to find a home within budgetary constraints.

Although not totally removed from the city, Woodville offers Black families diversity and the safety of suburban living without costing a fortune. The town is only eight miles from Tallahassee’s downtown hub for an easy work commute. In addition, Wakulla State Forest and Wakulla Springs State Park encompass the area, offering a healthy mix of suburban and rural living.

Plus, Woodville offers access to 11 different public schools, including K-8 School of Arts and Sciences, which ranked 140th for Best Public Schools in Florida.



Crawfordville is a friendly, small neighborhood outside of Tallahassee providing residents with a suburban and rural lifestyle. The schools in the area are above average, and the cost of living is incredibly affordable, which attracts many young families and professionals to the site.

At the end of the day, you can escape the heavy nightlife and college crowd in Tallahassee at your home in Crawfordville. If you work in Tallahassee, Crawfordville is only a short drive away. The neighborhood has also ranked as the number one Best Suburb of Tallahassee, according to Niche.

The area has a little over 5,000 residents but still has a good mix of diversity, although not quite as mixed as Woodville. For example, roughly 78% of Crawfordville residents are White, while 18% are Black. Crawfordville also has a meager poverty rate and crime rate, making it a safe place to live.

2 Best Tallahassee Neighborhoods For Black Singles & Young Professionals

Even though Tallahassee’s age demographic majority lies between 20 and 30 years old, not every neighborhood is best suited for Black singles or young professionals.

All Saints

All Saints


If you’re looking for a young, artistic neighborhood in Tallahassee that’s close to nightlife and entertainment, you might want to consider All Saints. The community is close to FAMU and FSU, Railroad Square Arts Park, and the downtown area for a quick work commute.

The neighborhood has recently undergone construction for new apartment homes. It is quickly becoming one of Tallahassee’s most popular destinations for young Black single and professionals because of the diverse and young population and proximity to restaurants, shops, nightlife, and the city center.


Midtown is the Tallahassee neighborhood that’s a bit more removed from college life but still provides a quality mix of entertainment options. In this neighborhood, you’ll find graduate students, young professionals, and young families.

Since it isn’t as close to the central downtown hub, rent is also more suited for young professionals. The average rent in Midtown for a single-bedroom apartment is only $950, making it affordable without removing you from shops, restaurants, and entertainment stops you want to have close by.

Here, you’ll find bars, local eateries, museums, the playhouse, coffee shops, grocery stores, and strip malls within a reasonable distance.

Is Tallahassee Safe?

Is Tallahassee Safe

When you move, you want to know that you’re moving to a safe place, whether to create a home for your family, launch your career, get an education, or otherwise. So, is Tallahassee safe? Of course, that depends on where you move to within the city area.

Like most cities, crime is bound to happen. However, sometimes one neighborhood is safer than the one next to it. For example, in Tallahassee, Crime Grade considers the Northeast area of the city the safest as it’s removed from its central hub and consists of more single-family homes and residents.

Neighborhoods closest to FSU and the downtown area, such as Frenchtown, Downtown, and those near Capital Circle, have higher violent, property, and other crime rates. These areas experience about 2,050 reported crimes per year instead of the further removed Northeast and Southeast communities with only about 340 reported crimes per year.  

What Is Tallahassee’s Demographic?

What Is Tallahassee’s Demographic

Even though Tallahassee is home to two large universities and remains Florida’s state capitol, it isn’t the most populated city in the state. Tallahassee ranks number nine for most populated cities in Florida, with 197,974 residents according to the 2021 census report. 

Of that population, only about 35% are Black, while roughly 56% are White, according to World Population Review. Residents of Asian descent come in at about five percent.

However, for young Black singles and professionals, the median age for the city is about 26 years old. Residents between the ages of 20 and 30 comprise 37% of Tallahassee’s population, so you’ll have many like-minded individuals to socialize and mingle with.

Plus, there’s a healthy ratio of male to female residents, with each gender making up pretty much half of the population.

The Best Tallahassee Neighborhoods

The Best Tallahassee Neighborhoods

Regardless of your family, relationship, or career status, some of the best Tallahassee neighborhoods can benefit everyone, including Midtown, Levy Park, and Northeast Tallahassee.


While Midtown, Tallahassee, ranks among the best for young Black singles and young professionals, it tops the list for best Tallahassee neighborhoods in general too. This is because Midtown offers residents close access to downtown while providing enough entertainment on its own.

The area is more reserved than the city center, but not so much that you feel isolated from all of the city action. Here, you’ll find a diverse resident pool and plenty to do.

Levy Park

Levy Park sits close to one of Tallahassee’s famous parks, Lake Ella. Surrounding this lake, residents will find local shops and eateries alongside picnic tables and adjacent strip malls. The neighborhood is also incredibly close to Midtown, making nightlife and entertainment accessible. Plus, when you need to go into the city, you only have to drive about five minutes.

Levy Park’s residential areas are above Tallahassee’s average price but not so far over that the neighborhood becomes an exclusive living destination. Instead, the prices for homes and apartments reflect the quality of the area, which is highly sought after.

Northeast Tallahassee

As mentioned before, the Northeast Tallahassee neighborhood is among the safest areas in the city. The crime rate and poverty rates for this region are far below those nearer the city’s center. The area also has quite estates ranging from large-scale to quaint single-family homes, including Killearn Estates and Killearn Lakes.

The schools in this area are also above average, making it a desirable location for young families. Plus, while the neighborhood might feel far removed from the city, it’s only a short drive to entertainment, restaurants, and the nightlife scene of Midtown, Downtown, and College Town.

Top Tallahassee Suburbs for Black Families, Conclusion

We’ve compiled your guide to navigating this unfamiliar landscape so that young Black professionals, families, and singles can find a home that suits their needs while staying safe. Now, all you have to do is decide which neighborhood or suburb sounds most appealing to you so you can move and get acquainted with the area.

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