Popular Manchester Neighborhoods For Young Black Professionals, Black Families & Singles – New Hampshire

Best Manchester Neighborhoods For Young Black Professionals

It’s no surprise that many Millenials have begun to flock to New Hampshire to start their next chapter. With beautiful foliage, plenty of activities, and fun perks like no sales tax, Manchester is an excellent place to plant roots.

Read on to find out which Manchester suburbs are the best for Black families and singles.

Best Manchester Suburbs For Black Families

There’s no denying it: Manchester has some great opportunities for young families. For one, there are so many fun activities that the whole family can enjoy. From hiking the luscious trails to visiting the New Hampshire Institute of Art to playing with your kids at Lake Massabesic, Manchester is a perfect spot to start a family.

Here are our top choices for the best Manchester neighborhoods for Black families.


Bedford Manchester New Hampshire

If you’re looking for a Manchester suburb with a highly rated school system, a booming job market, and excellent housing, look no further than Bedford, Manchester.

Bedford has it all. That’s why it’s often ranked as the number one school district and number one suburb of Manchester. While Bedford can be a little more expensive than other suburbs, you get what you pay for. Bedford has great schools, great community, and a calm, peaceful place to enjoy the outdoors while still living in a safe neighborhood.

Plus, the neighborhood is constantly improving – like recent construction to widen the 101 to help with traffic flow, a new Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and more. Bedford also tends to lean more towards the liberal side if that’s your cup of tea.

However, Bedford doesn’t have much diversity. According to the U.S. Census report, Bedford has a mostly White community. Which means you may feel like you stick out a little bit.

All in all, Bedford is a lush neighborhood to start you and your family’s next move.


Brookline Manchester New Hampshire

Brookline is a terrific option for new families. Not only are they highly rated as one of the best places to buy a home and start a family in Manchester, but they also have strikingly low crime rates compared to Manchester and the rest of the United States.

Perhaps their low crime rate has something to do with the sparse population: Brookline, Manchester feels like a very rural town. It’s extremely family-friendly, quiet, and clean, but everything closes by 8. It’s so small that the town shares a school with the neighboring suburb.

As a result, Brookline has very low walkability, so having a car is a must. The suburb is also at the upper end of the middle-class, so if you can afford to live here, you’ll be surrounded by excellent amenities.

Mont Vernon

Mont Vernon Manchester New Hampshire

In every sense, Mont Vernon is a family neighborhood. Most of the demographic here are people in their 30s-50s raising a family. Additionally, crime rates are far below the national average, so this is a safe and fun place for your kids to play and explore.

If you’re an outdoorsy person, Mont Vernon is the place for you. Spend Saturday with your family at Purgatory falls, where you’ll be greeted with stunning hiking trails that wrap around an incredible waterfall. Or you can take your children to visit landmarks steeped in history like the Lamson farm.

Mont Vernon is also ranked number 5 out of 42 for the best school district in New Hampshire, so you know with confidence that your children will receive the best education New Hampshire has to offer.

However, diversity could be a bit better. As a Black family, you might feel out of place. Additionally, Mont Vernon does have a rural feel, so if you’re looking for a place with a little more activity, you may want to look elsewhere.

Best Manchester Neighborhoods For Black Singles & Young Professionals

We all know Manchester has quiet neighborhoods, perfect for raising a family. But where to go if you’re a young single?

Manchester neighborhoods offer live music, culture, and exciting opportunities for Black singles and there are several top Manchester suburbs for black Singles & Young Professionals in the city. Here are our top two picks for the best Manchester neighborhoods for Black singles and professionals.

Downtown Manchester

Downtown Manchester

For those looking for a little more excitement and city feel, Downtown Manchester will not disappoint.

You’ll have your pick of bars, clubs, concert venues, and more. The area is dotted along the Merrimack River, making this suburb as scenic as exciting. Stroll down Elm street and pop into trendy coffee shops or pubs along your way. During the day, visit such cultural hotspots like the Millyard Museum, or visit one of the neighborhood’s restaurants (they have over one hundred!).

Plus, since Downtown Manchester is surrounded by a lot of colleges, the energy is, youthful, exciting, and always buzzing with some sort of event.


Amherst Manchester New Hampshire

Coming up as number two ranking, Amherst is a lively, exciting place to live. It ranks number two on best places to live in Manchester and ranks highly among best places to live for having a family and best places to live in New Hampshire.

While Amherst certainly has a more suburban feel than Downtown Manchester, it’s not without its charm. The community is liberal and cultured, making them welcoming towards Black people, LGBTQ people, and other minorities.

This is also a fantastic neighborhood for working people. Seems to be a great working community, with most people earning much more than the national average in terms of household income. Paired with a walkable village, Amherst is a strong contender for any young single looking to move to Manchester.

Is Manchester Safe?

Is Manchester Safe

Individually, Manchester neighborhoods are a fairly safe community; some neighborhoods (such as Mont Vernon) have crime rates far below national averages. However, Manchester as a whole does have higher crime rates than the national average.

For example, per 100,000 people, assault rates in Manchester recently spiked up to 422.5 (as compared to the national average with nearly double less than at 282).

Even though Manchester is a smaller city, it is still a city, so you must protect yourself and always be on the lookout for crime.

What Is Manchester’s Demographic?

Manchester’s Demographic

We’d be lying if we said that Manchester had a diverse demographic. According to the U.S. Census Report, out of 110,000 residents in Manchester, 6.1% are Black or African American.

84.8% are white (as opposed to 76.3% in the nation, so slightly higher than average, and 10.4% are Hispanic.

In fact, Black people only make up 13.4% of the population in all of New Hampshire. 74% of the demographic are White people, with the next highest demographic being 18.5% Hispanic.

So, even if you leave Manchester, the state skews predominantly White. No matter which Manchester neighborhood you choose, chances are you’ll be far outnumbered by White people.

While you may be the only Black family around, many former Black residents report no racism or microaggressions, citing the culture’s “live and let live” attitude.

The Best Manchester Neighborhoods

Of all the Manchester neighborhoods, Bedford is one of our top picks. A beautiful, rural, tight-knit community, Bedford is highly rated for its schools, housing, job market, outdoor activities, history and more; Bedford is a terrific place to raise a family.

If you like nature, are looking for a quiet place to build a home, and are looking for a place to educate your children to the best of New Hampshire’s ability, you should check out Bedford, New Hampshire.

Top Manchester Neighborhoods For Black Families, Conclusion

Manchester is a hidden gem in New Hampshire. It has many suburbs and neighborhoods, and many are the best Manchester neighborhoods for black families. Each has different strengths so that Manchester can cater to a variety of lifestyles. Whether you’re starting up your family or you’re looking to start fresh, Manchester has something for everyone.

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