5 Top Denver Neighborhoods For Black Singles, Families & Young Professionals – Colorado

Best Denver Neighborhoods For Black Singles, Families

Ski towns. Visceral mountainous landscapes. Phenomenal creeks, rivers, streams, and lakes. Simply put, Denver is a mecca for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. As a result, it is one of the most populated cities in Colorado.

The state’s capital features many fantastic places to explore. Some of these neighborhoods are excellent for young families just starting. Others are perfect for young singles looking to start their next chapter in life.

Check out our picks below for the top Denver suburbs for young Black professionals, families and singles!

3 Best Denver Suburbs for Black Families

When you’re thinking of moving to a new city, finding the best place for your family can be tricky. Thankfully, Denver has some terrific suburbs that make it a great place to set down roots. Without further ado, here are the best Denver neighborhoods for Black families.



If you’re looking for a lot of activity but to be in a safe area, Centennial could be the place for you. Nestled in the southern Denver metro area, Centennial is a thriving but tight-knit community. It consistently rates as one of the top safest communities in Colorado, perfect for families and singles.

Centennial hasn’t just wowed the people who live there, it also won high accolades from sources such as Money Magazine, being named one of the best places to live in America. Why is it such a standout? For one, the Littleton Public Schools and Cherry Creek School District are award-winning. The school district is one of the top districts in the entire state. As a result, the children of Centennial benefit from some of the best education the United States has to offer.

However, the demographic is a bit monotone. There are 87,000 white residents in Centennial, while Hispanics comprise 7,000 of the community’s population, and there are just more than 3,000 Black people. Since Black people make up just a mere 2.8% of the population, it might be easy to feel a lack of community in Centennial.

Highlands Ranch


If you and your family love the outdoors, then Highlands Ranch is the place for you. With a staggering 26 parks, you can easily fill your days by following lush trails that offer running, biking, hiking, or walking opportunities.

In addition to the 70 miles of trails, Highlands Ranch also has a protected 2,500 acres of undeveloped land, with an additional 8,200 acres of conservation space in the Backcountry Wilderness Area. When you live in Highlands Ranch, you and your family can traverse these acres and truly feel at one with nature.

But Highlands Ranch offers more to its residents than the great outdoors. Home to exciting restaurants with innovative cuisine, this Denver suburb always has something to eat. Visit Old Blinking Light and be delighted at delectable food with Southwestern roots. Or, if you feel like leaving the kids with a sitter, you can visit one of the many trendy breweries dotted throughout the suburb.

Not only is there plenty to do, but crime rates are also very low in Highlands Ranch. According to statistics, Highlands Ranch violent crime sits at a low number of 14.2, whereas the United States average is nearly 23.

Again, the area is predominantly white. Recent analysis declares white people make up about 88% of the population, whereas Asian people make up 6% and Black people make up only 1%.




Nestled in Boulder County, this former coal-mining town transformed itself into one of the top suburbs to live in the United States. What makes it so great? Try top school districts, excellent diversity, and a low unemployment rate. Plus, those stunning views don’t hurt.

Not only that, but it’s one of the safest areas in the Denver area. According to FBI statistics, Superior is safer than 61% of all cities and towns in the entire United States.

Plus, it’s fun. Superior routinely puts on events such as the Boulder Valley Beer Fest. Or you can visit places such as the Butterfly Pavilion and Insect Center. Whatever you choose to do in Superior, chances are you’ll have a good time.

While there isn’t a large Black population, Superior has one of the more diverse populations in the Denver area. White people still make up the vast majority of residents at 71%, but they are followed by Asian people who make up 18% and Hispanics who make up 5%.

2 Best Denver Neighborhoods for Young Black Professionals & Singles

If you just moved to Denver, you might be wondering what the best neighborhoods are for young Black professionals and singles.

Denver is one of the most thriving communities in the United States. As such, young people from all over are flocking to Colorado’s capital city for its flourishing scene, low cost of living, and jaw-dropping scenery.

Check out our top two picks if you’re a young professional looking to make a move to the Denver area!

Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill

If you’re looking for a place with excellent walkability to restaurants, bars, and music venues, then Capitol Hill is the place. As one of Denver’s oldest neighborhoods, the scene is steeped in rich history.

If you’re into museums, you can find beautiful facilities in gracious turn-of-the-century mansions of “Cap Hill,” including the Molly Brown House Museum for all you Titanic fans.

Not only can you walk around, but many people ride their bikes to work, friends’ homes, and bars.

Black people make up about 4% of the population, with white people making up the majority at 77%.


One of the trendiest Denver neighborhoods, River North (also called RiNo) has a large, industrial feel that was taken over by hip restaurants, breweries, and bars. Here, you’ll find art painted all over the city, as RiNo is famous for its eclectic street murals.

If you’re a foodie, you’ll be pleased to find Upper Larimer Street, which boasts a bevy of trendy cocktail lounges, brewpubs, and authentic food trucks.

Public transportation here is standout, as this neighborhood is walkable to downtown and the Union Station.

Is Denver Safe?

Is Denver Safe

While some categorize Denver as one of the safest cities in the United States, other crime statistics point to crime rates above the national average.

The website Niche tells a different story. Assault crimes are double the national average (476.6 per 100,000 people in Denver versus the national average of 282.7). Other crimes are up, too, such as the number of thefts at 2,473 versus the national average of 2,042.8, motor vehicle thefts numbering about 726 in Denver versus the national average of 284, and more.

All in all, Denver is a city. It’s essential that you are mindful of your surroundings and always protect yourself, especially when you’re new in town and don’t know your way around yet.

What Is Denver’s Demographic?

Denver’s Demographic

As you might have guessed by reading this post, Denver has a predominately white demographic. White people make up 76.11% of the city’s population, whereas Black / African American people make up just 9.24%. Other demographics look like this:

  • Other race: 6.13%
  • Two or more races: 3.78%
  • Asian: 3.71%
  • Native American: 0.87%
  • Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: 0.17%

The Best Denver Neighborhood

Best Denver Neighborhood


While each Denver neighborhood has its unique attractions, Highlands Ranch is possibly one of the best Denver neighborhoods of them all. Nothing can beat the stunning 70 miles of hiking trails, and the vibrant community only adds to the experience of living in Denver. 

Best Denver Neighborhoods For Young Black Professionals, Conclusion

With such exciting communities, it’s no wonder we as black people are heading to Denver in droves. If you’re considering a move to the Colorado capital, make sure to check out some of the highlights on this list to help narrow down your future home’s location.

Even though our list is jam-packed with fantastic neighborhoods, you really can’t go wrong with any of them.

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