5 Top Boise Neighborhoods For Black Families, Young Professionals & Singles – Idaho

Best Boise Neighborhoods For Black Families

Before you consider moving yourself or your family to Boise, it is worth learning about statistics and demographics throughout the various suburbs and neighborhoods.

Luckily, we have compiled all of that information here. So read on to learn the best Boise neighborhoods for black families, singles, and young professionals!

3 Best Boise Suburbs For Black Families

Considering that Boise has always had heavy industries such as logging, mining, and railroad, the city has also had an active black community. This community also came from past black mining families and railroad families that still have descendants living throughout Idaho.

And compared to the past, the number of black families living in Boise and Idaho more generally has only increased. Sure, it does not come close to the racial diversity of large cities on the coast like New York or Los Angeles, but all things considered, it is a diverse place.

The diversity is higher because of Idaho’s refugee programs. Other contributing factors are the construction industries and the existence of Boise State University. Boise is also home to the Idaho Black History Museum, which was founded in 1909 and continues to serve the black community to this day.

And since you are considering a move to Boise, let us narrow down the choices of where to move with these three best Boise neighborhoods for black families.

The Boise Bench

Boise Bench

Boise Bench overlooks the city and has a great diversity of neighborhoods within it. The views from this neighborhood are beautiful. You can see both the foothills and the downtown area of the city. The Bench has changed a lot over the years and continues to evolve. There are also many restaurants of all backgrounds here to choose from.

Compared with many other neighborhoods and suburbs of Boise, the median income is a bit lower here. The lower-income level also means that the cost of living is lower than some of your other choices. The diversity in the Bench comes from the high number of refugees who live there. And generally speaking, more houses are rented than owned in this neighborhood.

But one downside is the lack of sidewalks, which might not be ideal for walking around with the family. But it is a good neighborhood if a cheaper cost of living and a higher diversity is what you desire. And its central location means you can easily get anywhere else in the city!

Boise North End

Boise North End Idaho

Very close to the downtown of Boise, the North End is a great neighborhood with lots of houses and many different architectural styles. Its proximity to Boise Bench and the downtown area means that the diversity of North End is reasonably high. The population in the North End is just under 10,000, and it is just over 5% black.

Many people compare the North End to cities like Seattle and Portland.

But despite how close it is to downtown, Boise North End is a very green place with easy access to nature. The streets are lined with lots of trees, and there are many trails and parks that are easily accessible within walking distance. This access to nature can be a particular bonus for raising a family.

Again, the percentage of black families living here will be lower than in a neighborhood like Boise Bench, but you have to weigh that against the other benefits for families like bigger houses and access to nature. Also, North End is 46% of families with children under 18 years old.

Boise State University

Boise State University

The neighborhood around Boise State University is part of Southeast Boise, and it is an attractive neighborhood for students and faculty of the university. And the existence of the university means that diversity will be higher in this neighborhood.

These benefits do, however, come with a price tag—the cost of living in this neighborhood is 64% higher. But the university neighborhood is also urban and exciting, and getting around is easy. There are many restaurants and shops to keep you occupied.

2 Best Boise Neighborhoods For Black Singles & Young Professionals

The best neighborhood for a family is not necessarily the same for singles and young professionals. Often a safe suburb that is more secluded is not what you are looking for, and often these suburbs are too expensive anyway.

Especially if you are single and looking to meet people around your age, choosing the right neighborhood is particularly crucial. So let’s get more specific with two of the top Boise suburbs for black singles and young professionals.

The Boise Bench

Boise Bench Idaho

We recommended this neighborhood for black families because of its diversity and more liberal politics, and the same would be true for black singles and young professionals. It is a younger neighborhood, and it is rich in culture.

The percentage of young males and females in occupations surrounding the arts is also much higher in Boise Bench. It is a neighborhood with lots of culture for young people, and its central location makes it easy to access any other area.

Southeast Boise

Southeast Boise

While the North End neighborhood tends to have a more hippie vibe with left political leanings, Southeast Boise is more moderately liberal and filled with young professionals. It exists right alongside the Boise River and has a wide variety of homes.

If money is less of an issue, this neighborhood could be perfect for you. There are many bars, restaurants, and parks in this neighborhood. And it has fast access to the freeway if you plan to commute somewhere else for work. The nightlife here is fantastic, making it a great suburb for black singles and young professionals.

Is Boise Safe?

Is Boise Safe

According to the peace index and violent crime rate, Idaho as a state is more peaceful than many other states in America. Per 100,000 people, Idaho’s violent crime rate is 223.8. To put that into perspective, the District of Columbia has a violent crime rate of 1049 per 100,000 people.

And while Boise has a higher crime rate than Idaho itself like most cities, Boise is safer than a third of other U.S. cities. So it would not be fair to say Boise is one of the safest cities statistically, but it does have a lower crime rate compared to similar population sizes.

What Is Boise’s Demographic?

What Is Boise’s Demographic

According to the latest 2020 census, Boise’s population is 235,684, with over 91,000 of those being families. And while the population is a majority white (89%), there is a fair amount of diversity in Boise’s population.

The main breakdown of Boise’s demographics are:

  • 89.3% White alone
  • 1.9& Black or African American alone
  • 9% Hispanic or Latino
  • 2.8% make of Asians alone
  • 3.4% Two or more races

These demographics will, of course, shift depending on which suburb you decide to live in.

The Best Boise Neighborhoods

Best Boise Neighborhoods

Many factors will go into your neighborhood choice, but weighing demographics, housing costs, and safety, we have come up with the following best Boise neighborhoods and suburbs.

The best Boise neighborhood for black families is:

  • Boise North End

And the best Boise neighborhood for black singles and young professionals is:

  • Southeast Boise

With its high diversity, access to nature, and a high percentage of families, Boise North End makes it a great choice for your family. And even with its suburbian feel, it still has easy access to downtown Boise.

And Southeast Boise is our top choice for young professionals because it has great nightlife and lots of young working people. And you will have easy access to the freeway for wherever you need to commute.

Top Boise Neighborhoods For Black People, Conclusion

Whether you are a young professional or moving your entire family, Boise has many neighborhoods that are well suited towards black people, black families, and diversity more generally.

And remember, there is no substitute for visiting the city and checking it out for yourself!

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