5 Popular Olympia Neighborhoods For Black Singles, Families & Young Professionals – Washington

Best Olympia Neighborhoods For Black Singles

Ever thought of moving to Olympia, Washington DC? The capital is one of the best places to live for black singles and young professionals. It has plenty of entry-level jobs in various industries and has an exciting nightlife. In addition, its strategic location on the southern tip of Puget Sound offers plenty of outdoor activities, including hiking, fishing, boating, and beaches.

3 Best Olympia Suburbs for Black Families

Moving to a new place is exciting, and you may be eager to start the process. However, the process requires a lot of consideration and planning. When looking for a new place, consider the following factors before settling on a specific neighborhood:

  • Safety – This is a significant factor to consider before moving to a new neighborhood. Whether you’re a young single professional or have a young family, you need to live in a safe suburb. You can understand how safe a neighborhood is by looking at its crime statistics, talking to the neighbors, and looking if it has enough street lights.
  • Proximity to daily necessities – Amenities such as groceries, department stores, and pharmacies are daily necessities. Before you move, make sure that they are close to where you live. If you are a social person, you need to look for amenities such as restaurants, bars, and coffee shops.
  • Proximity to social amenities – When looking for a neighborhood to move to, you need to consider the amenities it has to offer. For example, a good suburb has sidewalks, which make the area more pedestrian-friendly. You should also check out the nearby parks and the services it has to offer. If you have a pet, you also need a neighborhood with walking trails to walk your dog.
  • School system – Whether you are planning to have kids in the future or already have one, you should prioritize a neighborhood with a well-performing school district. You can tell how good a school district is by analyzing the test scores, the curriculum activities offered, and their school programming.
  • Price- for a young black professional, you need an affordable house but with desirable features. If the home you like has a high price, the neighborhood should have other alternatives.

Luckily for you, Olympia and its suburbs is one such place. The place is secure, has social amenities, and you’re likely to find a house that matches your budget in one of the suburbs. Below we look at three Olympia suburbs that are perfect for black families.

1.    Cain Road Area

If you are looking for an affordable suburb to bring up your young family, Cain Road Area is your best option. It is a medium-income neighborhood and has some of the most affordable homes ranging between $300,000 to $900,000. In addition, these homes are a mixture of older historic houses and modern-built dwellings, giving you an option to choose what matches your taste.

There are many social amenities within the area, such as a fire station, Watershed and McGrath Woods parks, a school, and three churches. Cain Road Area Neighborhood Association, CRANA, manages the area, ensuring the safety and health of the neighborhood.

2.    Northwest Olympia Neighborhood

Northwest Olympia Neighborhood

Living here gives you easy access to the capital or downtown Olympia by walking or bike riding. The suburb has a lot of single-level homes, most of which were built before 1950. Regardless, it’s a quaint and quiet neighborhood, making it suitable for bringing up your young family. In addition, the houses here are affordable, and crime rates are meager.

You can spend memorable family time at either of the two parks in the area.

  • Woodruff Park- located at the south end of the neighborhood, this 2.38-acre park features picnic tables, tennis courts, a basketball court, and a sand volleyball court.
  • Garfield Nature Trail Park- this is the best place to spend quality time with your loved ones if you want to connect with nature. It meanders across a five-acre ravine before connecting with West Bay Park. A nature walk through the park takes you through a well-kept trail and a beautiful stream that runs through the forest.

3.    Lakemoor Neighborhood

If you love engaging in recreational activities, the Lakemoor neighborhood is the best to live. Located on the Southwest of Olympia, the Lakemoor neighborhood surrounds Ken Lake. The locals hold several social events, the most popular being the annual fishing derby and the 4th of July parade and picnic.

Recreational areas in Lakemoor include:

  • A park where the kids can play
  • A well-maintained tennis court
  • A basketball court, and
  • Two regions with lake access

There’s also a community garden where you can grow your vegetables. Lakemoor is a secure neighborhood as it has its security guards.

2 Best Olympia Neighborhoods for Black Professionals and Singles

Olympia has plenty of good neighborhoods. However, looking for the best place to live can be daunting for young black professionals and singles. When looking for a house, you need a neighborhood with affordable homes, local amenities suitable for young and single people, and a low crime rate.

Here are the two best Olympia neighborhoods for young black professionals and singles to make the search easy for you.

1.    South Capitol Olympia

South Capitol Olympia

The South Capitol neighborhood is located directly south of the State Capital Building. It’s a well-established neighborhood with a variety of historic buildings and houses. If you’re a culture fanatic, you should consider moving to South Capitol Olympia.

The neighborhood has a low crime rate, making it one of the safest places in Olympia for young black professionals and singles to live.

If you would like to maintain a healthy lifestyle while at the same time enjoying a vibrant social life, this neighborhood is your best option. It has various social amenities, including a fitness center, coffee shops, restaurants, open spaces, and sports fields. Some high-end restaurants in the area include Capitol Grill, Vic’s Pizzeria Wildwood, and Lucky Lunchbox.

2.    Fain Park

If you’re looking for a place with proximity to social amenities, then Fain Park is your best option. It has a fitness center, coffee shops, and restaurants where you can hang out with other singles and professionals.

Fain Park also offers plenty of parks where you can enjoy numerous outdoor activities. You can also take advantage of the park to plan picnic days with your friends.

Is Olympia Safe?

Is Olympia Safe

Over the past decade, the crime rate in Olympia has kept fluctuating. But like in any other city, there are some good areas and some bad ones, giving you an option to choose where you can live safely. According to stats by Crime Grade, 72% of the cities in Olympia are safe, while 28% of them have a high crime rate. The data further shows that you’re more likely to become a crime victim in the west Olympia neighborhoods than in the southwest.

As with any city, you can avoid being a crime victim in Olympia by practicing safety tips such as:

  • Always ensuring your doors and windows are properly locked
  • Ensuring that you have proper lighting within your home, especially in places prone to burglary
  • Installing a security system in your home
  • Walking as a group to avoid being singled out by thugs
  • Avoiding walking in the dark

What Is Olympia’s Demographic?

What Is Olympia’s Demographic?

Olympia is the 24th largest city in Washington, with a population of 53,630 people. Although native tribes initially inhabited it, today it’s home to Whites, Asians, African Americans, and other races. As per the recent census data, racial composition in Olympia is as follows:

  • White – 82.08%
  • Asian – 7.09%
  • Two or more races – 5.26%
  • African American – 2.63%
  • Other race – 1.39%
  • Native American – 1%
  • Pacific Islander – 0.55%

Best Olympia Neighborhoods For Black People, Closing Thoughts

From its spectacular mountain view to great restaurants, Olympia offers attractive and safe living neighborhoods. Whether you are a culture fanatic or have a young family and need a community with a robust school system, Olympia is the place for you. You also get to enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities regardless of your occupation.

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