Best Hartford Neighbourhoods for Young Black Professionals, Black Families, and Singles

Best Hartford Neighbourhoods for Young Black Professionals

Moving somewhere new can be daunting, and it’s not always easy to know where is best or safest to set up your new home.

We’ve put together a list of Hartford’s best neighborhoods to help you make that choice.

 3 Best Hartford Suburbs For Black Families

When you’re looking to move as a family, there are lots of factors that need evaluation. Schools are essential, as is the funding that goes into them.

Likewise, families with young children may want a community that offers enrichment through art galleries and museums. Others may favor the safety, security, and opportunities for imaginative play afforded by Hartford’s more rural neighborhoods.

Hartford’s many diverse neighborhoods satisfy all of these criteria, some better than others. When it comes to finding a neighborhood suitable for families, these are some of the best Hartford neighborhoods there are.

West Hartford

West Hartford

West Hartford is consistently rated one of the best neighborhoods for black families. But it’s a diverse community in more ways than one, and its popularity spans a varied demographic, including young black professionals and singles.

For families looking to move to West Hartford, the neighborhood has several schools to choose from that rank above average among the locals. Of particular note are:

  • Whiting Lane School
  • Braeburn School
  • Morley School

Black families moving to West Hartford will also appreciate the range of green space for outdoor play and weekend picnics. They offer a respite from the bustle of traffic and busier cities. Highlights include:

  • Elizabeth Park
  • West Hartford Reservoir

For rainy afternoons, the community also offers a children’s museum to keep young children entertained. But it doesn’t cater solely to the young, and reviews on highlight the neighborhood’s nightlife as varied and enjoyable for adults looking to step out for the evening.

The neighborhood population is approximately 63,000, making it a densely packed, thriving suburb that many newcomers find welcoming and inclusive. 


Avon Hartford Connecticut

Avon is another of the top Hartford suburbs for black singles and young professionals, and black families.

It’s a smaller suburb than West Hartford, with a population of 18,312. But the smaller population doesn’t affect the community feel of the neighborhood.

Families with children have their choice of schools, including several elementary, middle, and high schools. Additionally, families can choose from various private and public schools depending on their preferences and children’s needs.

Although small, some residents experience difficulty with the traffic volume. However, they also describe the community as welcoming. It offers a range of opportunities for black families enthusiastic about the outdoors. These include:

  • National parks
  • Hiking trails

For the more historically minded, there are also various monuments and museums that offer children accessible, interesting, and enriching further education opportunities.

Additionally, the community offers a wide variety of shops and restaurants for young black families and singles to enjoy at weekends or days off. 


The smallest community on this list of best suburbs for black families, Weatogue’s population is approximately 2,700.

Its blend of green space with quieter, more rural living appeals to families seeking a relaxed pace of life. It has its share of busy roads, but national parks and wooded backyards offer respite from the noise and bustle these generate.

Although statistically, Weatogue caters to an older demographic on average, the community offers various child-focused activities throughout the year, including:

  • Ice skating
  • Swimming
  • Music fairs
  • Parades

There are also several high-ranking schools at both the private and public levels for parents to choose from. Moreover, schools and residents eagerly stress the generous funding that supports the local public school system, ensuring local children’s needs are continuously met.

2 Best Hartford Neighbourhoods For Black Singles & Young Professionals

While Hartford has many different neighborhoods suitable for black families, they also accommodate other age brackets and backgrounds. These are some of the neighborhoods best for black singles and professionals.


Downtown Hartford Connecticut

Hartford’s Downtown neighborhood is ideal for young black singles and professionals. It’s a thriving, sometimes eclectic environment that’s always full of activity.

Condos and apartment buildings are a short walk away from an evening’s entertainment, whether at fashionable eateries and bars or a live music performance.

Downtown also offers various job opportunities to young professionals looking to change or continue their careers. Opportunities include work with:

  • Legal practices
  • Travel agencies
  • Finance

South West

South West isn’t as busy as Downton but still offers efficient and reliable connections to larger cities. Several parks in South West Hartford give the outdoors-minded singles and young professionals lots to keep them busy in their downtime.

The other advantage to life in South West Hartford is its affordability. Young professionals and singles can rent or buy a range of styles from the Cape Cod home to sleek and modern apartments.

Is Hartford Safe? 

Is Hartford Safe

Hartford has one of the highest crime rates in Connecticut. Not only that, it’s well above the national average for crime.

However, like any thriving city with suburbs, the degree and type of crime varies by area.

As of 2021, violent crime is the highest it’s been in 20 years. Notably, however, the neighborhood plays a considerable part in perceptions of violence and safety in Hartford.

For instance, some of the most dangerous areas of Hartford include:

  • South Green
  • Clay Arsenal
  • Parkville

Whereas some of the safest neighborhoods are:

  • South Meadows
  • Southwest

What Is Hartford’s Demographic?

What Is Hartford’s Demographic

As one of the oldest and largest cities in America, Hartford’s demographic is a varied one. It’s a favorite place with retired citizens, though age is a factor and includes both young and retired veterans as well as senior citizens.

Children from infancy to 18 make up approximately 29.7% of the demographic, where 23.5% are between ages five and 18.

A further 11.3% are 65 or older. That leaves the majority of Hartford’s age demographic to be filled by young professionals, singles, and parents with ages that run the gamut from 19-64.

Moreover, after several years of declining population figures, newly released census figures indicate Hartford is not only growing again but growing more diverse.

Its ethnic breakdown is:

  • 37.70% Black or African American
  • 31.25% White
  • 21.48 Other races
  • 6.40% Two or more mixed races

Notably, its Native American and Hawaiian or Pacific Islander makeup are significantly lower. Statistically, in Hartford, there are:

  • 0.43% Native Americans
  • 0.06% Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander

The Best Hartford Neighbourhoods

In discussing the top Hartford suburbs for black singles, young professionals, and black families, we’ve sequestered neighborhoods by their differing suitability. But some Hartford neighborhoods are versatile and worth singling out as some of the city’s best all-around neighborhoods.

West End

West End Hartford Connecticut


Close to West Hartford, the West End is home to musicians, artists, and the creatively-minded. It has a thriving thoroughfare on Farmington St and various chain and independent stores.

It has a healthy commercial district and a range of amenities from bowling allies to churches.

Asylum Hill

Asylum Hill Hartford Connecticut


Asylum Hill sits between Hartford’s Downtown and West End neighborhoods. It’s predominantly a rental community, which makes it well-suited for young professionals not ready to commit to home buying yet, as well as families in the area for the short term.

Asylum Hill is also the location of several significant insurance companies, making it the ideal choice for financially-minded young professionals. Additionally, it offers locals various houses of worship and local amenities, including:

  • Laundromat
  • Dollar stores
  • Restaurants

It’s best known for featuring writer Mark Twain’s house and that of Harriet Beecher Stowe.

Top Hartford Neighbourhoods for Black People, Final Thoughts

Hartford, CT, offers newcomers various neighborhoods to choose from. They all have things to recommend them, and they vary in suitability from being best for black families to young professionals.

To find out what suburb might suit you best, taking the time to visit before moving will help you make your decision.

Wherever you settle, expect a warm welcome, and rest assured that from schools to history to green outdoor spaces, Hartford offers something for everyone. 

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